Sunday, July 10, 2011

Republican Paul Ryan Advocates Killing Medicare while Drinking $700 Wine!

Paul Ryan was seen drinking two bottles of $350 wine with Republican Lobbyists (he says Economists) in a swanky New York Bistro frequented by Political Lobbyists. Ryan is best known for his "Kick Granny to Curb - Cutting Medicare Bill." When a female Professor who witnessed these trangressions asked his table about their expensive tastes in wine, one of the economist gorillas shouted, ""F---- her!" And one of them stood up in a menacing way.
The next day, when asked about the events of the previous evening, Ryan admitted his expensive tastes in wine and defensively said he paid for his own dinner and expensive wine. Guiltily, he even showed the reporters his receipt. This is very convenient since it is against the law to accept such expensive gifts (anything over $100) from lobbyists. Obviously he had to hurry up afterwards and pick up his own check.
Amazing. He wants to cut Medicare and Social Security for our Senior Citizens and for them to eat Cat Food. Meanwhile, he has a bill for $472 (with $80 tip). Disgraceful!


Dee said...

Paul Ryan is so duplicitous! He advocates Vouchers for our seniors to buy their own Healthcare. He advocates the END of Social Security.

Yet he sits there in a Fancy Restaurant, drinking $350 bottles of Wine and Caviar, while our Senior citizens are living on pennies, only on their Social Security, which they PAID FOR All of their Lives! Now, they are stuck eating Cat Food because that is ALL they can afford... for 33 cents a can

I CRY for our Seniors! God Bless them!

Republican Paul Ryan on the other hand.. there are words for people like you. All I can say is, Kharma will meet up with you someday!

Dee said...

The bald headed guy who used all of the profane language - his name is Clinton Asness. He is a despicable character - hedge fund manager, pandering to the rich and pleading with Ryan for more tax cuts and loopholes for Hedge Fund managers.

Anonymous said...

There's plenty of people food cheaper than 33 cent a can cat food. Maruchan noodles are 25 cents a package. If Paul Ryan manages his money well enough to drink expensive wine I don't see why we're suppose to hate him?

Dee said...

You want your grandma to eat Ramen Noodles so Ryan and his Hedgefund buddies can drink $700 bottles of wine?
There are names for people like you but I am too much of a lady to say them!

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