Friday, June 11, 2010

The USA is Quickly Moving to a Thriving Multi Cultural Society and No Hate Bill is Going to Stop It!

The pro-bloggers closest to me know that I have been down lately. I'm saddened by all of the atrocities in the border states. The murder of 14 year old Sergio was a blow. He was such a young boy, close to the same age as my oldest grandson. For a young boy to be shot in the head by a BP was both shocking and sad. Then, the death of a young man in California by the BP with a taser was another sad event. To top it off, the ANTI crowd grouping in AZ at the Phoenix Rising rally where Barbara Coe hollered at the top of her lungs to "Lock and Load" and the next day, two innocent Latinos were brutally murdered in the desert; meanwhile Sheriff Babeu refuses to provide the public the 911 tape. The ANTI crowd is rearing its ugly head with rhetoric blaming all of the "illeegals" for the murder of Robert Krentz when the police say they have no suspect; and also blaming all "illeegals" for the (fake) shooting of deputy louie puroll, all with no suspects and no evidence. Meanwhile sb1070 appears ready for enactment and the state legislatures are complaining about not having enough private prisons to hold all of the Latinos that will be imprisoned with sb1070 so they are planning on setting up tent city prisons (in 120 degree summer heat) ala Arpaio's tent cities.

On top of all of this depressing news, it has become clear that CIR will not be passed this year. President Obama and the Democratic Congress does not have the support nor the (ok I'm going to say it) the cajones to pass the bill this year. Instead, they are caving in to all to the racist group FAIR's white nationalist rhetoric and are taking up the restrictionist stance of more ICE raids and detention centers.
All so depressing.

As usual, when I get in these type of moods, my husband and I talked. With no solution in sight, we decided to go out to dinner in a new place in the Latino section of town; some people would call it the "illegal" section of town. The place was crowded; full of brown people. The juke box was blaring with Mexican music. The crowd was very young. Most people were in their 20's. They had a bar on the far side of the restaurant. The young people were moving rhythmically to the beat, beat, beat of the music. Everyone was having fun. This is the first time we went to this restaurant. It was a Mexican Seafood place. My husband studied the menu and decided what he wanted for dinner. I did too. There was one other "white guy" in the restaurant. He was eating dinner too. It was obvious he was enjoying himself and listening to the music. We later found out he was the beer delivery guy who stayed for dinner.

Everyone spoke English and Spanish but their English was heavily accented.
My husband and I both enjoyed our dinner. The food was delicious and fresh. The hot sauce was extra spicy.
As we were leaving, I realized I wasn't depressed about the future anymore. I realized at dinner, these wonderful, hard working people were not paying attention to the media or the very nasty negative commenters on the internet. They weren't worried about sb1070. They weren't worried about Russell Pearce, Sheriff Arpaio or FAIR's Kris Kobach. They were young, hard working and making America a better place. I knew most of them were legal citizens, probably many the ANTIs term "anchor babies." I also knew some of them were "illeeegals." It was clear they all had just gotten off from work and were having fun at the bar/restaurant and enjoying the music. I realized, this was tomorrow, not yesterday. Despite all the rhetoric, nativism, restrictionism and white nationalism, these hard working people weren't going anywhere. This was their country, my country, our country. There isn't going to be a Mass Deportation. The census bureau is right. We are a thriving, growing, multi cultural America and we will continue to be so. Regardless of all the hateful talk and plans being made by the white supremists who support sb1070 and other similar restrictionist laws and their wish for Mass Deportation; Regardless of all the angst the PRO CIR advocates suffer if CIR isn't passed this year; it makes no difference. Being in that restaurant this afternoon helped me realize. Our country's move to a thriving multi cultural society is like a freight train. It is inevitable and our own young people are going to make sure it happens. No Hate Bill is going to stop it!


Ted said...

"also knew some of them were "illeeegals."

How did you know they were "illeegals"?

Dee said...

Why Ted, I racially profiled them of course.

Ted said...

Why can you racially profile and no one else can? Did they have a certain look? Seems you spotted them right away. You should join the police force in AZ and we won't have to worry about the worng people getting checked for identification. You should go by the name "eagle eyes". No kidding.

Vicente Duque said...

Videos : Five White Police Officers of New Orleans killed and burned Black Man Henry Glover 31, after Katrina - The man was defenseless - Racist Murder

Federal Grand Jury - Civil Rights Trial

The Civil Rights of Black People are Inseparable of the Civil Rights of Other Human Beings of any Race ! ---- We should be truly a Single Race : The Human Race

First Video :

IranContraScumDid911 — June 11, 2010 — Five current or former New Orleans police officers were charged Friday in the shooting death and burning of a New Orleans man during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Police were using a school as a temporary headquarters on Sept. 2, 2005, when a group of men drove up looking for help for 31-year-old Henry Glover, who had been shot. One of the men reportedly later told investigators that Glover was still in the back seat when a police officer drove off with his car.

Glover's burned remains later were recovered from the charred car when it turned up on a levee near a police station.

In indictments Friday, former officer David Warren was charged with violating Glover's rights by allegedly shooting him to death. Along with a charge of unlawful use of a firearm he faces a possible life sentence and a $250,000.

Warren was immediately arrested after the indictment was handed up and is in federal custody, the Department of Justice said in a news release. U.S. Attorney Jim Letten said a federal judge would be asked to order Warren jailed until trial.

