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Two Murdered Latinos in Pinal County and For Sheriff Babeu, It's All About Fame -- Remember His Name!

Something very odd is happening in Pinal County. Showman Sheriff Babeu (McCain's ad campaign buddy) is saying the murder of two Latino men shot earlier this week in his county could have been committed by the mysterious drug cartels that (supposedly) grazed his deputy the day after the May 1st Immigration marches. Now Babeu is saying he has a smuggling corridor in his county that stretches from Mexico's border through Pinal County up to metro Phoenix. As proof, he has brought out the tired old picture from 3/18/10 that he tried to pass off to a Phoenix blogger as pictures of the perps who (supposedly) shot louie puroll. In reality, as I previously reported, that picture was taken by "Nighthawk" surveillance. The AZ National Guard wears carharrt jackets as the men wear in the picture; they carry assault weapons and they wear ski masks - as sheriff arpaio's men wear; as are worn in the picture.

Babeu is NOT releasing the 911 tape, he merely released a 2 second clip and a transcript. Initially, Babeu's spokesperson went on and on saying the tape was in Spanish, very short and they were cut off. Now, all of a sudden, Babeu has a very long, "clear as day" transcript in English with the 911 operator calling the caller "Omar" (have you ever heard of a Latino named Omar??) with the caller going on and on saying his shooting was in the same place deputy puroll was shot. Imagine that. You are dying in the desert and you go on and on saying you were shot where the deputy was (supposedly) shot, over and over again, just like the spin originally provided by the sheriff's office.
Detectives say next to the dead men was a Bushmaster automatic rifle used by police officers for patrolling. It does not appear to be stolen.

Now we get to the bottom line of why Babeu and his crew are making this announcement: "Babeu said he doesn't believe the drug cartel problems will not be solved when SB 1070 becomes a law, or with President Obama's promise of 1,200 troops spread out among four border states.It will fall short. What is truly needed in 3,000 soldiers for Arizona alone," Babeu said.

Remember, I previously reported that an AZ newspaper reported Babeu lied about crime increasing in his county when his department's own report indicate crime has gone down.

It all becomes clear. For Babeu, it's all about Fame for Babeu, fueling the ANTI Immigration Reform frenzy (for votes) and lining the county pockets with Federal money! "Fame...remember Babeu's name!"

