Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Review: "Obama Nation" is an Abomination! Another Swift Boat Attempt, Full of Lies!

The Right Wingers are at it again! They swift boated John Kerry. Now, with the abomidable rag, "Obama Nation," they are looking to swiftboat Barack Obama. Jerome Corsi, the swift boat author, wrote the pack of lies in "Obama Nation." What type of author credits does Corsi have? He writes for the extremist, right wing, ANTI rag, "Worldnet Daily." He may as well be writing about Martians on the Moon. This so called author is a hate merchant. The timing is meant to be the August - October surprise. He is nothing but a Swift Boat Liar!! Anyone who buys the book is looking to purchase racist Lies!! Corsi, who helped put Bush and Cheney into the White House, was responsible for the swift boat campaign. The American people will NOT allow this to have an impact on our November election. I predict this book will only be purchased by the right wing, racist smear lovers who have this mindset anyway! It will change no ones minds.
As Media Matters reports:
In the preface of his recently released book, The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, author Jerome Corsi writes: "My intent in writing this book, as was the case in coauthoring Unfit for Command (Swift Boat book against Kerry), is to fully document all arguments and contentions I make, extensively footnoting all references, so readers can determine for themselves the truth and validity of the factual claims." Indeed, Corsi's comparison of the two books seems quite apt: Just as Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry contains false and baseless attacks on Sen. John Kerry's military service, a Media Matters for America review finds that Obama Nation similarly contains numerous falsehoods about Sen. Barack Obama. Media Matters previously documented false and baseless charges Corsi made in Obama Nation about Obama's positions on the Global Poverty Act of 2007 and nuclear weapons. Media Matters also pointed out false statements Corsi made while discussing the book with Fox News host Sean Hannity, concerning Obama's position on abortion and Obama's memoir Dreams From My Father (Crown, 1995).
Media Matters goes on to cite over 80 falsehoods in this book. I recommend that all "truth minded" people NOT purchase or read this pack of lies. If you do, remember the author and his history of lies all in pursuit of selling more books! So much for McCain´s and the Republicans commitment to run a "Clean" campaign!!


patriot said...

And just how do you know that what is in the book is lies? I saw a black commentator on tv today and he said that most of what is in the book is stuff that has already been reported in the news such as his ties to that racist pastor and church. Is this another one of your convictions of someone without proof, a judge and a jury?

patriot said...

Why are you making a racist issue out of it anyway? If there are any falsehoods in the book (and there is no proof of that) it is only just another smear campaign which both parties are guilty of anyway. Both parties will do and say anything to take votes away from the other candidate.

Anonymous said...

What I suggest is the following:

- Go to Mr Corsi's Wikipedia's page, and smear it up! Go there and erase everything that is not a proven fact on his bio (including his Ph.D.: there is no evidence that it has been defended, even if it has been granted... He is lying about his academic credentials, as he is lying about his patriotism. We have proof that he paid the M.D. that helped him escape the Vietnam War).

- Go on every Blog that talk about his book, and re-establish the truth. Let show these Spin Doctors that they do not rule the Net, they never will.

If we spread the world quickly enough, we can raise a Truth Warfare on Mr Corsi, and give him a taste of his own dirty medecine.

All you have to do is: Raise Doubt of Mr Corsi Past. Raise Doubt on His Credentials. Question Every Single Piece of Evidence he is trying to display.

Show Bises said...

What a liar, why so much hate. I'm so surprised that this guy had so much air time.
It's a real shame.

dianne said...

First of all Media Matters is an ultra left wing org under the thumb of the despicable George Soros. THEY have been proven liars time and time again.

"I predict this book will only be purchased by the right wing, racist smear lovers who have this mindset anyway!" It's NUMBER 1 on the NYT Best Seller List.

I don't intend to read it. I wouldn't vote for Obama in any event.

The Arizonian said...

"I recommend that all "truth minded" people NOT purchase or read this pack of lies"

"Truth Minded".....
I kinda like that phrase. However, one must discover the truth. Without lies to compare to, there is no concept of truth (without evil how would there be no good, ect.).

