Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Kick in the Head" HATE Crime Update: Peace Rally vs Racist HATE Rally!

Two rallies were conducted this weekend in Pottsville.
WFMZ TV reports:
Racial tensions escalated in the Schuylkill County borough of Shenandoah yesterday. Protestors gathered at an anti illegal immigration rally, while across town, a unity counter protest was held at the same time.
1. Unity Fest at the Kahillat Isreal Non-Denominational Christian Church
Families and Friends gathered to remember Ramirez and his family and to Pray for Unity and Peace in Pottsville. People gathered at the unity rally. Preaching a message of healing and hope. Pastor John Navarro/Kehillat Israel Church: "We opened the door to this - because this is a positive thing - we want not to see hatred, we want love." Dr. Agapito Lopez/unity organizer: "I think the way this community can get together and heal is to understand each other, to be in the shoes of other people."
The fliers said, "Bring your musical talents, instruments (kazoos are good!), food to share and your peaceful, positive, uplifting spirit! We will have fun stuff for the kids, music, food, movies and a message of hope, inclusivity, and peace within ourselves and our town." As advertised, the gathering was peaceful and harmonious. The community attended and Prayed together!
2. Voice of the People Demonstration sponsored by PA Pundits
The Melanie News Blog reported: "This weekend, a group called Voice of the PeopleUSA/PAPundits plans an ‘anti-immigration’ rally in Shenandoah. Although they claim not to be a white supremacist group, they have a very strong following of neo-Nazis, skinheads, white supremacists, and other such hate groups who will be here with them. This is already drawing national press attention whether we want it or not, and our image to world will be unfairly associated with a swastika."
A commenter added: "Actually the guy draped in the Nazi flag and other white supremacists that attended the Voice of the People USA rally were racists. I’ve never heard anyone call out these guys and gals at any rally. You count them for support just like everyone else in the crowd.
The Unity Festival was the truly peaceful and positive event. Thanks so much for having it. I think it was great that the mayor chose to attend your positive event and not the negative one across town."

The heinous Wendi M. from PA Pundits reported: "This speech was interrupted by none other than Crystal Dillman, the fiancee of Luis Ramirez. (Wendi M. said) Dillman and a few of her friends were holding a Mexican flag and had been standing in the back for some time. They got NO attention from anyone, so they moved into the crowd of patriots, flashing the middle finger along the way.
The crowd got upset, and started to swarm towards her. Smeriglio kept talking, even saying “I guess they don’t care about 9/11″ referring to Dillman and her co-traitors."

OTHER UPDATES: WHP Reports: School for the Charged- POTTSVILLE, Pa. (AP) - School officials say two teenagers charged in the beating death of a Mexican man in an eastern Pennsylvania town won't be returning to the classroom. Sixteen-year-old Brandon Piekarsky and 17-year-old Colin Walsh are charged as adults with third-degree murder and other counts in the July 12 beating of 24-year-old illegal immigrant Luis Ramirez. The two are seniors at Shenandoah Valley High School. Superintendent Stanley Rakowsky says their parents will have three options. The two may receive instruction at home from a certified professional staff member and earn a Shenandoah Valley diploma. They may be taught at home by someone with a high school disploma and take the General Educational Development test. Or they may enroll in a cyber school and take classes via computer.


Liquidmicro said...

You need to do some better research. Biased logs as usual.

The commenter that stated: "Actually the guy draped in the Nazi flag and other white supremacists that attended the Voice of the People USA rally were racists. I’ve never heard anyone call out these guys and gals at any rally. You count them for support just like everyone else in the crowd.
The Unity Festival was the truly peaceful and positive event. Thanks so much for having it. I think it was great that the mayor chose to attend your positive event and not the negative one across town." was none other than Symsess, your very own OBL advocate.

Wendi M. as heinous?? Dee, you are pathetic. She is doing nothing more than what you are doing, rivalry is one thing but name calling, c'mon, you are better than that, but then again, you think Joebama is a messaih, that must be where you get your prejudice and disdain from.

I just took you off the ticket, your Harvard degree just wiped my butt.

patriot said...

The other side of the story about the Shannendoah rally. (the non-dee version).

Liquidmicro said... as well.

Careful though Pat, Digger was a speaker at Wendi's VOP rally. Dee, is going to call it BS.