Now READ the transcript that sheriff babeu "says" is from one of the two latino men shot in his county. Remember, they said it was short, in spanish and they were cut off and could not speak about it initially; and remember, in the early videos he was clutching his blood soaked birth certificate:
911 Call Transcripts
Listed below are the 911 call transcripts from the double homicide that occurred on June 6th, 2010. Details of the investigation were sent out in the earlier release this morning.
Date of Call: 06/06/2010
First Phone Call: (1931)
Dispatcher: 9-1-1, what is your location? Hello? Do you have an emergency? How can I help you?
Caller: Yes, somebody shot me, we were running.
Dispatcher: Where are you?
Caller: Right here at the 8, in this area?
Dispatcher: Where are you?
Caller: Right here where they shot the sheriff, on this side. By the store, there’s a little hill please send a (boludo/sheriff) because there are some people, they want to jump us, they want to rob us and somebody shot us.
Dispatcher: Did you say on highway 8?
Caller: Yes. On the 8, the little hill right on the trail.
Dispatcher: Do you have any direction?
Caller: I really don’t know. There’s a little store with a big antennae, I can see it.
Dispatcher: What is the name of the store?
Caller: I really don’t remember but it is right there at the 8. I see a bridge that takes you to the mountains. Please because I am losing a lot of blood.
Dispatcher: Okay, just give me one moment.
Caller: It is where it happened the last time where they shot the sheriff.
Dispatcher: Did they shoot you?
Caller: Yes me and my partner. Because they want to rob us.
Dispatcher: Right now?
Caller: Yes, right now, right now.
Dispatcher: Where are you injured?
Caller: Right here in my stomach. I am bleeding a lot, I cannot walk.
Dispatcher: Did you say there’s another person injured?
Caller: Yes, there is someone else but I can’t hear him anymore.
Dispatcher: Where is he?
Caller: He’s right here with me in the side. The other guy is vomiting. I cannot move him.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: Please.
Dispatcher: Are you to the south?
Caller: What?
Dispatcher: Are you on the south?
Caller: My phone battery is going to die.
Dispatcher: I need the location so I can send the help.
Caller: Please send me help because I’m dying. Please come and get me.
Dispatcher: Okay, give me one second.
Caller: Please, are you guys going to come? How long is it going to take you because I am dying?
Dispatcher: We have officers on the way.
Caller: Okay, please (moaning)
Dispatcher: Are you still with me?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Where are you right now?
Caller: By the hill and mile 150.
Dispatcher: In front of mile 150?
Caller: Yes, on the hill by the 8, to the north.
Dispatcher: To the north?
Caller: Yes, did you locate me?
Dispatcher: What is your name?
Caller: (Caller gives name – Name redacted)
Dispatcher: (Name redacted) How old are you? Hello? Omar?
Caller: What?
Dispatcher: How old are you?
Caller: Twenty five.
Dispatcher: Thirty five?
Caller: No, twenty four.
Dispatcher: Twenty five? Twenty four?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: What is the other guy’s name?
Caller: I don’t know his name. I just know him as vale. (Friend)
Dispatcher: What is your date of birth?
Caller: (Date of birth redacted) Please send somebody so they can come for us. My cell phone battery is going to die.
Dispatcher: Just answer my questions, okay?
Caller: Okay.
Dispatcher: Tell me your birth date again.
Caller: (Date of birth redacted)
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: (Moaning)
Dispatcher: Do you have a lot of pain in your stomach?
Caller: Well, I don’t know he just felt and I’m trying to help him…
Dispatcher: Okay, where is the other guy? Omar?
Caller: He is moaning, he is right there.
Caller: Hey!
Dispatcher: Yes?
Caller: Yeah, the guy is right there.
Dispatcher: Where?
Caller: He is right there laying on the ground and he is moaning a lot.
Dispatcher: Okay and you say right at mile 150 and the 8.
Caller: I am right on the 150, right in the front on the north side almost of the side of the little hill. You go to the hill, you’ll see the little hill.
Dispatcher: Are you near the freeway?
Caller: No. I was on the hill and there is a building where there is steam and they throw the garbage. You can see the peak. (Moaning) Look!
Dispatcher: Okay, I am sorry, give me one second.
Caller: (Moaning)
Dispatcher: We are sending someone, they are looking for you, okay?
Caller: Okay.
Dispatcher: What are you wearing?
Caller: Green shirt, brown pants and I am going to start waving.
Dispatcher: What is the color of your pants?
Caller: Brown pants and a green shirt, white tennis shoes and a black hat. (Moaning in pain)
Dispatcher: Okay. What about the other guy, what is he wearing?
Caller: Black shirt.
Dispatcher: What else?
Caller: Blue jeans between blue and black.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: Are you going to take a long time?
Dispatcher: We have someone looking for you. What do you see around you, what do you notice? Caller: The hill and the peak. Right in the front of the mile 150, you’re going to see the little hill by the peak. I will be on the north side, I mean on the south side.
Dispatcher: Do you see the freeway from where you are?
Caller: No, I’m on the back of the hill, I don’t see it.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: I cannot walk.
Dispatcher: Give me one second.
Caller: Yes, I’m going to give you time. (Inaudible word from caller Piata?)
Dispatcher: One moment.
Caller: Piata? I’m going to call…
Dispatcher: Beg your pardon?
Caller: Chavo I’m going to call this guy (the morro – the guy) to see if he can hear me. No, I don’t hear anything, I think he fainted. Hey! The battery is going to die. I want to go back to Mexico. Hello?
Dispatcher: Yes, I am still here.
(Phone disconnected)
Dispatcher attempts to call back…Spanish speaking recording says, the phone you have called is not available at this moment. Twice.
Caller phones in again…
Caller: Do you speak Spanish? Because I’ve been shot right here in the 8.
Dispatcher: Where is he right now?
Caller: Mile 150.
Dispatcher: Okay
Caller: Mile 150 there’s a little hill in front, please.
Dispatcher: Are you still okay?
Caller: Yes
Dispatcher: Where are you at right now?
Caller: On the hill in front of mile 150.
Dispatcher: In front of the mile 150?
Caller: Yeah, right in front of the highway.
Dispatcher: On the 8?
Caller: Yes, right here on the 8 on the freeway.
Dispatcher: Okay, one moment, we have already…
Caller: To the north.