If you don't examine all sides of an issue, then you are allowing yourself to be slanted to one side. Asking people to NOT read the book only re-enforces the notion that there are things in there that they don't want you to know about. Allow people to make up their own minds, and to seek the truth themselves.

Next, the Left will be asking that the book be banned.

MargaretEB said...

Jerome Corsi DOES NOT deserve airtime to spread malicious innuendo about Barack Obama. Everyone should boycott this book except there are right-wing groups, as I write this, just waiting to buy up the book to get it on the best-seller list so it wouldn't do a darn bit of good!
Lets hope the American public sees thru the lies. MargaretEB

The Arizonian said...

If you wanna talk about a pack-of-lies book, try
"Free Ride: John McCain and the Media".

Just the title alone should be indication of it's bias.

Dee said...

Pat, Read the link. It provides the details! Including the biggest lie that Barack is a Muslim.

Dee said...

Show, Nice YouTube Video. Think I will put it on my homepage for a while!!
Thank you.

Dee said...

I saw Corsi on Larry King last night. He could not even support his own rhetoric with a straight face! Remember, he wrote the book on Swift Boat, another pack of lies! Despicable.
But, in view of our freedoms in America, anyone that chooses to read it can!

Dee said...

Margeret, Show, Anon,
Welcome to my blog. Please come by often and share your thoughts with us! Both sides talk Civilly about immigration and politics!

The Arizonian said...

Frankly I could care less of this Cordi and his previous work. So he wrote a book, big deal. Some contend it is lies, others say there are many credible facts.

My big issue with Obama is, I have no idea what his platform is. All I ever hear and read about is "change". Not even his official website states how or what he plans to change, nor through what means or mechanisms he plans to use to accomplish "change". Although his speeches are inspiring, they have no content.

I hate to say it, but I may not vote this time around. I have never "settled" for anything in my life, and this election cycle is no different.

Dee said...

Dianne, I found out why its number 1 on the list (for now):
"although you might have heard that Corsi's book shall be number one on the New York Times' bestseller list this Sunday (17 August), it's not because of individual book sales. According to the Times, it's because "the book is being pushed along by a large volume of bulk sales." This suggests that, after the bulk purchase, the text is meeting one of two fates: it is being sold at right-leaning functions or distributed for free to Conservative groups--those people who aren't really Obama-inclined voters. In other words, Corsi will be preaching to the choir."

Dee said...

The beautiful thing about America is each of us has the Freedom to choose. You can vote or You dont have to vote. God Bless America!!

dianne said...

I don't care if Corsi sells 1 or 1,000,000 copies, or gives them away.

What I care about is a man who supports partial birth abortion and even worse yet a man who tried very hard to stop an Illinois law that would provide medical care of a BORN baby after a failed partial birth abortion. That is fact! Imagine! I can't. I encourage everyone to check the web and see what a partial birth abortion actually involves. A very liberal and educated friend of mine was for it until I finally proved to her what it involved and her stomach almost turned.

There are also a host of many other things I disagree with him on, including his illegal immigration policy.

patriot said...

The problem is that for many Americans like myself, they don't feel there is a viable candidate in this presidential race no matter what their party affiliation is.

Dee said...

The issue here is, Corsi is a blow hard Liar! He was a Liar when he wrote the Swift Boat Book on Kerry. He is a LIAR with his LIES about Obama in this Book!

The book is only on the Best Seller list because the Right Wing groups have bought the book in Bulk to GIVE to their supporters. What do you expect from Mary Matalin whose company published this pile of trash?!?

Dee said...

I think you are right. Back in 2004, the Left was NOT out on the web, in force, like the Right Wingers were. The Right Wing Smear Campaign was able to Swift Boat Kerry. WE will NOT allow the same thing to happen to Obama. The 2004 swiftboaters are older and somewhat over the hill.
The Obama campaign has plenty of young, eager, internet savvy supporters who can deluge the internet in support of Obama!