Liquidmicro said...

Lets see, 600 people attending the VOP rally, and 75 attending the Peace rally. 10% of the towns population vs 1% of the towns population.

Dillman did raise a ruckus at the VOP rally, it's in all the articles.

patriot said...

It is predictable, isn't liquid?

Liquidmicro said...

Groups rally in Shen

“Ain’t nobody here going to scare me. They’re racists,” Crystal Dillman.
After about an hour of speeches, including words from Daniel Smeriglio, president and founder of Voice of the People, Dillman and four others appeared behind the green, red and white of the Mexican flag, shouting at the crowd. About a dozen Pennsylvania State Police troopers soon stepped in between Dillman and an increasingly intense crowd.
In Bicentennial Park, a chant of “Go home, Crystal” broke out, while state police Sgt. Dave Holt attempted to intervene.

“It is not going to do you any good to focus your anger on these people,” he told the crowd, adding that everyone should “back up and take a deep breath.”

patriot said...

I am with the guy in the crowd who asked why Dillman was carrying a Mexican flag. She is an American not a Mexican and doesn't even have ancestors from Mexico! These are the kinds of citizens I would like to see deported if it were remotely possible, more so than the illegals. I detest the seditionist traitors in our country more than I do them.

patriot said...

Hey, I think I am on to something here! Thats the kind of CIR I could go along with! Deport seditionist traitors and keep the illegals!

Dee said...

Diggers Realm Pat? One of the worst, slanted ANTI sites on the web? Come on! You can do better than that!! He is ANTI Minority, speaks negatively about Blacks, Latinos, the ACLU, etc.

A man died and the people at the racist rallies(skin heads abound) not one minority there! Goes to show you doesnt it!! Also, it looks like about 200 at the HATE rally not 600 like ANTI Digger lied about. At least he admitted "I'd like to mention that a few skinhead types did attend the rally. "

He kept referencing all the OUTSIDERS who attended, not mentioning HE is an Outsider himself!! Yech!!!!!

Dee said...

I provided two reports by the media, 1 blogger and 1 commenter. Just factual!!
Not biased like those ANTI sites!

Dee said...

I counted all the people at the rally. More like 200, just like the media reports said.

Where did you see 75 for the Peace rally at the Church? I saw the Peace rally video. There were all colors at the Peace rally and it looked like hundreds there, including the Mayor, pastors, community members, all praying for Peace. Quite a Difference vs the all white Racist HATE rally loaded with skinheads, nazi flags, etc.

Dee said...

Well Pat, you sound very unPatriotic with your angry attitude about fellow citizens. Shame on you!

Dee said...

The article YOU provided shows the type of actions at the HATE Rally you and Pat support:

"Some at the rally — which also included one man draped in a NAZI flag — DEFENDED the actions of Piekarsky, Walsh and Donchak"

Dee said...

Hate Rally Screams:

“Press ‘one’ for adios,” Miller said while addressing the crowd, referring to now-common telephone language selections.

Liquidmicro said...

You counted all the people, Dee?? Were you there?? Or are you just trying to get a count off the pictures??

I only found one other article stating a high number, most just say hundreds attended. I tend to agree, hundreds were there. Don't forget to include Dillman and her entourage. The only NAZI flag I saw was the Mexican flag flown by Mrs. Dillman.

I counted all the Peace rally attenders, 45, not the 75 as stated in the media. And that's including Dillman. The churches building holding capacity is 100 people, not all the pews were full.

patriot said...

The white racist skinheads came on their own. They did not represent the majority of people in that town who just want our immigration laws enforced. Where was the racist hate on the part of the majority of the citizens of that city, dee? NO WHERE! ONLY IN YOUR OWN RACIST DELUSIONAL MIND!

patriot said...

How about those reconquista types that attend the pro-illegal rallies, dee? Do they represent the majority of the pro's? Same thing, dee!

patriot said...

My angry attitude towards what fellow citizens, dee? I am only angry at the ones who support illegal aliens, not patriotic citizens.

patriot said...

Want me to yet again dee post some videos of the reconquista, racist types that show up at the pro rallies univited?

Dee said...

The Peace Rally had hundreds of people Praying for Peace in a Church. They were all colors. They were primarily local citizens. The clergy, the Mayor all praying for Peace!

