Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Guest Voz - Black Voice An America for White Only? Who is Behind the Anti-Immigrant Push?

Guest Voz:
"An America For Whites Only? Who is Behind the Anti-Immigration Push?"
(NNPA) - The fall out over passage of an anti-immigration law in Arizona continued across the United States this week with people wondering is America being reduced to a nation “for Whites only?” Anti-racism activist and author Tim Wise says a sense of White racial anxiety,” has in his view, “taken over large segments of White America.” According to Wise, the sense of entitlement that Whites have always enjoyed is being challenged by demographic data showing the growth of Black and Brown populations projected to become equal with the White population by 2050, as well as a change in the political landscape, demonstrated by the first Black president of the United States.

This idea that White folks give voice to every now and then that they're losing their country, sometimes they mean with Black folks and the Black president and sometimes they're referring to Latinos and Brown folks. It seems that though, when White folks say that they're referring to some nostalgic sentiments of the past that they want to resurrect,” said Wise. “They can't fathom a country wherein they are not the norm, the prototype of what an American is. The way they've grown up for years is when they hear the word American, they see their (own) face and people of color have never been able to have that reaction, that when they talk about American, they're talking about me, but White folks have, so when all of a sudden you've got to share that title, that symbol with Black and Brown people that have different names and faith traditions than yours, that shakes them up because they have that sense of entitlement.”

SB 1070, the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, mandates that law enforcement stops anyone they reasonably suspect to be an undocumented immigrant and obtain their documentation. Anyone without it can be arrested, incarcerated, fined, and/or deported. According to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, the bill signifies that she is for enforcing the law and against racial profiling but immigrant advocates strongly disagree. “This law is a very racist law and it's persecuting people of color and very much affecting people of dark complexion. If you do not look Anglo you could be questioned and asked for your documents, but in our cases, even though we are of Afro descent, we have accents but they could ask for documentation from all of us,” and many people are now afraid to even go out of their homes in Arizona, said Eunice Escobar, a board member of the Chicago Religious Leadership Network on Latin America and member of the Association of Afro Columbians in Displacement. “The most important consideration is why is this law passing now? I think there's really a very strong interest behind it in an attack of America's new generation of Latino people who are coming into this country and making decisions. Most of these Latinos are dark people and they are looking for a change,” said Escobar, who is of Afro and Latino descent.
Part of the fear in America that drives such legislation is the unity of Blacks and Latinos, she said. For instance, the first Black President Barack Obama received a lot of support from Latinos and that makes Whites in America very afraid.
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Vicente Duque said...

In Latin America People say : "Lo que te hace blanco es la plata" - Translation : "You are White if you have money" more literally "What makes you white is silver" - Super Rich Blacks

"La Plata te blanquea" : Silver Whitens you.

Super Rich Black Entrepreneurs :

I understand that in a capitalist economy there is free initiative and private enterprise :

Oprah Winfrey, Bill Smith, Don King, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Tiger Woods, etc ... son blancos porque tienen plata.

Translation : they are White because they have MONEY.


The people that complain of Affirmative Action should be more enterprising like Oprah ...

I know that there are more Black Millionaires :

According to the 2010 Forbes International Billionaire List, Oprah Winfrey with a
net worth of $2.4 billion is the richest black person in the world

Bill Cosby, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Jay-Z are very rich without Affirmative Action.

We should complain less and work harder.

If Tiger Woods has many beautiful blonds in bed, then God bless his Ladies ! - And God bless his magic powerful testosterone of a stud.

Don't be envious ! ( My father used to say that the origin of almost all evil is envy )

If you are so intelligent, then why are you poorer that Oprah ???

Is Oprah very rich because of Affirmative Action ??

Feeling anger and envy at Oprah Winfrey because she has three billions and 9 million pages in Google. That is a touchstone to detect Racism.

Vicente Duque

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