Letten also said that under some circumstances, prosecutors can seek a death sentence for a civil rights violation. However, he said the case would require more review before a recommendation to seek the death penalty might be made.

Others charged were former Lt. Robert Italiano, Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann, Lt. Travis McCabe and Officer Gregory McRae.

Scheuermann and McRae are charged with obstructing justice and burning Glover's body and the car in which he was found. They also are accused of assaulting residents who tried to help Glover. If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison and $1 million in fines.

Italiano and McCabe are charged with obstruction of justice for their alleged roles in submitting false reports of the incident and lying to investigators. Italiano, if convicted, faces a maximum prison sentence of 25 years and a $500,000 fine. If convicted, McCabe could get 30 years in prison and a $750,000 fine.

Following announcement of the indictment, Letten said the five have a duty to the public, "certainly not to kill them, certainly not to destroy evidence."

At a brief initial appearance hearing, U.S. Magistrate Louis Moore ordered Warren jailed until an arraignment and detention hearing on Thursday. Warren did not enter a plea Friday. His attorney, Joseph Albe, said he could not comment.

Letten said he could not comment on who was representing the other defendants. Their attorneys had not been posted in the court record Friday.

The case is one of several civil rights investigations involving actions of the New Orleans Police Department after Hurricane Katrina struck Aug. 29, 2005, plunging the city into flooding and civil chaos after levees broke.

5 officers charged in post-Katrina fatal shooting

Second Video :

mattdavis999 — June 11, 2010

Jim Letten Henry Glover

Look for the Videos in or watch them directly here :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Catholic Key Blog : Kansas City Council in Missouri Unanimously Opposes Arizona Immigration Law - By a vote of 13-0 - They also opposed Arizona House Bill 2281 which prohibits ethnic studies in state schools - Cities in Boycott

The Catholic Key Blog
Kansas City Council Unanimously Opposes Arizona Immigration Law
By Kevin Kelly
Catholic Key Associate Editor
May 27, 2010

Kansas City Council Unanimously Opposes Arizona Immigration Law

Excerpt :

By a vote of 13-0 about an hour ago, Kansas City’s City Council called upon the Arizona legislature to repeal it’s controversial immigration law and urged Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. They also opposed Arizona House Bill 2281 which prohibits ethnic studies in state schools. They also opposed Arizona House Bill 2281 which prohibits ethnic studies in state schools. While tons of cities are doing this, the move is fairly significant since Missouri is considering similar legislation and the author of the Arizona bill is a professor at the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

From Wikipedia :
Kansas City, Missouri
Kansas City is the largest city in the U.S. state of Missouri and is the anchor city of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area, the second largest metro in Missouri. It encompasses 318 square miles (820 km2) in parts of Jackson, Clay, Cass, and Platte counties. It is one of two county seats of Jackson County, the other being Independence, just to the city's east. As of February 6, 2009, it was revealed that the US census had underestimated Kansas City's population, and re-released it to be 475,830, with a metro area of over two million.

More Info on Boycott

Tacoma joins Seattle ( in Washington State ) in officially condemning the state of Arizona for its controversial immigration law.

In a 5-to-3 vote on Tuesday, the council approved the measure opposing Arizona's New Laws

This follows after Chicago City Council condemns Arizona. The Chicago City Council's 46-3 vote endorses a resolution urging City Hall not to do business in the future with Arizona.

Cook County ( comprising Chicago Illinois ) had already boycotted Arizona and recommended not to visit that State.

Recently : Los Angeles County, Cook County ( comprises Chicago Illinois ),

Growing list of City Boycotters and City Condemners of Arizona : Austin TX, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Bloomington IN, Boulder CO, Calexico CA, Columbus OH , El Paso TX, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Los Angeles CA, Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Richmond CA, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Pablo CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, West Hollywood CA, etc ...

Arizona Cities : Opposition to SB1070 from Flagstaff, Tucson and Nogales, Grave Worries expressed by City Councils of Bisbee and Sedona, Mayor of Phoenix opposes this law.

Vicente Duque

Julie said...

I LOVE your blog, it's my absolute favorite--I post your links all the time on my fb page (I might have told you this before--my memory is crap).

Anyway, thanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful BLOG thank you for sharing your feelings and views on this HATE MOVEMENT!!

Dee said...

Ted, I guess you don't recognize a tongue in cheek response.

Dee said...


Thank you. It's nice to hear from nice people like you that recognize we are a beautiful multi cultural society and not everyone is full of hate and anger about this.

I'll visit your facebook page.

LMJ said...

"Why can you racially profile and no one else can? Did they have a certain look? Seems you spotted them right away. You should join the police force in AZ and we won't have to worry about the worng people getting checked for identification. You should go by the name "eagle eyes". No kidding."

It's a good thing for your comments Ted, that way we can profile STUPID (sorry Dee I had to)

Dee said...

That's ok LMJ.
I guess someone had to say it to him.

Anon(2) said...

anon & dee
Tell me how you 2 can spot illegals. That is ridiculous.
Just because someone does not speak English does not mean they are illegal. They can be here on a student visa or be traveling here from another country carrying a passport. You both sound racist saying you can identify illegals by sight.

Dee said...

Anon 2,
What are you talking about? We are talking about Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a beautiful multi cultural society. Our future!

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