Tuesday, June 8, 2010

US Violence Against Latinos Escalates: 14 Year Old Boy Shot by Border Patrol

To understand the outrage at the shooting of a 14 year old by a Border Patrol Agent in El Paso, one has to visualize the location of the shooting, time of day, and the age of the youngsters involved. As you read through the FBI spokesperson's description of events that led up to the death, look at this picture (click on the picture) and remember it was broad daylight, in the middle of the afternoon, at a Port of Entry with numerous visitors and tourists around. Also remember, these were young, 14 year old boys.
FBI Spokesperson Andrea Simmons provides the following report:
Monday night's incident started about 6:30 p.m. It was daylight and the sun was still very high in the sky. Border Patrol agents responded to a report of a group of suspected illegal immigrants being smuggled into the United States near the Paso del Norte port of entry. A suspect identified as Oscar Ivan Pineda Ayala was initially detained on the Rio Grande levy (black bridge). Another agent arrived on his bicycle along the cement apron that forms the riverbank on the U.S. side. That agent detained a second subject, Augustin Alcaraz Reyes. The rest of the group, teens, ran under the bridge on the Mexico side and began to throw rocks at the agent. The bicycle agent, who had Reyes detained on the ground, gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to "stop and retreat." However, the teens surrounded the bicycle agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The bicycle agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking and killing 14 year old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca.

Simmons told CNN earlier she did not know whether 14 yr old Sergio was on the Mexican or U.S. side of the border, but that the agent never left U.S. territory. Sergio's body was laying dead on the Mexican side of the border, Simmons said.

Ciudad Juarez spokesman S. Belmonte said 14 yr old Sergio was shot in the head. "The young boy was not armed," Belmonte said. "He did not have the physical size to threaten anyone. The aggression (by the U.S. agent) is evident."

The shooting occurred underneath the Black Bridge, a railroad span that connects the two countries. The FBI, which has jurisdiction in any assault on a federal officer, is leading the U.S. investigation with assistance from the El Paso Police Department, the Border Patrol and other federal agencies, Simmons said.

The shooting comes less than two weeks after the May 31 death of a Mexican illegal immigrant who had been detained three days earlier by border agents in California. San Diego police, who are investigating the death of Anastasio Hernandez, said he was beaten with a baton and shot with a stun gun after he became combative. California medical officials ruled his death a homicide. The investigation in that case continues. Mexican officials complained Tuesday that they see an increasing trend. "The growing frequency of this type of event reflects a worrisome increment in the use of excessive force on the part of some border authorities," the Foreign Ministry said. According to the ministry, the number of Mexicans who have been killed or wounded by U.S. border authorities has increased from five in 2008 to 12 in 2009 and 17 so far this year.


Dee said...

The last time I went to Mexico (about a year ago), I went to Eagle Pass to Piedras Negras. We didn't need ID going into Mexico. Upon return at the port of entry, the BP agent came up to our window and asked, "Are you all citizens." We nodded. He passed us forward into the US.

Thousands of people go back and forth across the border every day, for tourism, for shopping, for work, etc. It's called Commerce.

It sounds to me like the boys were attempting to come in to the US (to shop or whatever) and didn't have a passport with them. I understand that is required now (wasn't last year when I crossed). When they couldn't get in, it sounds like they were chased, and when 2 were detained, the kids threw rocks at the bicycle BP. I looked at all the pictures. There were no boulders or big rocks around. It was a cement basin, not a field. At best, large pebbles.

It sounds like the BP over reacted. Why on earth, if he is a bicycle guy, didn't he use a taser on these boys? Why shoot him in the head and murder him?? They were children. Babies.

Vicente Duque said...

Video : Border Patrol kills a 14 year old boy inside Mexico Territory - The Mother Weeps and the District Attorneys speak about responsibilities

Border - Helter Skelter

larednoticias — June 08, 2010 — -Familiares de menor asesinado por la Patrulla Fronteriza piden justicia

-Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua.- Elementos de la Patrulla Fronteriza de los Estados Unidos mejor conocidos como 'migras' , abatieron a tiros a un jovencito de 14 años de edad cuando se encontraba en compañía de otro amigo de la misma edad en el lecho de El Río Bravo, del lado mexicano.

Patrulla Fronteriza asesina a joven en C.D. Juárez



Vicente Duque

Dee said...

The one word that doesn't ring true of the FBI spokesperson's response is "surround."

