Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Breaking News: Another Assassination Threat Against Obama, This Time by Radical White Supremists!

There was another Assassination Threat Against Obama, this Time by Radical White Supremists! What I find interesting is in this attempt, the culprits had almost the same equipment as the first assassin. (see my 1st Assassin Blog).
Plot to Kill Obama - Shoot From High Vantage Point
(link includes video confession) DENVER (CBS4/AP) ― (Summary)
Arrests: Four people suspected in a possible plot to shoot Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech in Denver. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

Nathan Johnson: "they didn't want him to be president" "they were going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a rifle sighted at 750 yards. "
The story began emerging Sunday morning when Aurora police arrested Tharin Gartrell, 28. He was driving a rented pickup truck in an erratic manner, according to sources. Sources told CBS4 police found two high-powered, scoped rifles in the car along with camouflage clothing, walkie-talkies, wigs, a bulletproof vest, a spotting scope, licenses in the names of other people and 44 grams of methamphetamine. One of the rifles is listed as stolen from Kansas. Aurora police alerted federal officials because of heightened security surrounding the Democratic convention.
Subsequently authorities went to the Cherry Creek Hotel in Glendale to contact an associate of Gartrell's. But that man, identified as Shawn Robert Adolph, 33, who was wanted on numerous warrants, jumped out of a sixth floor hotel window. Law enforcement sources say Adolph broke an ankle in the fall and was captured moments later. Sources say he had a handcuff ring and was wearing a swastika, and is thought to have ties to white supremacist organizations. Nathan Johnson, 32, an associate of Gartrell and Adolph, was also arrested Sunday morning. He told authorities that the two men had "planned to kill Barack Obama at his acceptance speech." "He don't belong in political office. Blacks don't belong in political office. He ought to be shot," Johnson told Maass. "Do you think they were really plotting to kill Obama?" Maass asked. "I don't want to say yes. I don't want to say no," he said. Johnson's girlfriend Natasha Gromek is also under arrest on drug charges.
Update later today after Feds conduct Press Conference.

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The Arizonian said...

It was never going to happen. The arrest of these dum-dums is proof of that.

Just a tip: if you are a white supremest with a rented truck full of firearms, body armor and drugs, hell bent on killing a presidential candidate, don't be driving recklessly.

This seems more like Florida's "Liberty City 7" than L.H.Oswald.

Dee said...

I agree. These guy were lamebrains. Or, are they a diversion?

In any case, it just shows you the haters are out there and Obama needs to be careful and very protected!

Dee said...

I agree. These guy were lamebrains. Or, are they a diversion?

In any case, it just shows you the haters are out there and Obama needs to be careful and very protected!

The Arizonian said...

Maybe the fact he needs protection shows he's not the Great Unifier or Messiah as many preach him to be.

Every candidate needs protection. As well as most celebrities. This is due to the nature of being a public figure.

But it should be a good sign that these were supremest extremists. I always expect the radicals to attempt something like this first. It's when we start seeing angry moderate people trying to kill him as a sign of real trouble.

Dee said...

The election of the 1st Black President is a significant change. When we see significant change there may be problems.
Look at the 60s.
We desperately needed the Civil Rights Movement but so many did not want it to happen. Even today there are those that say it was a mistake.
Look at John Tanton, the leader of the ANTI movement. He said Civil Rights should have never happened. He proclaimed that Blacks and Hispanics were not educatable.

This first change will be the most difficult, just like the Civil Rights Movement. Once done then the future will be open for diversity at all levels. Obama is qualified. He is the Dem candidate. Our country NEEDS this to happen now!

The Arizonian said...

"Our country NEEDS this to happen now!"

I am a little fuzzy by this comment. What do you mean "Our country NEEDS this to happen now!"?

The first black president?

Dee said...

Its just a "cozy" comment.

patriot said...

I fail to see that electing a president of any specific ethnic group equates to change per se. Afterall, we are all humans and put on our pants the same way.

It is all about policies anyway and congress makes most policy decisions.

John Tanton is not the "leader" of the anti's. We have no leader! We just consist of everyday Americans for the rule of law. Just because we may agree with him on some of what he says, does not make him our leader.

The things you are quoting as him saying are taken out of context and twisting their meaning.

We don't need diversity in public office per se, what we need are human being politicians who put this country and its citizens first and honor the laws and Constitution of this country.

Anonymous said...

i think that they should have not got caught they should have gone on and for fill ther plans -stiffy white

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