Monday, June 14, 2010

The Evil Witch Brewer wants to Deport Citizen Children


ultima said...

It is outrageous to threaten understandably frustrated, Arizona with boycotts because some disagree with the protective procedures it has adopted. Let’s leave the legality of those procedures to the courts. We are one country and should not be boycotting one another. Persuasion should be our tool of choice, not punishment.

ultima said...

You need another label -- "keep families together".

I doubt that there is any federal law that allows parents, under a removal order, to abandon their minor children by leaving them in the U.S. The place for children is with their parents. Why would anyone argue with that principle?

Adult children who are citzens can make up their own minds whether they wish to accompany their parents or not. Adult children who are not citizens should be subject to the same removal order as their parents.

This is the only fair and legal approach to this problem which in the final analysis was created by the parents illegal presence in the U.S.

The gov has my financial support.

ultima said...

There are other evil witches who flaunt the rule of law, thwart the effective enforcement of immigration laws, sacrifice the future of our country, and, in the process, define a new standard of disloyalty.

There are plenty of domestic humanitarian and liberal causes that would be a better focus for one's time and efforts, instead supporting the causes of foreigners.

Dee said...

Outrageous to Boycott?

So silly Ultima.

Boycott is a civil way to disagree. Remember the original Tea Partiers; MLK; Ceasar Chavez and Dolores Huerte, all utilizing civil Boycotting to right wrongful laws. It is as American as Apple Pie!

Dee said...

Keep Families Together by NOT Deporting their Parents.

Good Slogan Ultima. I think I'll use it in the Future!

pcorn54 said...

Er, Dee, I think you mispelled the word after "Evil"

Vicente Duque said...

Babies, Babies, Babies !

San Francisco Chronicle : professor of Law Keith Aoki - University of California : "Arizona, Have you no decency?" - "what about the "800-pound gorilla" - the U.S. Constitution?" - Arizona against Babies

Yes, these Arizona Republicans are not only idiots
They are also bullies and cowards

San Francisco Chronicle
Arizona - pick on someone your own size
June 17, 2010

By Keith Aoki
Keith Aoki is a professor at UC Davis' King Hall School of Law.
Keith Aoki sat on the editorial board for the Harvard Environmental Law Review and served on the editorial staff of the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review. He then practiced law for two years at Hale and Dorr, a Boston firm specializing in technology law. He is interested in the intersection of critical theory and the law. His article, "(Intellectual) Property and Sovereignty: Notes toward a Cultural Geography of Authorship," appeared in the Stanford Law Review.

Professor Aoki also writes in the area of critical race theory and his article "Centering the Immigrant in the Inter/National Imagination" (co-written with Robert S. Chang) appeared in the California Law Review. He also writes in the overlapping area of local government law and his article, "Race, Space and Place: The Relation Between Architectural Modernism, Modernism, Urban Planning and Post Gentrification" appeared in the Fordham Urban Law Journal.

Arizona - pick on someone your own size

Some excerpts :

No one likes a bully. Bullies pick on the weakest, and the proper response to a bully is: Pick on someone your own size! However, legislation pending in the Arizona Legislature is taking a nasty form: bullying children with the threatened stripping of U.S. citizenship, even if the children were born on U.S. soil.

Second is the "cutting off one's nose to spite one's face" problem. This is harder for anti-immigrant folks to grasp, because to them, undocumented immigrants are parasites eating away at Arizona's vitals and giving nothing back - they are a problem and the answer is exclusion. Exclude them by any means necessary - don't allow them to drive, find work, live, speak their mother language, form families or attend school.

However, the truth is that the undocumented pay more into the system in taxes than they cost. Immigrant communities are models of entrepreneurialism - this has happened repeatedly in U.S. history. While not a model of an enlightened attitude toward undocumented immigrants, Texas politicians have courted the economic and political support of Latino communities. On the other hand, former Gov. Pete Wilson lost California for Republicans for a generation because he embraced the ultimately illegal Proposition 187, which would have denied state health care, education and welfare benefits to undocumented immigrants.

Vicente Duque

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