I am looking forward to it and will help as much as I can!!

Dee said...

Mary Matalin

ultima said...

Instead of this tirade against the author, if you have a case, why don't you detail the inaccuracies in the book. Of course, it is a little hard to tell what an inaccuracy is these days since Nobama changes his position every day as the wind changes and he finds it convenient to move farther to the right.

Don't shoot the messenger, shoot down his statements, if you can, with documented facts from reputable sources outside the Nobama campaign. You will be much more effective that way.

As I recall a number of veterans came forward to attest to the fact that Kerry lied about his swift boat experiences. Are you impugning the integrity of these veterans?

Is your view that democrats can do no wrong?

ultima said...

"bio (including his Ph.D.: there is no evidence that it has been defended,"

One does not defend a PhD after it has been awarded. If one defends his or her doctoral dissertation successfully, then and only then is the degree awarded.

The Arizonian said...

"The Obama campaign has plenty of young, eager, internet savvy supporters who can deluge the internet in support of Obama!"

Right.... but young people spreading the word doesn't equate young people voting. According to Rock The Vote dot com, Voter turnout in 2004 for the 18-24 age group went up 11% to a whopping 47%. If you average 18-34 age group (the bulk of Obama's supporters), you see that voter turn out was 51%. Problem is, the 35-75+ turnout was averaged at roughly 70% turnout.

And now, what percentage of the overall vote did the son of Hades, Bush, get?

51.02% to Kerry's (or is it Kerrie's?) 48.05%.

Bush led Kerry in every age group but one: 18-29 (at 45%-54%).

But good luck to America: Who ever wins, God help us.....

ultima said...

Charismatic Men Who Preach Change

When one young leader spoke eloquently and passionately in 1933 about the need for change and denounced the old system, the people were receptive. Elsewhere, in 1950, another such leader sounded a similar note. The press fell in love with both and never questioned who their friends were or what they really believed in, until it was too late and the moment had passed. When they said they would help the farmers and the poor and bring free medical care and education to all, the adulation was predictable. When they promised to restore lost power and bring justice and equality to all, the people said, Heil!” or “Viva Fidel”. When these leaders said, “I will be for change and I’ll bring you change” the cheers were unending.

But nobody asked about the change, so by the time the concentration camps were set up and the executioner’s guns rang out, the people’s guns had been taken away. By the time everyone was equal, they had no rights and equality was worth nothing. By the time the press noticed, it was too late because it was now controlled by the government or the propaganda ministry. The endings of these stories are well-known. Millions died, treasuries were depleted, and more than a million people had taken to boats, rafts, and inner tubes to escape the tyranny of change.

Luckily, in America, we would never fall for a young leader who promised change without asking, what change? How will you carry it out? What will it cost America? How is the change you offer different from the change all politicians offer? And the free media would never be seduced by political rhetoric. Instead it would examine all of the consequences of proposed changes and ask the hard questions about how these changes would be paid for while paying down the national debt, balancing the budget, and restoring America’s decaying infrastructure. No, we wouldn’t do that in America, would we?

(Adapted from “Beware of charismatic men who preach change” by Manuel Alvarez, Jr. in a letter to the Richmond Times Dispatch.)

ultima said...

Whatever writing credentials Corsi has or doesn't have, no one can quarrel with the fact that he has a PhD from Harvard. The last time I checked Harvard was not a diploma mill.

So many have been deluded by and noncritical of Nobama's high-blown utra left wing rhetoric that it is surprising that they are so critical of the writings and rhetoric of others. To achieve any degree of credibility perhaps they should apply some critical thinking to their own candidate and his many changes in position. After all, he hasn't been canonized yet!

The noncritical acceptance of everything about Nobama is indicative of the shallow thinking of his supporters. I guess the bumper sticker that reads, Vote Democratic -- You don't have to think! is appropos.

If Corsi has betrayed his education and failed to adequated check his facts, thoroughly research and carefully document what he has written about Nobama, perhaps that makes him eligible for the 2008 Joseph Goebbles award.