In the all White - Hate Rally, there were many, many outsiders including many from HATE websites including Diggers Realm, Nazis, Skinheads, etc. The Police wanted it over! They even commented so! How could these people promote such hate when a MAN was Killed due to their type of HATE!! Shame on them!

Dee said...

Just found something out.

Most of the people from the HATE Rally were outsiders from Voice of the People. Most of them came from Harrisburg and Hazelton, PA. These are the folks who rallied for the anti immigration reform laws and supported Mayor Barletta. Daniel Smeriglio was the 1st speaker. He is the head of VOP. There are many hits when you search for Voice of the People, Smeriglio and their affiliation with KKK, White Supremists and other Hate Groups. There have been many accusations made about Smeriglio, even criminal charges.
Even Wendy Medashefski is an outsider from Freeland, NOT from Shenandoah!

Now it all becomes clear. The HATE rally was comprised primarily of OUTSIDERS!! HATE GROUPS!! I have heard a few more stories will be published in the local Media about this in the days. (investigation reporting underway)

These HATE Groups are Deplorable!! They should leave this poor city alone and allow them to Grieve!!

Anonymous said...

Hahah I think that's funny that the king of "not assimilating" Mr Agapito Lopez would try to hold a "unity gathering".. very amusing! I guess the dupes who attended this "unity" gathering don't really know who he is now do they...

Anonymous said...

So I guess if we see anarchists and communists in YOUR crowd you're gonna call them out too right? What about the reconquista aztlan thugs? You gonna call them out if they show up to one of YOUR events??? The shoe fits on your foot just as well as our idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who tries to say that of the 600 people in Babe Ruth park Saturday, that most were from outside the town - was not there. The people from the town know that the majority of people were from Shen and now they know they are in the MAJORITY in their outrage at how this case has been misconstrued to serve the brown supremacist agenda.

Anonymous said...

The count of 600 people came from the police who were at the event. Period. End of story. If you were not there and you did not count the people then you are full of shit if you try to say who has the correct count. We checked with the police who were at the event and they said between 585 and 600.

As I said before - the people of Shenandoah saw how many of their friends and neighbors were there and the rally did exactly what it needed to do - galvanized the people of Shenandoah to take back their town from the idiots who are running it and from the illegal alien INVADERS.

Anonymous said...

oh and where does Dr Lopez live hmm? He's not from Shenandoah either.

patriot said...

From the article I posted:

It was a humid day in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania as 600 people showed up to counter the vilification of their community by groups like MALDEF, LULAC and La Raza. Thunderstorms threatened all day, but we were graced with a rain free event. These racist groups that came to Shenandoah were there to point to an isolated incident of an illegal alien killed in their community in a park at 11:30PM in July. The illegal alien, Luis Ramirez was in the park with one of the youth's 13-year-old sisters that night.

These groups are trying to slander the whole community of Shenandoah and all of those opposed to illegal immigration as having been behind this incident. It simply isn't the case and that was shown yesterday as the event was peaceful and pro-American. The only incident that occurred is when the girlfriend of Luis Ramirez showed up with a couple friends and thought unfurling a large Mexican flag was a good idea. The media ate that portion up, but it did not cause any violent incident that these groups wanted.


patriot said...

Note that the skinhead types were not invited nor their activities condoned by the people of Shannendoah and in fact were from outside Shannendoah. More from the article.

The people of Shenandoah were patriotic and fiercely defensive of their community. I'd like to mention that a few skinhead types did attend the rally. They were not invited and came from outside of the community and tried to disrupt it by shouting out white power statements. I'd like to reiterate that they were not invited just as the girls who unfurled the Mexican flag were not invited. As you'll see in my speech - which will be up below - I'm sure they weren't too thrilled with me.

patriot said...

More from the article. Where is the hate, dee?

These groups on both sides - the skinheads and the racist La Raza groups - continue to think this is all about race. It is not. It is about our country. A country of diverse ethnicities working together for progress. These racist groups are not for ALL and those in our movement condemn their beliefs.

Notice the word CONDEMN, dee?

patriot said...

Here are some of the comments from the Shannendoah patriots that attended the rally. Where is the hate, dee?

