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Breaking News: AZ sb1070 Racial Profiling Bill Author State Sen. Russell Pearce - RECALLED!!!!!

Breaking News! Shout it from the Rooftops! WE THE PEOPLE have Won! State Sen. Russell Pearce, the author of Arizona's Racial Profiling bill sb1070 Racial Profiling Bill has been RECALLED!!!!!

Mark down July 8th as a day history was made in Arizona. In a swift affirmation of Arizona's fast-growing and powerful new political movement, Secretary of State Ken Bennett notified Gov. Jan Brewer that the once seemingly invincible architect of the state's controversial SB 1070 "papers please" immigration law has officially been recalled. Bennett confirmed that the recall petitions delivered by the Citizens for a Better Arizona "exceeds the minimum signatures required by the Arizona Constitution."

"Let's make no mistake about it," said Randy Parraz, co-founder of the Citizens for a Better Arizona. "Russell Pearce has been recalled."

According to Bennett's statement, Pearce has two options: Resign from office within five business days, or become a candidate in the recall election. Either way, Pearce becomes the first state senate president in recent memory to be recalled in the nation.

"No one expected this or picked up on this political earthquake," said Parraz, one of the main organizers behind the extraordinary grassroots campaign, which electrified a bipartisan effort in Pearce's Mesa district. Parraz credited a "dramatic shift" over the past six months due to Pearce's often extremist leadership in state senate.

"We had people pouring into the office," Parraz said, citing the role of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in the door-to-door canvassing initiative, "and they told us: Russell Pearce is too extreme for our district and state."

Beyond his self-proclaimed key role in the state's notorious SB 1070 law, Pearce oversaw a near circus-level of extremist and reckless legislation in the Arizona senate this past spring, including draconian cuts in education and health care. Mired in various scandals, Pearce infamously accused President Obama of "waging jihad" on America. And last month Fox News Phoenix explored his widely denounced connections to neo-Nazi hate groups. In a recent interview with FOX News, Pearce dismissed the recall effort as the work of "far left anarchists."

In truth, the Secretary of State's office confirmed that an additional one third of the necessary signatures had been properly collected and verified. Within 15 days, Gov. Brewer must set the date for the recall election, which presumably will take place in November. And while no single candidate has emerged to claim the frontrunner's position, one thing is clear: The Citizens for a Better Arizona has galvanized a new era in Arizona politics.


Vicente Duque said...

Arizona Republic Article : Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, one of the state's most powerful and controversial politicians, appears certain to face what is believed to be the first recall election of a state legislator in Arizona history this November

My Commentary :

This Political Event is of Great importance for President Obama :

Because Russell Pearce and the Arizona Extreme Right Wing of Republicans that dominates that state have been the Greatest Enemies of Obama. If Russell Pearce is effectively eliminated from the Arizona Political Landscape then that would be a Great Triumph for Obama. Of course that is extremely difficult and improbable but not impossible.

Even a reduced percentage of votes for Pearce would signal that the Arizona Voters are becoming fed up with the Racism, Bigotry and Fanaticism of the Extremist Republicans.

Within 15 days, Arizona Gov. Brewer must set the date for the recall election of Russell Pearce, which presumably will take place in November. Necessary Signatures have been collected in excess. The Citizens for a Better Arizona has galvanized a new era in Arizona politics.

Randy Parraz, a longtime political activist and Democratic Candidate for the U. S. Senate during the primaries have been a leader during this effort and movements to unseat Russell Pearce..

This is a big difficult task and probably Russell Pearce can win the Recall Election because Racist Fury and Sentiment run high in Arizona. But the Political Stature of Randy Parraz has increased a lot.

Randy Parraz is not the typical Latino in Looks and if ever reaches the U. S. Congress you would not distinguish him from any other White Anglo Legislator. He is now gaining National Recognition.

Randy Parraz said that a successful candidate against Russell Pearce would likely be Mormon and Republican, as Pearce is, but would be more moderate and value education and health care.


Vicente Duque said...

Phoenix New Times : Randy Parraz and other Human Rights Activists accuse Russell Pearce and the Right Wing Extremist Press in Arizona of being guilty of many Lies, Slanders, Libels and Smearing Reputations - Recall Election of Pearce

The Conservative Right Wing Press is accusing Black American Citizens of being "Illegal Aliens", look at the photos.

Conservative Libel Defamatory Newspapers are accusing American Citizens of being "Illegal Aliens" - Randy Parraz called Bentley's allegations of fraud while collecting signatures for the Pearce Recall Election "false, misleading and baseless."

Now the recall election of Russell Pearce is a fact - He should be defeated by a Conservative Republican because Democrats are very weak in this district.

Pearce will emerge stronger if he wins in a landslide, but a small Pearce victory would signal growing dissatisfaction with the conservatives. This has broader significance than just Russell Pearce. If he wins just narrowly, then it is a referendum against the tea party movement, this is no place for the liberals to win. This district is too conservative !

Phoenix New Times
Feathered Bastard
Russell Pearce and Sonoran News Slammed by Recall Group
By Stephen Lemons June 29, 2011


Anonymous said...

Are this man's ideas so dangerous that he must be silenced by a recall? Seems a bit outside of the normal reasons for recalling an elected official.

Cesare Chavez,ALB said...

This elected official is just the first to fall in a long line of corrupted and morally void bureaucrats posing as leadership for Arizona. The low pay offered opens up major windows for special interests and a few lucky sperm club members to settle in key posts. These people are now being exposed to to a lack of continued economic subsidies once plentifully available in Arizona. All politicians are now being forced to fend mostly for themselves which means legislating for the people not the paparazzi like republican wannabe right. Since Goldwater we have gone downhill in terms of separating Right from wrong. I know I used to be inside one of these families. It is all a charade. Arizona as an economy will only stabilize when capital feels safe about the Capitol. Until then get ready for a long hard ride with many folks getting thrown off their stagecoach.....Theres just not enough water or fools gold to keep everyone placated any longer...Maybe try Texas' approach. Treating all residents with humanity. Arizona is too immature and young as a state to know what's ahead. That's why recent transplants like Sherrif Arpayo and others in his mindset are able to stick around as long as there is a paycheck and free media coverage to sustain there budgets. Fortunately this won't be for long. Too bad so many legitimate businesses and families have to suffer the interim decisions of a few. Goodluck Arizona.

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