Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spoiled Brat, Cry-Baby Republican Eric Cantor Caters to the Rich & Refuses to Negotiate!

Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, spoiled and crying, refused to give an inch on the Debt Ceiling talks. He stomped his foot in a tantrum and argued with the President. He continues to pander to the Rich and continues to demand cuts to Medicare and Social Security. Not only did he argue with our President in a meeting yesterday -- demanding continued Tax Cuts for the Rich, but he also refused to consider removing ANY Tax Loopholes for the Rich. The Rich certainly have him in their pocket!

Cantor, pandering to the Tea Party, argued with the President. First he refused to support any deal, then flip flopped on a short term deal, then outright lied to reporters after the meeting. At one point in the meeting, President Obama said the political wrangling confirmed what the public considers to be the worst of Washington.

It is clear the Tea Partiers DO NOT UNDERSTAND the impact of NOT raising the debt ceiling will have on our economy, on our Interest Rates and the immediate impact of NOT paying our bills, including checks for Social Security, our Federal Workers and Contractors. The Republicans CLEARLY will be to Blame if this issue is not resolved soon!


Vicente Duque said...

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Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...
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