Thursday, August 7, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: OBAMA Assassination Threat!

Late Breaking News: A 22 year old Maine resident visiting Florida has been charged with threatening to assassinate Barack Obama! This crazed maniac kept a cache of weapons and military gear in his hotel room. I will be tracking this story and finding out who may be funding this young man and his vile quest.
Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama
By CURT ANDERSON – 1 hour ago
MIAMI (AP) — A man who authorities said was keeping weapons and military-style gear in his hotel room and car appeared in court Thursday on charges he threatened to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Raymond Hunter Geisel, 22, was arrested by the Secret Service on Saturday in Miami and was ordered held at Miami's downtown detention center without bail Thursday by a federal magistrate.
A Secret Service affidavit charges that Geisel made the threat during a training class for bail bondsmen in Miami in late July. According to someone else in the 48-member class, Geisel allegedly referred to Obama with a racial epithet and continued, "If he gets elected, I'll assassinate him myself." Obama was most recently in Florida on Aug. 1-2 but did not visit the South Florida area. Another person in the class quoted Geisel as saying that "he hated George W. Bush and that he wanted to put a bullet in the president's head," according to the Secret Service. Geisel denied in a written statement to a Secret Service agent that he ever made those threats, and the documents don't indicate that he ever took steps to carry out any assassination. He was charged only with threatening Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, but not for any threat against President Bush. Geisel's court-appointed attorney declined comment.
In the interview with a Secret Service agent, Geisel said "if he wanted to kill Senator Obama he simply would shoot him with a sniper rifle, but then he claimed that he was just joking," according to court documents.
A search of Geisel's 1998 Ford Explorer and hotel room in Miami uncovered a loaded 9mm handgun, knives, dozens of rounds of ammunition including armor-piercing types, body armor, military-style fatigues and a machete. The SUV was wired with flashing red and yellow emergency lights. Geisel told the Secret Service he was originally from Bangor, Maine, and had been living recently in a houseboat in the Florida Keys town of Marathon, according to court documents. He said he used the handgun for training for the bail bondsman class, had the knives for protection and used the machete to cut brush in Maine. In the affidavit, the Secret Service said Geisel told agents that he suffered from psychiatric problems including post-traumatic stress disorder, but he couldn't provide the names of any facilities where he sought treatment.
Arrest Warrant (click this link. Very interesting!) Weapons he had in his car and hotel include: military fatigue uniforms, machete, numerous hand held radios, police emergency lights wired to his car, huge supplies of 9mm ammunition, ammunition for a .223 caliber rifle, 40 rounds of armour piercing bullets, two expandable batons, police vest, level 3 body armour, hatchet, combat survival knives, boot knives, GPS, binoculars and two cannisters of tear gas. Plus he lived on a boat on the Florida keys, ready to take off!!
Additional update: Authorities in Maine said Geisel pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal threatening after a 2007 incident and spent 48 hours in a Bangor jail. Police in Hampden, a town just outside of Bangor, received a complaint from Geisel's brother on Oct. 18, 2007 that Geisel had threatened him with a knife, Hampden police Sgt. Dan Stewart said. Geisel was charged with criminal threatening and terrorizing; the second charge was later dropped. The Secret Service affidavit said Geisel told agents that he suffered from psychiatric problems including post-traumatic stress disorder, but he couldn't provide the names of any facilities where he sought treatment.


Dee said...

What is weird is, all the cache of weapons and paraphanelia he had were NOT illegal. It is perfectly legal to own and carry this weaponry, even the armor piercing bullets.
What is against the law are his verbal threats (IF the charges stick.)

The Arizonian said...

"armor piercing bullets" are illegal in many states, but are usually packaged with a label saying "Steel penetrating" of "steel core" rounds. Interestingly, it is stated that he had ammo for a .223 rifle (which 95% of all .223/5.56 ammo is "steel core"-thus deemed armor-piercing) but no mention of a .223/5.56 rifle being found.

Most of the items found in is possession are consistent with being a bail-bondsman (bounty-hunter). I'm at a loss for the machete though.

Also, he wouldn't be the first person I've heard that made such statements, with such items in their possession.

Dee said...

Banrgornews Maine update:
"In November 2007, for instance, Geisel was ordered jailed on a misdemeanor charge of violation of a protection order. Information about the protection order and how it was violated were not immediately available Friday, but Washington County jail officials recalled how Geisel reported to jail wearing a bullet proof vest.

Jail records indicate he was wearing a blue bulletproof vest, blue long sleeve shirt, camouflage pants, combat style tan boots and a tan belt. He was carrying a mini voice recorder and had $52 on him. He spent four hours in jail before making bail.

Geisel also spent 24 hours in the county jail in Machias in 2005 on a pretrial felony charge of receiving stolen property. Information about the felony charge was not readily available Friday, but when he showed up at the jail, according to jail records, Geisel had $10 cash on him and was wearing a black belt, black jungle boots, a pair of camouflage pants and a green T-shirt. He also was carrying his passport.

According to a copy of the November 2007 Washington County Sheriff’s Personal Information Report, Geisel listed his address as 12 Marion Drive, Hampden. He also indicated that he was born in Bangor and was a student."

"Machias Assistant District Attorney Joelle Pratt said Friday she was familiar with Geisel and she recalled, "He got arrested several times" for violations ranging from criminal speeding to violation of a protection order.

"He had an attorney out of Bangor from Mad Dog Security," she said. "The law enforcement people know way more about this than I do."

Geisel also has had run-ins with the law in the Bangor area.

Geisel was charged with criminal threatening and terrorizing in Hampden during October 2007 after holding a knife to the throat of his older brother, according to Cpl. Chris Bailey, of the Hampden Police Department.

Through a plea agreement with the Penobscot County District Attorney’s Office, Geisel agreed to plead guilty to the threatening charge in exchange for the DA’s office dropping the terrorizing charge, Hampden police Sgt. Scott Webber said Thursday.

Geisel spent 48 hours in Penobscot County Jail during April 2008 for the crime and paid a $250 fine.

"Every agency in the general area has dealt with him for one thing or another," Webber said.

Bailey added Friday that Geisel has "been known to have weapons and ammunition" on his person."

Dee said...

Arizonian, Is it legal to carry or have in your possession cannisters of Tear Gas? Dont you need any sort of permit or authorization to carry it?

The Arizonian said...

"Arizonian, Is it legal to carry or have in your possession cannisters of Tear Gas?"

It depends on the dispersion method and local ordinances. I'm fuzzy on Arizona law in regards to owning "tear gas".

"Dont you need any sort of permit or authorization to carry it?"

You might, again, depending on the local ordinances.
Here in Arizona, I see no mention of teargas or pepper spray being regulated in the ARS (ARizona Revised Statues). Of course I only checked with title 13, which is criminal code. The closest mention I saw was "poison gas" being prohibited. I assume that one could argue that teargas was a "poison gas", but they may have challenges. Although stun guns are more regulated.

Also, some vendors won't sell it to you unless you can show a need for it (usually a department/company letterhead), I assume because the vendor has the right not to sell it to someone unless it's in good faith.

ng2000 said...

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