It sounds like when the bicycle agent captured their 2nd friend, the kids ran back to the Mexico side of that tiny stream and were throwing pebbles. This must have made the BP agent angry and he started shooting. The boy was shot in the head and died. You can see where he is laying, on the Mexico side of the stream. It is obvious he was shot dead there. He was shot in the head. No drag marks. Just shot in the head, dead, laying there on the Mexico side of the little stream by that large bridge support column.

Anonymous said...

Babies? Since when are teenagers, babies. You get nuttier every day.

What part of the quoted below didn't you get? A rock can be a lethal weapon. You are taking sides with bratty, violent teenagers against the BP who work for your OWN country to protect us all just because these teens are ethnically like yourself? You are one sick anti-American individual and you have the nerve to call yourself a loyal American? WTF?

"The rest of the group, teens, ran under the bridge on the Mexico side and began to throw rocks at the agent. The bicycle agent, who had Reyes detained on the ground, gave verbal commands to the remaining subjects to "stop and retreat." However, the teens surrounded the bicycle agent and continued to throw rocks at him. The bicycle agent then fired his service weapon several times, striking and killing 14 year old Sergio Adrian Hernandez Huereca".

Anonymous said...

"Upon return at the port of entry, the BP agent came up to our window and asked, "Are you all citizens." We nodded. He passed us forward into the US".

WHAT? You mean you weren't racially profiled? You weren't ask for your I.D., frisked and ICE called? So much for your claims of "racial profiling". LOL!

D said...

Anonymous, you need your head examined. A rock thrown by a 14 year-old can be a lethal weapon. I suppose so, but highly unlikely. Dee, I think that even tasering him would've been too extreme. To shoot on an unarmed 14 year-old boy is inexcusable, given the supposed training they are supposed to have.

Dee said...

Well Bad Anon,
You are true to your nature, spewing hate and anger and death.

That is what is wrong with this entire debate. TOO MUCH VIOLENCE!!

Dee said...

From PCorn:
I went to Mexican Immigration today to renew my 180 day FMT, and get a vehicle permit for my new Wrangler.

It took me 20 minutes. I identified myself at the immigration window with my passport card and was handed the new FMT which is a a single ticket style piece of paper.

I filled in the information, passport number, address in country, etc and handed it back to the uniformed immigration officer. Very polite, professional and friendly fellow. He checked that it was filled out correctly, stamped both halves and directed me to the window for the vehicle permit.
Oh, and by the way, the FMT is bi-lingual, printed in both English and Spanish as a courtesy to American citizens. The people of Mexico don't seem to have a problem with this at all.

So, I go to the window for my vehicle permit and hand this little girl behind the glass the packet containing my FMT, DL, and Passport card, as well as the contract for my the Jeep as I am still running on Texas temp tags.

IT takes about 5 minutes for her to run a check to see if I have any outstanding permits I haven't returned, she charges my credit card the FMT ($21.00) and the holographic window sticker ($35.00) and I'm on my way. I am legal to be in Mexico and travel throughout the country with no restrictions on travel for the next 180 days.

When I cross the border into Mexico, I arrive at a gate. The Jeep is weighed, the plates or the area where the plates go is photographed and I either get a red or green light. Green you cross and are on your way into town. Red, you pull to the side for secondary inspection, which involves looking in the trunk and front seat.

When I go to Monterrey tomorrow, I will pass through a similar setup at the 18km marker where a RDF reader will read the chip in the vehicle permit on my windshiled. Same again, Red light or Green. Chances are, I won't be asked for the FMT because the vehilce permit is on the windshield, and you can't have it without the FMT.

Contrast that with coming back into the US to go to work. Cross through the gates where a camera records your vehilcle license and pulls it up on the computer in the guard station and an RFD reader reads the chip implanted in my US Passport and Passport Card. BTWm according to a Customs Agent, these passport chips can be read a bliock and a half from the border.

You get to the guard post and they demand to know the purpose of your trip to Mexico, bringing anything back etc, and despite thaving the information from your passport on the screen in front of him, including your photo, demands to see the passport again.

And he runs the VIN number to see if the vehicle is stolen in addition to the temporary tag or plate. And then asks "IS this your vehicle", knowing full and damned well it is.

But that is not enough, He sends you to secondary where the circus starts anew, iincluding the possibility of having your vehicle x-rayed.