Dan Smeriglio, President of Voice of the People USA opened things up with a pledge of allegiance to the flag and a moment of silence for Luis Ramirez. He addressed the demonizing of Shenandoah that is going on and that the community should remember that the majority of Americans are behind them. Dan will speak more later, so he kept things short.

Ruth Miller of Illegal Protest called out our government officials who are refusing to enforce the laws already on the books regarding illegal immigration. She also discussed how Shenandoah is not alone in being signled out by race based groups. Nobody asked illegal aliens to come into Shenandoah.
Me. I lost control once again as I addressed the realities going on across this country regarding these racist groups like La Raza calling patriotic Americans racists. I rant and rave and generally get too passionate and excited. *sigh* Either way my message is clear.

Ed Medashefski focused on the lack of jobs, yet that argument is being used by the government to encourage more immigration, both legal and illegal. He stressed that local law enforcement should be allowed to question a criminals immigration status. He pointed out that the Illegal Immigration Relief Act (IIRA) that was passed in Hazleton should be enacted in other communities.

Dan Smeriglio spoke about... well he spoke about a lot of stuff and I'm not going to cover it all. Watch the videos below.
Wendy Medashefski said that they are going to bring a crime watch to Shenandoah. She also talked about a Criminal Alien Program (CAP) which gives local law enforcement the ability to deport aliens in jails that are about to be released, rather than be released onto the streets. She called for voting out officials who refuse to crack down on illegal immigration. She went after the mayor of Shenandoah, Thomas O'Neill, who said that their community deserved the negative spotlight they are getting. She also went on to point out the sacrifice of the volunteers who cover this issue and drive the rallies.

Again, where is the hate, dee?
Wanting our immigration laws enforced does not equate to hate!

Dee said...

Anonymous, Give your self a screen name. Who are you Digger? Wendi? Don´t be a coward. Just give yourself a fake screen name at least! John or Mary or EvilOne. Your choice!

The folks at the Prayer Rally were the Mayor, local politicians, the clergy and the city locals including the former policewoman witness and other concerned citizens praying for Peace.

Dee said...

Anon, Are you afraid to tell us your name (Digger, Wendi or EO) because you are NOT from Shenandoah? Hmmmmm??? Sounds like you might have a little guilt complex! Now go look in the mirror and see if your face if full of red faced anger! Yep! Knew it!

Dee said...

Ha Ha Ha Pat.
Your silly link was from the FireSociety, one of the most Heinous, Hate Filled RACIST sites on the web!!

They have so many extemist KKK, Nazi type members they would not be able to see the forest for the trees!!

AND, as I said, Dan Smeriglio is NOT from Shenandah and is the head of the racist Voice of the People, a group that started that mess in Hazleton! Sheesh! The rest are of those speakers ALSO are NOT from Shenandoah! They are ALSO outsiders! Sheesh Pat ! Get on board with Reality!!

The Town of Shenandoah wants PEACE and UNITY !! They do NOT want all of these outside Agitators pushing for HATE and more Violence!!

I say to ALL of the OUTSIDERS -- Leave Shenandoah ALONE!!
Let them grieve in PEACE and attempt to gain Unity in the City!!

Dee said...

We should ALL remember!

A man died! Wrongfully, due to anger and hate!

Now, the town wants to heal. They are praying for an end to violence and the healing of unity.

We should all allow them to find Peace!!

patriot said...

So "digger" is from Fire Society? That is who wrote the article. I could say the same for the NCLR, MECHA, LULAC and the rest of your Hispanic advocacy groups. They are ethnocentric hate filled, reconquista minded groups. It is all a matter of opinion, isn't it dee?

Most of the 600 people at that rally were from Shannendoah! What part of the skinhead groups were not invited didn't you get, dee? In denial again or twisting the truth again?

Alie said...

Dan Smeriglio has no affiliations with the KKK or any other "racist" groups. He lost a relative--I believe a brother--in the twin towers on 9/11 and has been active in opposing illegal immigration since then. He sees it as a national security issue. It's just a common tactic among the pro-illegals to try to smear any person or group who opposes illegals or amnesty as racists. It has no meaning any longer as most of us see it for what it is: a specious attack meant to intimidate people from voicing their opinions.

