Sunday, June 13, 2010

Local AZ residents Angry over Arpaio's Raids Targetting Latino Women at Sizzler Restaurants This Weekend!

Arpaio and his goons swarmed down on two Sizzler restaurants in Latino neighborhoods yesterday detaining 9 female cooks and hostesses. (click on picture) Family members and restaurant customers flocked outside the restaurant, appalled by the sweep. Arpaio said the raid was the result of a fired former manager who was disgruntled and reported the restaurant for hiring "illeegals." The disgruntled employee reportedly told deputies he was offered three months severance pay in return for not going to law enforcement. The yearlong investigation included undercover surveillance which led deputies to detain nine Latino cooks and hostesses at the crowded Sizzler restaurants.
Arpaio, as usual, called the media so they could video the arrests of these women. The cameras videod several protestors crowding the parking lot behind yellow crime tape. "How much money did it cost to do this? It's horrible," Dora Felix said. "Why aren't they arresting the drug pushers and people who dirty our streets," asked Suzanne Armijo. There were questions many in the angry crowd were asking.

Sizzler owners, who were not arrested, issued the following statement Saturday afternoon: Sizzler and the owner of our restaurants in Phoenix take seriously their responsibility to adhere to all federal and state labor laws. Beginning in 2008 the Sizzler Phoenix restaurants have used E-Verify as part of their efforts to ensure compliance with immigration and work laws. The owner of the restaurants was extremely surprised to learn of the arrests and allegations. He is assisting the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office with its investigation. As of this afternoon, both Sizzler restaurants are open for business as usual.

Meanwhile Arpaio and his goons laughed at the family tragedies they created.

One commenter from Phoenix named TeraWatt60 said:
I live in Phoenix and "Sheriff Joe" is a true fossil,rocklike brain and Jurassic Era thinking, he does this garbage, along with profiling sweeps throughout Maricopa County in heavily Hispanic areas as part of his shtick.
This walking oil slick lives in Fountain Hills which is an affluent area whose overly entitled residents get upset (not making this up) because the fountain in the artificial lake was stopped...oh the tragedy. Surprisingly, no sweeps have been done near his home most likely because the landscapers who maintain their grass (in 115 heat) are often undocumented and it might inconvenience them.
Arpaio only targets those who can't fight back, he is a bully with a bullhorn. He would never go after any employer of any size here in the county, but he would be happy to pick on their employees.


Dee said...

As the crowd outside Sizzler said, "Why doesn't Arpaio go after the Drug Cartels, the felonious criminals, those that are violent?"

No one would be angry is arpaio and his goons scoped out the "illeegals" who are drug dealers, in drug cartels or who are guilty of violent crimes. Why doesn't he have year long investigations to target them? Why doesn't he focus his time and energy and capture the real criminals? Why does he continue to use his masked goons to target Cooks, Hostesses, and Car Washes? It makes no sense at all!

ultima said...

Well, perhaps there are some other suggestions out there on how to rid AZ of illegal aliens, at least those who are not cutting the grass in affluent neighborhoods.

Seriously, how would you do that job if your family depended on your effectiveness and your paycheck?

Bill O. said...

I guess you don't consider identity theft a serious crime?

Authorities raid Sizzler restaurants in Phoenix - Yahoo! News "The sheriff's office received a tip from a former Sizzler manager who claimed he had been fired for his refusal to hire employees without the proper documents, Lee said." Deputies were looking for 23 suspects wanted for identity theft, Lee said. Authorities believe one of the suspects was deported three times and has been hired back by Sizzler each time he returned. - This is disgusting... will it ever stop?

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