Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rick Perry Bloats Job Numbers by Hiring "Undocumented Workers" Hired by Contractors! Plans on Announcing Running for President!

According to rumors, Repub TX Governor Rick Perry is going to announce this week that he is running for President in 2012. He has the support and backing of several Tea Party groups and a number of high profile Republicans, including Rudy Guliani. Even his wife Anita has said she wants him to run.

Perry is very well known for his political pandering and being in bed with Big Business. He takes credit for playing a role in half of U.S. job growth in the past decade. What he won't tell you is most of the jobs he takes credit for creating are staffed by CONTRACTORS who hire "Undocumented Workers." There are hundreds of thousands of these jobs listed as "Contractors" on the Jobs Reports (Bureau of Labor Statistics.) These jobs are in: Construction, Manufacturing and Trade, Transportation and Utilities. (Click picture to enlarge report or create your own report on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website)

While it is true Texas jobs are booming, particularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, most of these jobs are being performed by crews of Latinos hired by State Hired Contractors. As proof, I invite ANY REPORTER to drive through the Dallas/Fort Worth area and bring your cameras.

Actually, these workers are GOOD for the Texas Economy and I think America can learn from this. Jobs create Jobs. Business is Booming. The workers need supervisors and architects and clerical reports, and on and on... Creating More Jobs! However, the problem is, Perry and his cohorts HIDE the fact that this is happening. They continue to exploit these workers and hide the fact that they exist! Instead, Perry panders to the Tea Parties, putting "fake" sb1070 bills forward (eg: sb9) with NO Intent of ever passing them. This type of political pandering is very DANGEROUS for ALL Latinos! Perry nurtures and stirs up Tea Party HATE implying he agrees with the Tea Party agenda of Walls, Sanctuary Cities and Mass Deportation, when in REALITY he has No Intention at all of ever changing his love for the exploitation of workers and for all who cater to his goal of becoming President some day.

Perry is so duplicitous he once implied he agreed with calls for Texas to secede from the Union! This was nothing but MORE PANDERING TO THE TEA PARTIES. He has also proclaimed August 6 as a day of prayer and fasting for the nation to seek God's guidance and wisdom. Meanwhile, he boasted that he cut tens of thousands of Teachers' Jobs and editted Texas Schoolbooks to eliminate ANY contributions by minorities, including Cesar Chavez.

Perry can also be a sweet talker! Even critics describe him as a charmer and tireless campaigner who has repeatedly toppled heavyweight political adversaries. "I think he will push Sarah Palin and (Michele) Bachmann down the stairs so hard and so fast that he will emerge in the next three to four months as the darling of the fundamentalist religious right," said state Rep. Lon Burnam, a Democrat and Perry critic.

America, we all must be aware of this man. Call him George W number 2. Call him Mata Hari. Call him ANYTHING but don't ever call him Mr. President!


Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

What a wonderful site you have ! - This article on Rick Perry is superb ... and I learned new "Dirty Tricks" of this "bad guy".

"Immigration Talk with a Mexican American" is the first site that I visit every morning after waking up.

It is a Great Inspiration to do wonderful things and "Fix the World"

Continue your good work and cheer up because I think that the Judicial Power is going to stop some of the "Bad Guys" that are spitting Hate State Legislation.


Vicente Duque said...

Professor Kevin Johnson, Dean of U.C. Davis School of Law, strongly scolds Carol Swain, professor of Political Science and Law at Vanderbilt University, for writing "Why the Supreme Court should uphold S.B. 1070" -
Supreme Court of the United States Blog -
By Kevin Johnson -
Dean of University of California at Davis School of Law -
Tuesday July 19th, 2011

Some excerpts :

Although not feeling a need to elaborate on my legal analysis or predictions, I do feel compelled to register disagreement with the rhetorical approach of one of the contributions. Professor Carol Swain (“Why the Court should uphold S.B. 1070”) states that “[c]riticisms of S.B. 1070 seem to be politically motivated and orchestrated by groups and foreign entities that benefit directly or indirectly from lax immigration enforcement.” This blunt accusation unfortunately denigrates the good faith legal concerns with Arizona’s foray into immigration regulation. Indeed, several contributions to the symposium, at least in my estimation, raise valid legal concerns with S.B. 1070 and do not appear to be “orchestrated” by outside agitators.

Professor Swain’s summary defense of S.B. 1070 blames “excessive crime, homelessness, and high employment” on “the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens across the Southwestern border,” with Arizona’s “capital city of Phoenix dubbed as the `kidnapping capital of America.’” Given the hyperbole, I almost expected a reference to Governor Jan Brewer’s fabricated claim of headless bodies in the Arizona desert as one of the reasons the state needed S.B. 1070.

These strong, unqualified, and charged claims hide the fact that these are deeply contested propositions with which many, probably most, respected immigration scholars would disagree. A quick perusal of the evidence is to the contrary. For example, an in-depth USA Today investigative report last week concludes that, despite the hyperbolic claims by politicians of a border “crime wave,” crime rates in border cities have been decreasing for several years.

And how can one colorably contend that there has been an “uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens” when the undocumented population has decreased by roughly a million people over the last few years?

Despite the fact that the Obama administration has deported more noncitizens than any presidency in U.S. history – close to 400,000 last year, Professor Swain states emphatically that the U.S. immigration laws “are not being enforced by the federal government,” and that the resulting “crisis . . . threatens the sovereignty of the nation.” That is because, in her words, “President Obama, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Homeland Security have sided with interest groups who favor open borders and amnesty.”

In the immigration debate, inflammatory rhetoric all too often obscures the truth — that the claims about the alleged litany of horribles brought by the “invasion” of immigrants simply are not substantiated by the facts. Unfortunately, this kind of approach is characteristic of far too much of the national debate over immigration and demonstrates the difficulties in having an informed national dialogue on this all-important topic – or apparently even a discussion among lawyers and professors about how the Supreme Court might rule on the constitutionality of Arizona’s S.B. 1070.

To achieve true immigration reform, what the nation needs is an open and fair discussion, based on the facts, of the issues surrounding U.S. immigration law and its enforcement. It seems to me that academics, policy-makers, and commentators should strive to promote and facilitate such a discussion of the issues, not foment divisions among us through mean-spirited sloganeering. Careful analysis, learning and adhering to the facts, and listening to – not denouncing – people’s concerns are what are necessary.

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