Dispatcher: Are you to the North?
Caller: Yes to the north side. Do you know where I am?
Dispatcher: What is your name?
Caller: (Name redacted)
Dispatcher: (Name repeated – redacted)
Caller: Yes. I’m right on the other side of the hill so you guys will have to go to the top and you will see me.
Caller: Can you send a boludo? (Boludo is Argentinean word for male but caller using word in terms of deputy/help.)
Dispatcher: Yes, we are going to send you one. How do you know you are at mile 150?
Caller: Well just let him know to go to the 150, I’ve already figured out where I am at, I was selling cantaloupe here before. I already know this location from before.
Dispatcher: I’m giving your information now.
Caller: Is he going to come for me?
Dispatcher: Yes, just give us some time.
Caller: I am in pain, I cannot speak anymore (moaning). I am bleeding a lot, please. Please (inaudible word) let me be. (Translator thinks either speaking to another person there or saying a prayer.)
Caller: ¿Buenos?
Dispatcher: From which side do you see the lights? Hello? Just don’t hang up. Give me one second.
Caller: Are you going to make me wait?
Dispatcher: Where do you see the lights?
Caller: Lights? They are in front of me, I’m behind the lights.
Dispatcher: Are you by yourself right now?
Caller: I am on the hill and I’m walking with a friend and then I heard another man in agony and I can’t hear him anymore.
Dispatcher: Can you see the sheriff lights or no?
Caller: No, I’m too far down the hill.
Dispatcher: So you do not see anything?
Caller: No, I do not. If you send a helicopter I will see it by the hill. You guys can check on the hill, I am south of the hill.
Dispatcher: Yes, we will try to help you.
Caller: Because I am going to start a fire.
Dispatcher: Sir, you are by yourself or no?
Caller: Yes, I am.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: I am going to start the fire so the helicopter can find me. Please.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: Please.
Dispatcher: Do you have anything to start the fire?
Caller: Yes, I have a lighter. I also have a flashlight.
Dispatcher: How do you know the officer also was…?
Caller: In the morning they showed something about the officer.
Dispatcher: On the television?
Caller: Yes (Moaning).
Dispatcher: What part of your body is bleeding?
Caller: On the side of my hip and stomach and it’s bleeding a lot. I cannot walk.
Dispatcher: And what caused…do you know who was the (suspect)?
Caller: Phone disconnected
Dispatcher: Sir?
Second call:
Dispatcher: 9-1-1 What is the location of your emergency?
Caller: Hello.Dispatcher: Sir? Omar?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Where are you?
Caller: I am right here.
Dispatcher: Can you hear the ambulance (sirens)?
Caller: Is the ambulance here already?
Dispatcher: Do you hear it?
Caller: No. I don’t hear it, I am in the desert. Somebody passed over with a helicopter like they are looking at me.
Dispatcher: Just one second, okay?
Caller: Okay, I am losing a lot of blood.
Dispatcher: We are trying to find you.
Caller: Hello?
Dispatcher: Stay with me on the line.
Caller: I’m losing a lot of blood (moaning).
Dispatcher: Omar, don’t move from where you are even if your phone dies. Omar? Hello?
Caller: Hello.
Dispatcher: Are you still here with me? Just stay on the line with me until we find you okay?
Caller: What?
Dispatcher: Stay with me on the line.
Caller: Okay.
Dispatcher: Can you hear me?
Caller: Yes, I’m here.
Dispatcher: Okay just stay with me on the line.
Caller: Please.
Dispatcher: Omar?
Caller: Yes.
Dispatcher: Do you hear the ambulance around there?
Caller: No.
Dispatcher: No?
Caller: I’m telling you to send the boludo (sheriff) and you’re going to find me.
Dispatcher: And you say you are to the north?
Caller: Yes, to the north of the hill. It will be the hill and mile 150.
Dispatcher: Can you see the freeway from where you are? How do you know it is mile 150? Are you to the north or the south?
Caller: Yes. To the north by the hill you’ll see me right there.
Dispatcher: Okay then you are to the south.
Caller: Yes, the south. I’m telling you to send the boludo, please I’m going to see him. The sheriff was from there, do you remember? (Referring to the deputy shooting)
Dispatcher: Give me one second.
Caller: (Moaning)
Dispatcher: Hold on
Caller: (Moaning…buttons pushing)
(Line disconnects)
Dispatcher calls back.
Caller: Hello?
Dispatcher: Is that you Omar?
Caller: Yes. I’m on the corner (inaudible)…
Dispatcher: What do you see around you?
Caller: I just see a lot of hills.
Dispatcher: Just hills?
Caller: I’m lying on the ground, I cannot move.
Dispatcher: What else do you see?
Caller: Just a lot of mountains, I’m telling you I am in the place where they shot the sheriff I saw it on the news when they shot the sheriff.
Dispatcher: Okay, you say you are in that exact area?
Caller: Send a helicopter to see if you can see me I will try to start to make smoke.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: Please. Hello?
Dispatcher: Give me one second.
Caller: Well the battery on my cell phone is going to die and I’m not going to be able to dial again. Dispatcher: Stay with me on the line and don’t hang up.
Caller: I’m telling you the battery is going to die.
Caller: Hello?
Dispatcher: One second.
Caller: Please send a helicopter.
Dispatcher: We have somebody already en route.
Caller: (Moaning)
Dispatcher: Yes Omar.
Caller: Help me, send a helicopter. Hello? Oh my god…
Dispatcher: Omar?
Caller: Yes?
Dispatcher: Are you sure there is just one mountain.
Caller: Yes, it’s the mountain and then the little hill. You guys will see it.
Dispatcher: Okay.
Caller: I want you to send a helicopter to find me.
Dispatcher: Okay, one second, I’m right here with you I am not going to hang up.
Caller: What?
Dispatcher: I’m right here, I’m not going to hang up.
Caller: My battery is going to die.
Dispatcher: Okay, how do you know?
Caller: What? Hello? (Moaning) Hey!
Dispatcher: I’m right here with you, don’t hang up the phone. Omar, how do you know you’re at mile 150? Omar? How do you know you’re at mile 150?
Caller: It’s because I was selling cantaloupe I was in Santa Rosa selling cantaloupe.
Dispatcher: How do you know you are around mile 150?
Caller: How do I know?
Dispatcher: Yes.
Caller: Well, I’m telling you they can check it out, I was selling cantaloupe right there. I know because I was in that area before.
Dispatcher: Okay, Omar.
Caller: Are you going to come and get me? I can’t speak a lot anymore. I am bleeding a lot. Please! (Moaning) (Praying) …just let me die
Dispatcher: Omar, which side do you see the lights? Omar? Hello? Hello? Omar?


