Saturday, July 23, 2011


I was reading an article today. It was written by a Republican opining the fact that Democrats were to blame for all the ills of America. They created Social Security and Medicare because they wanted Americans dependent on the Federal Government. Blah blah blah. I decided to do a bit of research and put together a timeline about the accomplishments of the Democrats. This timeline is amazing. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

This timeline clearly illustrates the many important and remarkable accomplishments enacted under the Democratic Watch. Can you IMAGINE what our country would be like without these accomplishments?

Without Democrats - WOMEN COULD NOT VOTE! Neither could Blacks, nor ALL Minorities. We would have No Civil Rights, we would still have Jim Crow laws prohibiting minorities from voting. We'd still have separate water fountains and we'd still be at the back of the bus.

We would have NO Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. Old Folks would still be sent to the Poor House. No medicine, sent to Die!

We would have No Overtime pay, No Minimum Wage, No Child Labor Laws, No Unemployment Compensation.

We would have NO Man on the Moon and Osama Bin Laden would NOT have been captured.

In the Republican Article, the writer lamented the fact that the Democratic Programs were Ever Created! They want a country with NONE of these programs and if they get voted back into office, their leaders will make sure their Republican Elected Officials will continue to Do Their Bidding and End these Humanitarian Programs that the Democrats, with the Full Support of the American People, worked so hard to enact.

Look at the Timeline! We The People CANNOT Allow Republicans to ever, EVER get back into Power.

I ask everyone to be sure to Register to Vote and VOTE in the 2012 Elections.


Dee said...

LOL, Bad Anon just sent me a Profane message saying that Republicans were responsible for these programs. LOL LOL LOL

Apparently Bad Anon CANNOT READ! Republicans were and are Staunchly AGAINST Social Security, Medicare, Civil Rights, Ending Jim Crow laws, the Women's Vote, etc etc etc.

I suggest Bad Anon read about American History On-Line and quit reading extremist right wing nuts like Anne Coulter!

Vicente Duque said...

VIDEO, Democratic National Committee - Obama Re-election Campaign for 2012 - Ad in Spanish - My translation to English - "Republicans deceive us with their ads - Obama in Congress passed Health Care and Education for our Children"

"Who should we trust ??" ( "En quien confiar ??" )

"Republicans deceive us because the Republican Party would end Medicare as we know it to pay for tax cuts for the very rich. It is President Obama that has been giving solutions to educate our Children and keep them Healthy, by passing laws in Congress. The Health Care Overhaul is a guarantee for our Health and that of our Children".

"Obama has lowered our taxes for the Middle Class and the Poor. It is our work to protect our children"

According to Democratic National Committee ( DNC ) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz the ads will run in these locations : Denver, Colorado, and the following media markets: Nevada : Reno and Las Vegas, Florida : in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, New Mexico : Albuquerque, and Washington D.C..

Uploaded by DemocraticVideo on Jul 21, 2011

DNC TV AD: "En quien confiar"


Dee said...

It was the Democrats, JFK and Johnson, that PASSED the Civil Rights legislation.
When we marched, it was side by side with Democrats, NOT Republicans.
Today, Republicans LIKE YOU are attempting to rewrite history.
The FACTS are, the Republican KKK Racists Opposed Civil Rights. They still do!

Dee said...

I think it is Hilarious that Racist Republicans are attemping to rewrite History.
WE WERE THERE! WE REMEMBER! It was JFK and Johnson and the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that marched side by side with Martin Luther King and PASSED the legislation.
The Racist Republicans were Opposed to it! They still are!
They also hate Social Security and Medicare. They are Hatfilled and Hateful!

God Bless America!
God Bless our President, Barack Obama!

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Republicans are going to play a "Dirty Trick" on you ( out of their big bag )

They will say that you do not know the English Language because you wrote this in one of your comments :

They also hate Social Security and Medicare. They are Hatfilled and Hateful!

Since you wrote "Hatfilled" instead of "Hatefilled" then you are a horrible Latina Terrorist from "La Raza" and "Reconquista" and want to abolish the English Language to replace it with Spanish.

Hatfilled should be a word from "Alice in Wonderland", where there is a mad hatter.

You are also a conspirator of Mexifornia and probably your farm is a destinantion for many trucks loaded with 100 terrorists each one.

Ha Ha Ha Ha ! - Laughing out loud !

I made you page viral in PRESIDENTING.COM and GATHER.COM

Have a Nice Day and walk a lot in your big farm. Don't sit in Granny's rocking chair please !

Have a Nice and Funny Day !

Your rendered and devoted admirer :


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