As well, I have seen many pro-illegal demonstrations where all of the participants were Latino. Yet I highly doubt that Dee would insinuate that they are racist because they are not a "diverse" group. Somehow a group of white people without "diversity" indicates "racists." That is a racist assumption in itself.

And lastly, about people coming from Hazelton or outside the immediate area: pro-illegals often bus people in from other areas to protest. In Hazelton, people were bussed in from Philadephia. So, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. People have a right to attend any rally they so choose even if it means driving 50 miles to do so!

patriot said...

Well stated Alie and thanks for setting things straight. With the pro-illegals anyone opposing their amnesy agenda is a racist. To call someone that name or to attack their character and falsely accuse them of being affiliated with racist groups is beyond despicable!

Dee said...

Another Article:

Rally Against Illigals In PA Turns Ugly
By newsroom | August 31, 2008 - 7:44 am - Posted in Eastern PA, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, police reports
State police stepped in to defuse tensions at an anti-illegal immigration rally in the northeastern Pennsylvania town of Shenandoah, where an immigrant was beaten to death last month.The rally attended by hundreds had been going on for about an hour when five people arrived hoisting a Mexican flag and shouted at the crowd. They included Crystal Dillman, whose fiance, Luis Ramirez, was beaten to death July 12. Three teenagers have been charged in the case.

About a dozen state troopers stepped in between the groups. Sgt. Dave Holt says there were no injuries or arrests at the event.

The rally was sponsored by Voice of the People USA, which opposes rights for illegal immigrants. Founder Daniel Smeriglio condemned illegal immigration but decried violence and prefaced his remarks with a moment of silence for Ramirez, an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Many people held signs accusing local and national politicians of failing to enforce illegal immigration laws, which they said had strained communities like Shenandoah.

Information from: Pottsville Republican and Herald,

Dee said...

Diggers Realm is an extremist ANTI hate site, as I said earlier Pat!

Dee said...

It was the racist skinheads carrying the Nazi emblems that gave everyone the clue, Alie!

It was reported across the web and I merely reposted the media information.

You and Pat on the otherhand seem content at only believing the extremist ANTI sites like Diggers Realm, Fire Society and PA Pundits. Shameful!!

Dee said...

About Dan Smeriglio, I merely said all anyone has to do is put in his name and KKK and google it to see for themselves. There are many who have accusations against this media hungry ANTI extremist and the media starved Vice of the People.

Dee said...

He promotes angry screamfests across the NE.

I found this article about Daniel interesting:
Harrisburg, PA Anti-Immigration Rally A Huge Bust -- But At Least The Nazis Had A Good Time
02 Sep 2007
Well, we learned a few things at the Voice of the (Few) People (VOTP) rally in Harrisburg, PA. One, it doesn't take much effort on our part to turn an anti-immigration rally to an anti-DLJ rally! Two, that might be due to the fact that it also didn't take much effort on our part to make this particular group look like the racist nimrods they were with their more than obvious ass-kissing of the assorted Nazis that were there. Three, something is wrong with this group. After this weekend, we are convinced that VOTP is destined to become the comic relief of the entire anti-immigration campaign. If anyone associates with them or even takes them seriously, ya gotta wonder about them too. As it is, that feeling may be shared by a lot of folks because, thanks in no small part to us, this rally was decimated.

Dee said...

more from same article:

And once again, VOTP founder Daniel Smeriglio hit us with a gem when he "called out" DLJ from the podium. Now first he runs away from DLJ at the Morristown rally when he questions him about racist activist John Clark's participation in the Harrisburg rally. Then he makes some claim that he is going to post our "founder's" (DLJ) criminal record on line, even though he doesn't have one, despite the claims by Bill White and Hal Turner to have obtained it, the only one's who ever have. Now Smeriglio is saying that DLJ called him a child molester? Dan, Dan Dan….where in all hell did you get this from? For the record, he was called nothing of the sort, at least not by anyone in OPP, but we guess when you are a wannabe politician and your big rally just got flushed down the toilet, you have to save face somehow.

Dee said...

