Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Politicians in the Heartland Agree! Say NO to MASS Deportation!!

Politicians across the Heartland from ALL political parties are in agreement. They ALL are saying NO to Mass Deportation!
Agrinews Reports: Immigration: Barkley said the nation needs to bring immigration out of the closet and deal with it. It would be impossible to deport 12 million people. The only thing building a 21-foot-tall fence along the border with Mexico will do is create a demand for 21-foot-tall ladders, he said. The only people who need to be deported are members of the ruling party in Washington, Williams said. The nation's economy would collapse if all illegal immigrants were deported. He proposes a program where illegal immigrants register as guest workers and that the company hiring them pay their health insurance costs and a 10 percent tax on their wages to pay for costs associated with integrating them into the United States. Many Minnesota dairy farmers rely on guest workers to milk their cows and those workers need to be put on a path to citizenship, Franken said.
"We need comprehensive immigration reform," he said. Coleman said the priority should be secure borders. He doesn't support a required path to citizenship, but he does support a guest worker program.


Liquidmicro said...

We already have the system for Guest Workers, force the farmers to use the H-2A Visa, then there will be no need to legalize the illegals already here and they can be repatriated without the fear of collapse of the economy. Plus, they won't have to pay the desired 10% tax the politicians want.

dianne said...

Hmmmm...I have to think about this one. Force employers to pay their health insurance (good) and charge them 10 % tax to pay for for costs (also good if it goes to localities to shoulder the burden). I'd have to think about this one. Would level the playing field for American citizens. Would have to involve an identity check. I see some merit here.

ultima said...

Let's use the corporate model. When bloated payrolls become a problem American businesses (1)institute a hiring freeze, (2) make some layoffs, and/or (3)offer incentives for early retirement. The illegal alien analogues are: (1) secure borders to stop new violations and settlements, (2) conventional deportations, and (3) creation of incentives for self-deportation by denying employment opportunities to illegals.

Works for me. Note that I did not use nor does any other thinking citizen use the term mass deportations. That term is only used by those who wish to make an ad hominem argument.

ultima said...

Navarrette actually has proposals some of which are not unreasonable. See a discussion of these on my blog. The pro-illegals have been notably quiet on those proposals.

patriot said...

Barkley doesn't know what the hell he is talking about and of course the pro-illegals just lap it up.

Dee said...

Ulty, I wrote about the ICEs "Operation Scheduled Departure" a week ago. They expected thousands to take the offer. So far, only 3 have volunteered.

(Self Repatriation is not working!)

Dee said...

I agree with many of Navarettes proposal. I write about many of them often.
1. Employer Sanctions: For decades, nary an employer has been punished as they continue to welcome, hire and provide false papers for their workers from foreign nations. If you truly want illegal immigration curtails, it can only be stopped if employers are severely sanctioned until they stop hiring.
2. CIR provides for Enforcement Goals. No felonious criminals are eligible. Start with those that have been here working for 5+ years, etc.
3. Allow those here to come out of the shadows and those felony free, working, allowed to apply as Guest Workers.

These are the types of recommendations included in Sensenbrenner and other CIR policies which you on your side continue to call "amnesty."

patriot said...

I heard it was 6 today. Ok, they had their chance so now they must pay the consequences and instead of voluntary deportations more involuntary ones should be implemented. If e-verify is implemented those numbers for voluntary deportation would increase greatly but as usual congress is dragging their feet.

patriot said...

Nope! You don't reward illegal behavior to those who have violated our laws the longest. They need to go back home and wait in line to come back legally.

Pro Inmigrant said...

Hi Dee,

Ice Operation Schedule departure will become Operation Wetback Gate.
Check this links.
and this link.

Unfortunately is under water and nobody wants to inform to the public.

Dee said...

Thank you for the links.
I cannot stand Pat Buchanan! He is deplorable!!

patriot said...

I'll tell you who is deplorable, that weasel Juan Hernandez and his snake oil grin and lying propoganda machine. Add Geraldo and Janet Marguia to the mix and you have triple deplorable!

Dee said...

Pat, Come on! There has to be some famous Latinos you DO Like!! Name one!! (So far you told us you hate Geraldo, Janet, Juan and Jennifer Lopez.) Do you hate George Lopez? Carlos Mencia? Selma Hayek? Eva Longoria? Anthony Quinn (who looks like my Dad)?

patriot said...

I never said that I hated Jennifer Lopez, I just said that I think she is very arrogant. That doesn's equate to hate. Well it probably does with you because you love to exaggerate.

I like Geore Lopez and Carlos Mencia. I loved Jose Feliciano's music and Freddie Fender's and Santana. Anthony Quinn was a great actor.

I am sure there are many more that I like also including some Hispanic friends. I have no use for Hispanic politicians or journalists for the most part. There was a Hispanic who ran for congress in Idaho that I admired. Not sure if he won or not. Is that enough for you?

Dee said...

Ruben Navarette and Solidad O´Brien are very good journalists too!

patriot said...

I don't agree with their points of view. I dislike dishonesty.

Dee said...

Soledad and Ruben are highly regarded, well respected, well educated journalists.

Sounds like you have other reasons.

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