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BREAKING NEWS: Norwegian Right Wing Extremist Zealot Anders Behring Breivik Kills & Terrorizes Norway!

The 2011 Norway attacks (Friday, July 22, 2011) were two coordinated terrorist attacks against:
1) Norwegian government (Labour Party): 1st bomb explosion - (3:30pm) outside the office of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and other government buildings. Seven people were killed and several injured.
2) Norwegian Political Summer Camp: 2nd attack - (5:30pm) at a youth camp organized by the youth organization (AUF) of the Norwegian Labour Party (AP) at the island of Utoya in Tyrifjorden, Buskerud.

Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian Right Wing Extremist that Hated Muslims, President Obama and the thought of Multiculturalism, has been arrested as the Terrorist who killed at least 84 people and bombed countless others. It is not known if he acted alone. He dressed as a Police Officer, approached a Labor Party youth camp on Utoya Island and opened fire. Eighty-four people at the camp are reported dead.

Police captured and arrested Breivik on the island. He is currently in police custody and is freely discussing his actions with them. Officials have indicated Breivik is a conservative right-wing extremist. According to Reuters and the BBC, deputy police chief Roger Andresen described Breivik as a "Christian fundamentalist". According to the newspaper VG, he has no previous history with the police, apart from traffic violations. According to the same source, Breivik had a Glock pistol, a rifle and a shotgun registered to his name.

ACCUMULATION OF EXPLOSIVE MATERIALS: Breivik moved in late June/early July to the rural small town of Rena in ├ůmot, Hedmark county, about 86 miles northeast of Oslo, where he opened a farming sole proprietorship under the name "Breivik Geofarm". Apparently he used the company as a cover to legally obtain large amounts of artificial fertilizer and other chemicals for the manufacturing of fertilizer explosives. According to Reuters, a farming supplier sold Breivik's company six tons of fertilizer in May. Fertilizer can be used to create fertilizer explosives.

IDEAS & POLITICS: Breivik studied at the Oslo Commerce School, and is described by newspaper Verdens Gang as considering himself a conservative nationalist (similar to Christian Conservatives). He is also a former member of the Progress Party-FrP (similar to Tea Party) and its youth wing FpU (similar to YAF). According to the current FpU leader Ove Vanebo, Breivik was active early in the 2000s, but he left the party as his viewpoints became more extreme. He identified himself in a multitude of social media services as an admirer of, among others, anti-Nazi World War II hero Max Manus, Dutch politician Geert Wilders (Tea Party hero). On twitter he quoted social liberal philosopher John Stuart Mill "One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests".

A complete list of comments made by Breivik on the website between September 2009 and June 2010 has been compiled and a Google translation into English has been provided on this website.


Vicente Duque said...

Thanks for important information.

This is one among many occurrences every year that shows the madness and stupidity of Racism.

I am not talking of 193x and the advent of Nazi Germany, not even of Apartheid or Segregation, a few decades ago. I am speaking of year 2011.


British Guardian : Anders Behring Breivik, 32, charged with killing 92 Norwegians - Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist hates Muslims - High school friends suggest he attended neo-Nazi Camps - Hated Black Somalis in Scandinavia
He openly spoke of his Racist Views. And he is suspect of having attended NeoNazi activities.

British Guardian
Anders Behring Breivik: profile of a mass murderer
A right-wing fundamentalist with a hatred for Norway's left, multiculturalism and Muslims
By Peter Beaumont
Saturday 23 July 2011


Vicente Duque said...
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Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO : Not True : that the guy that shot against Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords is just a Deranged Madman, sick brain : cables and switches inside brain in short circuit. Same for Anders Behring Breivik - Fox News blaming Islamists

Fox News : Only Muslims can be Terrorists ( That is the suggestion ! ) - This Fox News interviewed scoundrel says that Scandinavian Countries are Primary Targets for Muslim Terrorists !. - They take advantage of the Norway Tragedy to advance Islamophobia.

The Scoundrels of Fox News ( Employees and sycophants of Rupert Murdoch ) are using the Norwegian Tragedy to persuade us that 99.99% of Terrorism is Islamic. I present a VIDEO here where Fox blames Muslims for all Terrorism since Tim McVeigh in Oklahoma City. And they use the Norway Tragedy to push Islamophobia.

These madmen are motivated by TV Networks ( like Fox News ), by Groups of Crackpots, Newspapers publishing imbecilities from "Pundits" and "Gurus" that know everything and are infallible, but that always fail in their predictions of easy Victories in Muslim Countries.

Tim McVeigh, Anders Behring Breivik, and many other "Madmen" every year, are motivated by many social forces outside their brains. They are not just brains with wrong chemistries. They are also pushed by the many Other Madmen in TV stations and Newspapers. Or by crazy groups like the Tea Party. All of them ( including Fox News ) pushing agendas of Hatred, Racism, Debasing and Humiliating Other Races, Ethnics or Nationalities.

Uploaded by ThinkProgress6 on Jul 23, 2011

Fox News guest: Norway first non-Islamic terror since 1995


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