I found this interesting article:

have always wondered what had happened to Mohammed Al-Sahhaf, the former Iraqi Minister of Information who is best

known for his press conferences at the beginning of the War in SouthWest Asia saying that there were no American

troops in Baghdad while American tanks were rolling by the conference. We now believe that he has fled to the United

States, changed his name to Dan Amato and now runs an anti-immigration blog. He was last seen at the Harrisburg,

PA anti-immigration rally on Sept. 1, 2007 organized by Voice of the (Irrelevant) People and said a few words to

a "crowd" of 150, the bulk of which were neo-Nazis. Al-Sahhaf, however reported on his website that there

were no Nazis in Harrisburg - well maybe one - and he had the pictures to prove it. What do those pics feature?

The neo-Nazis. We thought it would be nice to take the excerpts of Al-Sahhaf's little

report with our comments (bold and in italics), which also includes a shot at us where he repeats the bogus charge that
DLJ called VOTP's founder Dan Smeriglio

a child molester. Ah Al-Sahhaf, we missed you so.
Dan "Mohammed Al-Sahhaf" Amato

Hey, weren´t these all speakers in Shenandoah??
None FROM Shenandoah!!

patriot said...

Want to post some examples of "Diggers Realm" hate filled, racist remarks or views, dee? Lets see the proof right from their website!

It has been pointed out to you that the skinheads were not invited or approved by the majority of the people who attended that rally, yet you keep bringing their presence up, why?

Nothing turned ugly. There were only tensions and shouting between the two groups. Another one of your lying exaggerations.

patriot said...

Liquid, already pointed out to you that there were around 600 at that rally. It was from the Police Department count. Are they lying also?

Dee said...

I agree. It is NOT a huge issue if people came in from out of town to demonstrate. However, it is the very outsiders like Smergy, Wendi and Digger (and their skinheads) that said their rally was full of locals while the other rally was full of non locals. THAT is their LIE!! That is why it was important for an inbiased reporter like me to inform the public of the Truth!!
(Alie, to quote Jack Nicholson "You cant handle the truth!)

Alie said:
about people coming from Hazelton or outside the immediate area: pro-illegals often bus people in from other areas to protest. In Hazelton, people were bussed in from Philadephia. So, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. People have a right to attend any rally they so choose even if it means driving 50 miles to do so!

patriot said...

Oh, you were at the Shannendoah rally as a "reporter", dee? If not, what makes your sources more reliable than others?

Alie said...

Dee, if Latino activists can come in to any town to defend illegals and voice their opinions, file lawsuits or whatever, then the opposition can do likewise. Why are you so upset that people who oppose your political agenda have a say??

Someone here already pointed out to you that Communists, Socialists, Anarchists, radical Chicano nationalists march for illegals. So there are extremists on both sides of the issue. What's your point? That everyone who is anti-illegal is an extremist? So I guess that would mean that everyone on the pro-illegal side is one also by that logic.

Looks as though Ms. Dillman and her friends were deliberately trying to incite the crowd by waving the Mexican flag. Good that law enforcement stepped in before tempers flared. Why would an American feel the need to display a foreign flag is my question. Oh, wait--I already answered that one.

Dee, we are not going to be cowed by accusations of racism. Maybe that works in some parts of the country, but it's not going to work in mine or in a lot of others. There are racists on BOTH sides of this issue. Again, these accusations mean nothing, have no effect.

Dee said...

You CONTINUE to MISS the Point!
I agree. It is NOT a huge issue if people came in from out of town to demonstrate. HOWEVER, it is the very outsiders like Smergy, Wendi and Digger (and their skinheads) that said THEIR rally was full of LOCALS while the other rally was full of non locals. THAT is their LIE!!
AND that is WHY it was important for an inbiased reporter like me to inform the public of the Truth!!

Dee said...

Additionally, I feel sad for Ms. Dillman. She lost the father of her children during that Hate Crime! She is in mourning.

I have not seen her speak out on the internet.

I personally invite Crystal Dillman to come to my site. I will provide her a forum to voice her perspective!

Crystal, if you or anyone that knows you sees this, please email me and I will be happy to dedicate a few posts to you, so the Public can hear your voice, your perspective on all that is going on!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Crystal.

Dee Perez Scott

patriot said...

You are not a reporter dee, nor were you there! All of your sources are just hearsay as well as possibly the sources we have quoted. So it is a mute point to discuss who was there and from where as far as the numbers go. As I said, the PD said there were around 600 there altogether.

Of course we ALL feel sorry for Ms. Dillman's lost but why was she waving the Mexican flag?