In other words. gp into Mexico, you're treated with respect and as a person. Come back into your own country and you're treated as a suspected criminal, unless of course, you have an Arab or middle eastern sounding name, and you're given a free pass.

I lived in Cd Juarez for 5 years. Have an ex wife and a son there who is 10.

In the 60's,70's and into the 80's, people came and went across the bridge. To shop, go to school, party or visit relatives on the US side. The hysteria and opportunism following 9/11 changed that.

Dee said...

part 2 from PCORN:
These boys were illegal, no doubt about that, and were probably crossing the Rio Bravo just to see if they could. In other words, for "shits and giggles"

At 15, they wouldn't have a Mexican passport, nor an electoral national ID.. They can't get that until they're 18.

There was no justification to fire on these kids but one thing is certain. If it ain't swept under the rug, your looking at another hero and patriot of the right for his murdering one of those nasty Mexican illeegals!

Now that I've vented, I;m going to enjoy my birthday by taking my 3 wonderful stepsons and beautiful 17 year old step daughter and wife out to dinner and let them know how much they're appreciated.

I can't take them to Laredo though, because our government will not allow it. Their mindset is that any Mexcian/American/Mexcan marriage is a sham to enable the Mexican to invade our country.

That's the shame of it all

ultima said...

This NBC video explains the situation

ultima said...

I guess the video from NBC news regarding this event I posted was rejected for some reason. Brian Williams of Nightly@msnbc.com is a liberal talking head who reported this incident about like Anon and the FBI. What some fail to realize is that a rock can be just as lethal as a bullet and therefore the BP was fully justified in its action. I am surprised that the way in which Dee is spinning this situation, immediately blaming her countrymen and transforming "rocks" into "pebbles". Incredible.

ultima said...

The Mexican retreated to the Mexican side thinking that he could throw rocks from that side with impunity. Wrong!

ultima said...

Transiting the border: I am in favor of the thoroughness with which Pcorn was treated. I don't know how a BP agent can even begin to deal the volume of traffic at the border. Another terrorist event is almost certain given the amount of vehicles and pedestrians entering every day. WE could begin by prohibiting cross border work commuting -- if you are a citizen and you work in the U.S. you should have to live in the U.S.

ultima said...

Dee recommended tasering instead of shooting. I would be willing to bet if that had been the case, she would have objected in the same way.

I don't see any hate, anger, or death in what Anon wrote. All loyal Americans should feel just as he does. On the other hand, it is completely inexplicable why Dee would take the part of the rock-throwing teenager. Surely she knows teenagers, especially gang members, are among the most violent folks around.

Dee's persistent defence and support of illegal aliens and criminals like this teenager leaves little room for doubt about her loyalty to the U.S. She abhors violence but promotes it through her support of criminals and criminal actions. On the basis of the reporting and positions she has take over the years, it is clear that she is responsible for the growing divide between loyal Americans and those who support the illegal alien and related causes.

Any objective person would have to admit that Anon has the correct position on this and that, at least in his posts here, cannot be considered promoting "hate, anger and death." That is just more of Dee's hyperbole.

Dee said...

An American witness said this (CNN):

Bobbie McDow, 53, said she witnessed the shooting while walking across the Paso del Norte Bridge. She said she had stopped to look down and to view a group of young men try to cross the border.
Border Patrol agents arrived and detained two boys, but the others scampered back into Mexico, she said.

McDow, a U.S. citizen, said she saw one boy make a throwing motion before the agent opened fire.

"At first, I didn't think anyone was hit. I thought he had missed," she said. "As I was looking down there, I saw something lying by the Black Bridge, then I realized the body of the boy was not moving and I got very upset."

McDow said she called 911 in El Paso and has since spoken with the FBI.

She said the boy who made the throwing motion was NOT the boy who was shot.

She said the boy who was shot was on the MEXICAN SIDE of the border.

"Where he was clearly on the Mexican side when he got shot," she said.

"I never expected it to escalate like that. I never saw that coming, that there would be a shooting over this," she said. "I'm not saying they (the boys) did the right thing, but kids are kids. It's like a little game of cat and mouse."

ultima said...

Well, if a reliable witness has a different perspective than those involved, her testimony should certainly be taken into account. No one condones shooting the innocent as opposed to the guilty who may have put the officer life in danger. How many trained BP officers are likely to just up and shoot an innocent teenager? He fired because a rock was thrown at him. Where is the parental guidance for these teenagers? Are they disciplining those who flaunt the BP and our borders? I suspect not. Does that make them culpable in the child's death? I think so. If Mexicans are being killed at the border, why aren't parents and others doing something about it?

ultima said...