Although dirty tricks and snide remarks ave been the stock in trade of both political parties for a long time, no one should condone outright lies if they can be proven to be such. There will always be exaggerations, innuendo, and maneuvering to gain political advantage.

Everyone has to accept that one of Obama's closest advisers and mentors is a racist and a former Muslim. Some will feel that this plus Nobama's time in a Muslim school are adequate justifications for some concern about his racial and religious leanings, despite his Edwardian denials and protestations to the contrary. I think a cautious acceptance of Nobama's position on this matter is appropriate until there is further evidence otherwise.

I do like Manuel Alvarez's analogy posted above but while no one equates Nobama with Hitler or Castro, there is ample reason to be concerned about his ultra left wing views and voting record.

Dee said...

I guess it is lucky the right wingers weren´t around when Thomas Jefferson, our most charismatic leader that did preach and advocate change spoke these words, "We hold these truths...."

They would probably be advocating for 100 more years of English Rule as they are now preaching 100 more years of War in Iraq and 100 year extension of George Bush policies.


ultima said...
Charismatic Men Who Preach Change

Dee said...

Ulty, Even Republican strategist Joe Klein pummeled Corsi´s book.

The very 1st refutiation: Obama is NOT Muslim!!! He is an American! He is Christian!! Corsi should just sit down because even those on your side say NOT to listen to him or read his book!!

patriot said...

Some do but not all of them. I think people should have the right to choose to read the book or to not read it and then decide for themselves what truths/lies they feel are in it.

ultima said...

I recently receive an offer from some organization that would enable me to buy this book. The letter was signed by Corsi so I sent him a blast about his shoddy scholarship and lack of careful research and thorough documentation which is what everyone should expect from a Harvard PhD. Needless to say, I didn't buy the book and I suggested Corsi may have done more damage than good for our cause. I told him he needed to respond to the charges of inaccuracies on Nobama
's website.

Dee said...

I am very, very proud of you!!

Post Calendar said...

Ultima & Dee,

You must be very proud of yourselves. You have determined that a man's work is "shoddy", "undocumented" and "full of lies" without reading even a word of it! Where did you get your super abilities? Do all of Obama's faithful devotees have this remarkable ability?

May God, or Allah, protect us if the Obama administration governs the way you guys think.

Dee said...

Ultima is a proud Republican. I am a proud Liberal Democrat. Ulty is not voting for Obama. He is voting for McCain. I am voting for Obama. You can vote for whoever you want to vote for.

The book is filled with lies. Like Ulty, many Republicans agree. I have read articles, summaries, watched Corsi being interviewed by both sides. Corsi himself laughs at some of his accusations.

This is America! We do have freedom of choice in this country. We do have a right to our own opinions too. Plus we have Freedom of Choice when we go to the polls.
We have been through 8 years under an Administration that the majority of Americans disagrees with. Now we want a change. Allow the process to work.

BTW, Obama is CHRISTIAN. Stop your silliness of accusing him of being a Muslim. (not that there is anything wrong with it) However he IS CHRISTIAN!

The Arizonian said...

"The book is filled with lies. Like Ulty, many Republicans agree."

Have you read the book? Or are you trusting the words of others?

The first, I respect. The second, scares me.

I allways encourage people to examine all evidence themselves, and make an informed opinion. Otherwise, you are subjecting yourself to the opinions of others, and making decisions based on the opinions of others. In short, you become a proxy voter/consumer that would be ill-informed.

Dee said...

Arizonian, As I said, I watched Corsi himself in an extended interview on Larry King live laugh at some of his own statements and not support them. (e.g. Muslim claims, continued drug use today, etc.) I have read articles, summaries, watched Corsi being interviewed by both sides. As I said, Corsi himself laughs at some of his accusations.
What is most telling is, even the Right Wing is back peddling off of this book. I mentioned Joe Klein.
Now even Mary Matalin is backpeddling off of her role in getting the book published.

This is NOT 2004 and Obama will NOT be swift boated by the likes of Corsi.

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