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BREAKING NEWS: San Diego's Jeff Schwilk Copies JT Ready and is planning a Gun Totin' Border Event on June 26 & 27

BREAKING NEWS: It looks like Jeff Schwilk is jealous of the attention JT Ready is getting with his violent "Border Event" this weekend. Schwilk, not to be outdone, is planning a Gun Totin' "Campo Border Event" next weekend, June 26 & 27. Both Schwilk and JT Ready were attendees of sb1070's Phoenix Rising Rally on June 5 where CCIR's leader Barbara Coe incited attendees to "Lock & Load" and they took her message to heart.
Local law enforcement responded to JT Ready in email regarding his offer of help. They said, Thanks but No Thanks. "This would not be helpful and would only cause a strain on already strained resources, and their safety needs to be a priority. It will only complicate our concerns to have untrained and armed citizens, who are not from our County, patrolling our desert areas. We currently have operations that are ongoing and advised to not take law enforcement matter into their own hands."

Additionally, regarding Schwilk having his Border Ops at the former Campo Minuteman site, former head minutewoman Carmen Mercer abandoned and closed down the national minuteman group MCDC because after Mercer's "Call to Arms", Mercer said she received a more feverish response than she expected and decided the group couldn't shoulder the responsibility and liability of what could occur. She said, "People are ready to come locked and loaded, and that's not what we are all about," Mercer said. "It only takes one bad apple to destroy everything we've done for the last eight years."

Back to Schwilk's email: I learned about Schwilk's Border Event from Minuteman X. As my long time readers know, Minuteman X is a former minuteman who witnessed many atrocities by those in power and left the MMs, but continues to stay on their mailing list. Whenever Schwilk or other current MM leaders email outrageous content, Minuteman X sends me a copy so I can post this information on my blog. Here is Schwilk's letter to the MMs. Judge it for yourself. Incidentally, Minuteman X precedes the email with a few comments about Schwilk.
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Minuteman X
Sent: Sun, June 20, 2010 3:17:47 PM
Subject: San Diego Minutemen Update

This land is private and the owner has been trying to remove the "Minute Squatters" who are there.

Jeff Schwilk was BANNED from Agent Rosas' funeral
From: "Jeff Schwilk"
Date: June 20, 2010 11:30:48 AM PDT
Subject: Campo Border Event, June 26 & 27

All Concerned Americans are invited! Forward to your Patriot lists.

PLEASE RSVP TO ME! IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND SATURDAY OR FOR THE WEEKEND. We need to keep a head count since space is limited at the event site. We are expecting about 30-40 Patriots, so sign up now.

BORDER EVENT, June 26-27, Campo, CA

What: Border gathering of concerned citizens as a show of force to Mexico and a show of support for our beleaguered U.S. Border Patrol.

Schedule: 10 am Saturday until 6pm Sunday (overnight camping and Sunday optional). Remembrance and tree planting ceremony for slain BP Agent Robert Rosas at 1pm Saturday. Agent Rosas often worked this area before he was murdered by Mexican assassins in July 2009 just a few miles east of here. We'll have a BBQ/Picnic at around 2pm. Border tours/border watch throughout the afternoon, evening, and Sunday.

Event organized by Tecate Border Volunteers and local residents.

Location: "The Oaks" is a clump of large oak trees near the border fence approx. 3/4 mile east from the end of Forest Gate Rd. where the road ends at the border.

Click link and then zoom in to see how Forest Gate Rd. meanders towards the border.
It turns into a dirt road for the last mile. Just stay on the road and it will take you straight to the border and the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Monument. Turn left on the first dirt�road before the monument (large marker at the top of the hill)and take it straight to the Oaks.
Directions from I-8 in Pine Valley:

Exit Buckman Springs Rd.and go south 10 miles. Turn right on Hwy. 94/Campo Rd. and go 1.5 miles west. Turn left on Forest Gate Rd. just past the railroad crossing.� Then go about 1.5 miles to the border following the Forest Gate Rd. directions above.
Bring your own food and beverages and a portable grill if you have one for our BBQ picnic Saturday afternoon. Bring folding chairs, ice, and plenty of water. Plenty of shade under the oak trees. A porta-john will be at the site.

This will be a fun get-together to show support for our Border Patrol at this difficult area in East County. BP in the area is under attack daily there by Mexican terrorists attacking them with rocks and other lethal weapons. A $250,000 bounty was recently announced by the drug cartels for a kidnapped or murdered USBP agent. Dozens of aliens and criminals with their loads of drugs enter our country illegally in East County. San Diego's border is NOT secure!

Bring border watch gear (binoculars, radios, etc.) if you want to do that Saturday evening/Sunday. Recommend tent and camping gear for overnight or you can sleep in your vehicle. Experienced local border watchers will be there to give tours Saturday and set up a border watch in the area.

Legal guns are allowed on the border and recommended if you are staying after dark. Your gun can be loaded on the border (dirt road areas only). Follow all CA gun laws and safety procedures at all times. Security will be provided at the camp.

Current weather forecast for next weekend is low 80's and upper 40's. Subject to change of course. Normal high�for this time of year is 90'. Bring a jacket�if you are staying the night.

