Monday, July 18, 2011

Chris Matthews Says: America, Meet Insane Grover Norquist, the Guy Who Runs the Tea Party and the Extremist Republican Agenda! Norquist is INSANE!

This video should be REQUIRED VIEWING for ALL Americans!
Grover Norquist is the NUTCASE who is driving the Tea Party / Republican Agenda and FORCING them to sign a Pledge NOT TO RAISE TAXES for the Rich!
He RULES the Republicans and is FORCING them to Put our Government OUT OF BUSINESS!!

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Felix Jaure said...

Despite the deficit and the possibility of drastic cuts to social programs such as social security, and medicare, Eric Cantor, and his sub- tile collaborators in Washington stand firm in behalf of the two percent of Americas elite.

Fifty million of Americas Senior Citizens who rely on this social programs will be obligated by the G.O.P. to sacrifice a portion of their pensions, in order to compensate for the tax cuts granted by the Republicans to Corporate America.

The Republican Party's stimulus package of 1.3 trillion dollars to the wealthy is now estimated to be more in the neighborhood of 3-4 trillion dollars (depending on the source), in tax breaks, and aided in providing U.S. corporations with a record $1.93 trillion in cash on their balance sheets in 2010, C.E.O. Pay at S&P 500 Companies totaled $11,358,445 on an average basis.

Americans have lost more than 2.7 million manufacturing jobs and 850,000 professional service and information sector jobs. "The AFL-CIO reports show that many of these jobs have been moved overseas as a result of bad trade policies pursued by the Bush administration."

Never- the- less, a vast number of Americans still remain faithful to the monstrosity of the G.O.P. and their newest addition to the Republican family, the Tea Party.

President Obama's highly controversial 787 billion dollar stimulus package "which provided block grants to fund local government employment, including spending by the Departments of Education and Justice used to fund teachers and police; Support to low-income families, including spending by the Departments of Agriculture, Health Education and Welfare, and Housing and Urban Development, a large component of which was food stamps, Medicaid, and rental assistance, paying for new infrastructure projects, especially through building projects funded by the Departments of Transportation and Energy."

The Obama administration remains under fire by the Republican Party for funding these vital social programs that benefited both the poor, and middle class in the midst of a great recession. The G.O.P. refers to this type of generosity as "wasteful Government spending."

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