Dee said...

Do you know what is missing in the transcript that I want to read?

Dispatcher: Do you know who shot you? What did they look like?

Aren't all dispatchers trained to ask: Who did it? Describe them.
Every 911 tape I have heard says this. The 911 dispatchers have scripts they follow.

I've managed call centers so I know this for a fact.

Where are these questions? And why aren't they asked? It is a very long transcript. Why are these questions missing? Why is the tape missing?

Or is this what they don't wan us to hear:

Caller: Two gringos with baseball caps and long guns from the Phoenix Rising rally.

Dee said...

Here is Governor Brewer’s statement. She said, “I have already asked the President to approve funding for an additional 250 National Guard personnel for the Joint Counter Narco-Terrorism Task Force to support federal, state and local law enforcement drug interdiction efforts.Using existing resources, I have directed General Salazar, to create additional “Nighthawk” ground surveillance capability with the Joint Task Force.These teams are armed, and use special night vision equipment in support of the U.S. Border Patrol.The additional personnel performing “Nighthawk” will result in an estimated 150 additional missions per year, and that number will continue to increase as federal funding becomes available.”

The governor has deployed the AZNG and they are assisting DHS in the area. There are several reports available on line that indicate this. Additionally, the AZNG does wear carharrt jackets. From the picture you can see they are all wearing the same style carharrt jackets, ski masks (as arpaio’s masked volunteers wear) and carrying assault weapons, as Brewer

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