Dee said...

With all of the blogs and stories on the internet about this, I think it is about time we hear from the source, the person most involved, Crystal herself. She would be the best person to ask. After all she has been through, people are targetting her, especially on the internet. You know PA Pundits and Diggers have made several allegations and started rumors.

I want to hear from Crystal herself. She is still grieving and it is NOT fair for her NOT to have a voice in this!!

Dee said...

Additionally, I am a reporter.
My blog is my forum.
I am a writer. I am a blogger and I am a reporter!
I have over 10,000 viewers a month, more than some small town newspapers.
Go to google search and enter my blog name. See how many searches I´ve had. Over 432,000.

My Mission:
To provide a forum where people, both PRO and ANTI, can discuss American Immigration Issues and Political Issues civilly, freely and safely thereby reducing the hate, anger and misunderstandings currently inherent in most of these discussions.

patriot said...

A reporter is an eye witness, dee. You weren't an eye witness to this incident or any of the others that you blog about. All you do is pick and choose what sources of information you will accept and reject and then form your own opinion from that. No matter how many hits you get in your blog, notice there are only about a half dozen posting in here so don't get your ego all inflated.

In addition to civlity in here I would like to see no more lying in here about what someone has said and hasn't said. How about adding that to your "mission statement"?

Dee said...

The only thing I will say positive about you Pat is everyone who views my blog knows I could never make anyone like you up!


patriot said...

Deleted the truth about yourself, dee? Thats ok, people can read the posts for the truth.

Symsess said...


Yes it was me. I was there.

If you watch the Ruth Miller video you can here someone say "too bad it was only one" referring to the death of Ramirez. This is what we're dealing with. Now, I don't think this man represents Shenandoah, but it's sick that someone feels that way.

Liquidmicro said...

It seems your entire argument is over the fact that they held a Anti Illegal Immigrant rally in Shenandoah vs the Unity rally held.

I also note you seem to be a Globalist, while, most Americans are Nationalists.

I read you on American Humanity and Citizen Orange. I admit you are witty and intelligent, nut you take to long, too much talk, trying to make or get to a point in cases. You also, as your side does, use trigger words, such as murder, and a lot of assumptions based on your own personal views. You, and others like you such as Dee, leave out most of the very important facts in your writings and become prejudicial in your outcomes due to that.

Dee said...

I am glad you were there to witness the truth of what happened at the rallies.

My heart goes out to Crystal Dillman and to Ramirez children who lost their father. I pray they find Peace!

hookah3 said...

This blog is so hateful. Do you hate caucasians?? Your whole website just promotes your own cause and clearly your mind is clouded because of i. Look, I live in SoCal, there are so many horrible crimes happening here (see one What if I then developed this hateful vendetta like you have. You are completely a horrible person to promote these types of hate websites!

LMJ said...

I guess with a name like "hookah" you must love everyone.

Look in the mirror when accusing someone else of hate. How do you claim someone is hateful and creating a hateful website when the author is trying to bring out into the open this horrible hate crime that is trying to get fizzled out like it never happened. I applaud Dee for continuing to report stories that would rather be kept hush hush

DLJ said...

I happened upon this blog today and I think I will give Dee a little support here, especially considering she used One People's Project as a reference. The interesting thing about the Nazis that show (coming from groups like the Keystone State "Skinheads" - KSS - , League of American Patriots, Nationalist Coalition and regular posters on the Stormfront website), is that in all the anti-immigration rallies I have been to in Pennsylvania, they come en masse to those that involve VOTP. When Joe Vento of Geno's Steaks had a hearing on a sign on his resturant window saying when ordering speak English, VOTP did not show - and neither did the white supremacists. Yes, they were in Shenadoah. Steve Smith of KSS was there as was Dave Bargeld who writes for a white supremacist news site. When you look at the pictures from that rally and you see people holding huge black and white signs, that's KSS. And as you might already know, the League of American Patriots - based in Butler, NJ - have said they were there, much to Wendy Medashefski's chagrin.

If you are dealing with the immigration issue honestly, you will not get pissed when we call these idiots out. You will do whatever you can to extract them from any crowd they choose to attach themselves to. The fact that Voice of the People does not do that and instead often works with them should be a hint to the rest of us.

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