Come on out and join us at your border!

Jeff Schwilk, Founder
Support Arizona / Boycott San Diego
Note to Readers: Regarding Minuteman X's comments above, as I recall, Schwilk wanted to make a big show about going to BP Rosa's funeral, but the family asked the SDMMs not to attend and instead the SDMMs conducted their own memorial at a local bar.

Regarding the "Minuteman Squatters" comment, Barbara Mercer said in her decision to close down the MCDC after her "Call to Arms" message that one of the reasons she decided to close down the MCDC was because the local ranchers wanted NOTHING to do with violence on their properties and were banning the MMs. Apparently the local ranchers are having difficulties removing MM squatters.


Vicente Duque said...

The ( Political ) Responsibility of Jan Brewer before a Court of History - Thoughts about Human Cowardice, Imbecility, Threats, Thugs, Bullies, Scoundrels, Criminals, Mafiosi, Delinquents, Thieves, etc ....

Who is Jan Brewer ?

I have had a lot of problems with criminals and delinquents. Nothing related to Race and Racism.

Corrupt Politicians support Criminals : I have seen that !

My experiences with people that throw death threats against me, and that shoot against me, has given me some insights :

The Criminal has hundreds of false witnesses giving testimony.

On behalf of the Honest and Decent Person nobody wants to go to a court or District Attorney.

Why ???

Because most People are mostly and naturally cowards and fools - They fear losing their lives or something else with the criminals. They act out of fear for the bad guy, they want to live in peace without annoyances, without bothering for JUSTICE.

On the other had, nothing is gained by supporting the Nice, Kind and Decent Person. Nothing is gained and a lot can be lost.

The problem with Jan Brewer is that she is a COWARD, OPPORTUNIST, BIGOTED and FOOL.

She is like the people that act because of FEAR of displeasing the mafiosi, the murderers, the thieves, the bullies.

Like the NAZIS of J. T. Ready, a guy that is clearly a Nazi, with Swastikas in Big Flags, with Totenkopfs, with SS Murderous Symbols, with a Bullhorn ( of J. T. Ready ) that has a figure of Hitler. J. T. parades under humongous flags with a Big Swastika.

"AMERIKA for Whites" - "We defend the White Race" - "We are Pro White" - "Obama is Racist" - "Obamongo is a Racist Criminal" - "They ( the lower races or "coloreds" ) are stealing our country" - Look at the many videos in of the Arizona Nazis, listen to their racist rants and proclamations. ... I have posted some of them, not all, because there are many.

And Russell Pearce is very intimate with J. T. Ready, many photos of embraces, videos of Russell Pearce applauding J. T. Ready, etc ...

J. T. Ready also organizes "Hunting Parties" of his Nazis in the Border Lands in which the "Red Fox" are the Latinos. Minutemen style, the same minutemen that killed Beautiful Child Brisenia Flores, ( age 9 ) and her father Raul in a home invasion in Arizona in May 2009.

Jan Brewer is ( Politically ) responsible for the murders that are occurring everyday and those that come very soon.

She will never be taken to court on a Civil Case or a Penal Case, but the Court of History is unforgiving, this Court has no Leniency and is impervious and impenetrable to dirty tricks and blather.

She and the Coward and Scoundrel Republicans of Arizona may have lots of short gains and immediate satisfactions winning elections, but on the long run, Jan Brewer will be a zero to the left.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Harper's Magazine July 2010 : Ken Silverstein - Political looniness in the state of Arizona, which goes well beyond the issue of immigration. More Taxes to solve problems created by Republicans

Harper's Magazine
Washington Babylon
What’s The Matter With Arizona? A conversation with Senator Rebecca Rios
June 16, 2010
By Ken Silverstein
The Washington Man for Harper's Magazine

Some excerpts :

I have a piece in the July issue of the magazine (not yet available online) about the political looniness in the state of Arizona, which goes well beyond the issue of immigration. Arizona, I note, is essentially bankrupt; if it were a business it would be declared insolvent and put in receivership. In May, voters approved a ballot measure that temporarily raised the state sales tax to bring in $1 billion. That averted an immediate budget collapse but provided no long-term solution to the crisis.

There are multiple causes for the mess in Arizona, including the fact that the legislature is composed almost entirely of dimwits, racists, and cranks. State lawmakers turned racial profiling into official policy, through a law that requires police to stop suspected illegal immigrants and demand to see their papers. The Senate passed a bill to ban the funding of any ethnic-studies programs at state universities, as well as one to prohibit “intentionally or knowingly creating a human-animal hybrid.”

And as the state’s economy teetered on the brink of collapse earlier this year, lawmakers took time out from their primary pastime — slashing social spending — to reduce what Eagle Scouts paid for fishing license fees, declared a Boy Scout holiday, and granted a constitutional right to vote.

There are a dwindling few voices of reason in the legislature, among them Democratic Senator Rebecca Rios, the assistant minority leader. I interviewed her when I was in Arizona last February and recently updated that conversation by phone. Below are excerpts from our conversations about the situation in Arizona.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

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