Perhaps this post should have been titled, "Violence exchanged between Mexicans and the Border Patrol Leads to the Death of a Teenager!"

Dee said...

Here is what you are missing Ultima.

The witness on the bridge said the boy who was shot WAS NOT throwing rocks.

The BP was angry because someone threw a rock at him and just started aimlessly shooting. That was what he did wrong.

14 year old Sergio was just watching and one of the countless bullets that were shot by the angry BP hit him.

I'm sure he was not aiming at Sergio. However, as you can see by the picture, this is a very busy area and the BP shot recklessly.

Dee said...

Hmmmm... I think the title is right. Violence is escalating. The number of deaths by BP is escalating. It has doubled since the last 2 years.

I think part of this is due to the reckless rhetoric promoted by the pro sb1070 crowd. No one knows who shot rancher krentz. no one knows who (or if) puroll was shot. Yet they indict every illegal immigrant in the country for those crimes.

One thing we know for sure. The BP shot recklessly into a crowd and a boy, Sergio, is now dead.

It is very sad.

ultima said...

Perhaps you are right. We don't need any cowboys shooting their weapons indiscriminately; perhaps the facts will come out when the administrative review is complete. Witnesses are traditionally unreliable. Different witnesses describe the same event differently and even describe the perp in diffent ways.

Anonymous said...

You have no proof whatsover that the BP was just shooting recklessly. Why would he? One witness doesn't mean squat. It doesn't mean that the witness was there to view the whole thing from start to finish or that they are telling the truth yet you paint your own scenario as if it were what actually happened.

It is simply amazing that you would even make such a nasty accusation of a BP agent to defend an illegal alien. Your ethnocentricism is rotting your soul and eating away at your brain.

US Citizen said...

dee said:
Are you all citizens." We nodded. He passed us forward into the US.

That is really scary!!! You could have been an illegal with a car load of illegals!

Dee said...

Why would that be scary. We were 4 grandmothers, all US Citizens. Does it sound scary to you because we were all brown? Racial Profiling much?

Would you be worried if it was your grandmother and aunts?

US Citizen said...

So people who look like grandmothers and aunts (not sure what that looks like) should not be stopped, just waved through. For you information, I guess I am "brown" as you call it as my grandparents were born in Puerto Rico. Do you think human smugglers should just use their grandmothers to drive illegals across the border?

US Citizen said...

What a hipocrite you are. Where is my follow-up post? Embarassed? I am brown like you. But I am an American. You are not.

Dee said...

For your info, I don't wait each minute of the day for you to post a comment. I moderate my comments when I get to them.

Second, hypocrite is spelled with a "y". No need to name call, but at least spell it right.

Third, I notice that many extremists who are also racists claim to be brown. Or else they say, "some of my best friends are (minority)." All the same to me. No one can prove it on the internet.

Honestly, I do not have time for name callers. And I do not have time for those who attempt to hijack my blog by going off topic.

Good bye!

Vicente Duque said...

People that want to boycott the boycotters are like the man that went with friends to Las Vegas Nevada. And his friends were Great Studs and he was bashful and afraid of Women

Being a Virgin Male at forty :

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Try to boycoot all the Many Cities and Counties and you will find yourself charmed in a bordello against the purity of your Republican Conservative Soul, that follows the indications of Sarah Palin and John McCain.

It is hard and tough to be Republican nowadays, you can end up in a Bordello of Tampa Florida in the next Republican National Convention.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :


Vicente Duque

Bill O. said...

Here is a fact that was conveniently ommitted in your blog about this incident.

The fact is that this teen was on the El Paso juvenile smugglers most-wanted list at the time of his death, and that the teen's most recent charge of smuggling undocumented immigrants into the U.S. was in 2009.

p.s. I didn't see where "U.S. citizen" went off topic and I am also curious why you didn't post his last remark. I see insults hurled in here by both sides yet the ones on the illegal sympathizer side are allowed to stand but the opposing side is not posted? Again, where did he go off topic?

Bill O. said...

You were the one who brought up grandmothers under this topic and "U.S. citizen" merely replied to YOUR remarks. How is that being off topic if you off topic first?

Anonymous said...

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