Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norwegian Right Wing Extremist Zealot Anders Behring Breivik is WRONG! Most Logical People DO NOT Believe as he Does!

I refuse to feel sorry for the Norwegian Right Wing Extremist Zealot Anders Behring Breivik for the murders he committed. He is a right wing extremist. He was a member of a group similar to the Tea Parties, initially formed by zealots wanting to reduce taxes that morphed into a restrictionist anti-Immigrant Hate Group!
On Friday morning, this Domestic Terrorist sought out to kill the children of the opposing political group. He succeeded. Not only did he Kill and murder over 90 Children, he also set off a home-made fertilizer bomb that killed 7 members of the opposing political party.
This self-absorbed egotistical Tea Party type maniac even went on Facebook and on blogs on the internet to gain media attention for his heinous Child Killing plan. What kind of ANIMAL is this political, right wing zealot??
He also wrote a political diatribe similar to the diatribe of Osama Bin Laden -- a fatwah!
Why was Breivik upset? Because, like so many right wing extremists, he hated the thought of Immigration and he hated our world's metamorphosis to a multi-cultural society. Instead, he cited his love and support for a Nazi-esque "European Youth" version of the Nazi Youth.
Breivik believes there are other like minded people across the world. He did NOT act alone.
I am hoping against hope he is WRONG!

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Vicente Duque said...

Politicus USA : Linking Norway's Terrrorist to "Christian Patriots" and Christian Nationalists in USA - Extreme Right Wing Christians - KKK always boasted of "Christianism" - The Link to Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and other Super-Christian Republicans
Bill O'Reilly is very angry that the Norway Terrorist is called "Christian" because he boasts of being a Christian, and certainly Bill is a great racist and ethnocentrist agitator against Islam, Muslims, Latinos, Blacks, Minorities, etc...

That is funny, Fox News wants us to believe that the guilty guys of what happened in Norway are the Muslims and people with brown skin. If no Muslims or Brownies go to Norway then this attack would have never happened. It is amazing how Fox News wants to mislead fools about the Norway Tragedy.

If Native American Indians were never present in America, if brown people speaking another language different from English never came to America, then the USA would be a happy paradise. Therefore all brownies are guilty and are enemies of happiness, bliss, glory and perfection, and speaking another non-English language is a crime punished by ..... ??

Politicus USA
Dominionist Ties to Norway Terrorist Clear and Convincing
By Leah L Burton
July 24, 2011

Some excerpts :

c) One thing that stands out in the killer’s videos and writings is a certain obsession with the Knights Templar, the Third Crusade, and the idea of setting up what amount to European “Christian Patriot militias” (often using the very same terminology, of note, as “Christian patriot” groups associated with dominionism and the racist right use in the US) to foment a revolution in the same way as planned by “Christian Patriot militias” here in the US.

e) There is a known NAR movement in Norway, which is similar in extremism to the US and which has known linkage to NAR extremists in the US, particularly in C. Peter Wagner’s network (in particular, Jan Torp who has known linkage to Sarah Palin via the Wagner NAR network among others); Norway, a relatively religiously conservative country, has been aggressively targeted by the NAR in an effort to establish a bench-head in Scandinavia. (Of note–Wagner’s lineage of NARasites is the most closely connected to the “racist right” along with Christian Reconstructionists; there is clear evidence that Christian Identity groups and NAR groups have traded theological terminology related to domestic terrorism as recently as the late 1980s and early 1990s.) I wrote about Torp’s connection to Sarah Palin at God’s Own Party? in November 2008.

It is important to recognize that C. Peter Wagner who we are speaking of is one of the main endorsers of Governor Rick Perry’s “The Response” event in Houston.

We understand why those who, even unwittingly, have joined forces with Dominionists (i.e. those who still think that being a conservative is about fiscal policies). They are as clueless about the Dominionist Movement as the rest of us. Random events – such as the upcoming Rick Perry Dominionist gathering in Houston, Texas on August 6th are seen as individual occurrences. A ‘Sarah Palin’ is seen as a self-aggrandizing, narcissistic anomaly. But, one of the most harmful time-consumers of getting this message out is to have to respond to and convince those who are seeking the same end that we are in this effort – the separation of church and state. There is no time for hair-splitting. While we argue semantics we lose precious time to educate

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