Sunday, July 31, 2011

Greedy, Tea-Party Backed HINO Raul Labrador FOR the Rich and AGAINST the Elderly & Against Latinos!

Greedy, Tea Party backed HINO (Hispanic in Name Only) Career Obsessed Politician - Raul Labrador is so obsessed with Political Gain and Advancement, he is demanding Cuts to Medicare and Social Security. He is also demanding MASS DEPORTATION for the 12M here. Additionally, he demands Tax Cuts for the Rich, Reduced Regulation and Outsourcing Offshore for Big Business. The duplicitous and politically ambitious Labrador (like a Pit-Bull) also supports massive Guest Worker programs promoted by his crony PAC contributors. Imagine the carnage! Tea-Party HINO Labrador wants the 12M Mass Deported, yet wants to bring in new Guest Workers, year after year, for big business to underpay and exploit -- PLUS he supports Big Business' continuing to outsource jobs offshore to China and elsewhere. The Koch Brothers LOVE HINO Labrador.

HINO Labrador wasn't always a misdirected, career obsessed tea-party politician. He was born in Puerto Rico. He came to the mainland with his mother at 13. Neither he nor his mother spoke English. His mother insisted he speak Spanish at home, but she also insisted he become fluent in English outside the home. Labrador studied and worked hard. He studied the Spanish language and literature at Brigham Young University. In fact, he and his mother graduated from college the same year. He met his wife, Rebecca Johnson. He became a Mormon. He finished Law School in 1996. Eleven years ago he set up an immigration law practice just outside of Boise. He was elected to the state Legislature in 2006.

Along the way, despite Laborador's Hispanic origins and interactions with Immigrants while an Immigration attorney, somehow, his quest for Power got in the way. Labrador doesn’t respond to ties with immigration rights groups, nor does he plan to stick to the same old conservative agenda. Even though he is abundantly aware of the racial/racist context of the right-wing's racial profiling Bills across the country, he said last week: “The left claims that Republicans hate Hispanics, which is just the most ludicrous thing I’ve ever heard."

Labrador voted for Idaho's ENGLISH ONLY bill. He also supported Arizona's racial profiling bill sb1070 and Labrador received the endorsement of one of the most heinous enemies of the Immigration Reform Cause, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. During his campaign, Labrador praised the Supreme Court decision upholding the racial profiling law.

Last week, HINO Labrador said to his Tea Party supporters about his Immigration work and about his OWN LATINO CLIENTS:
“My job was to represent people, who, for the most part, had done BAD things. In immigration, my job was to help them get straight, to go through the legal immigration system.” Labrador noted he sent “HUNDREDS” of clients who had come here illegally BACK to their home countries to apply the right way. “I have never shied away from that. I have represented some BAD people,” he said. Labrador dismisses the notion that his work in immigration law might somehow taint his ability to be sufficiently conservative on illegal immigration.

“Everybody knows that I’m to the (extreme) RIGHT of everybody on most issues. That’s something people are learning here. They could come to Washington and say, ‘Oh, he’s liberal because he’s an immigration lawyer.’ Well that didn’t work because they’d seen me work in state Legislature for four years; they’d seen my forceful advocacy for conservative (ANTI-Latino) values in all issues.”

HINO Labrador has his supporters in Big Business. Though Labrador supports MASS DEPORTATION, he also supports a Guest Worker program. In other words, send back the 12M here and bring in new workers from other countries for Big Business to exploit for a few months every year, then send them back. Recently Labrador, the Idaho Congressman, visited with Big Business contributors in Puerto Rico to pick up hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions from Big Business from offshore Rum and alcohol producers. He stayed at the posh Wyndham Rio Mar Beach Resorts and hosted several fund raising events at the Ponce Hilton and Casino. He brought his wife and friend and found a way to PAY them as "working" for the campaign. These lavish parties and expensive treats -- all coming from a HINO who is advocating NOT Raising the Debt Ceiling, Forcing the Elderly to EAT CAT FOOD and MASS Deporting 12M people!

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Anonymous said...

He is the Congressman for my district in Idaho, all Hispanics should be scared, very scared! Nobody thinks he's liberal here, they were all impressed by the tea party, what a rip-off they are.
BTW, he's added the "umlaut" to his first name out

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