Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Life and Death Along the Border" Explores the Migrant Experience and America's Love Affair with Marijuana

I'm sharing a documentary I saw on Current TV. It's titled "Life and Death Along the Border." It was produced by Vanguard. It is a 3 part special on Current TV. (check your local listings). There are also a number of video clips on You Tube. You can find them by searching on "vanguard life and death on the border." The clip I am sharing describes:
1. The desperation of migrants, seeking the American Dream, who cross the border and how they risk life and limb to make the dangerous, deadly crossing. There are so many deaths, so many unknown bodies. Shocking. The documentary also actually does an illegal border crossing.
2. The second part of the documentary is not as visually shocking, but its content is even more shocking. The documentary explores how Mexican drug trafficking organizations have gained a foothold in the U.S. It is appalling to find that over 70% of this Drug Market is Marijuana! Yes, Marijuana -- the drug all your friends and neighbors use on a daily basis! Marijuana is the most important and profitable drug for these dangerous drug cartels, much more so than cocaine, heroine and meth combined. Marijuana is grown wild in Mexico and in secluded locations in the U.S.
What is most shocking is America's complicity with the cartels. Americans, at all levels, partnering with them in product development, distribution and in guns and violence. These cartels are intertwined with many American drug users and dealers.
Ultimately, it is America's dependence on Marijuana that is fueling all of this violence.

After viewing the video, we have to help Mexico stop these cartels once and for all. However, if America wants to help Mexico and stop these Drug Cartels, we have three choices.
1. we can ask ALL Americans to Stop Using Marijuana
2. we can legalize it.
3. we can remain status quo -- and the drugs & violence will continue to thrive and grow.
My recommendation is to bring the message to all Americans. Everyone should see this documentary. I think ALL Americans should stop using Marijuana. I know this will never happen. Too many people in America are users and abusers. They won't stop using it. Additionally, the right wing hypocrites will NEVER legalize it. So we are doomed to remain status quo.

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Anonymous said...

It was an heartbreaking documentary.on how they risk their lives on crossing the border to take a chance on working here in the US on the jobs that americans doesn't wanna strawberry sad to hear that some americans accused these people of taking away their jobs.I know there are also alot of undocumented that didn't do right.just like the drug cartels.americans,we are just so fortunate&blessed to be born&raised in this great country.why don't we put ourselves on their case for moment.GOD blessed us with all these great things so we can share it to everyone.we shouldn't judge any person in this world by race,sexuality or religion.let's judge them by their morals.we are all created equally by,please let's be fair.

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