Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Outrageous News: Racist Right Wing Radio Station Promoting Winning a Chance to Chase (Shoot?) "Illegal Aliens" In Phoenix!

610 WTVN, a Racist Right Wing Radio Station, is promoting Winning a Chance to Chase (Shoot?) "Illegal Aliens" In Phoenix!
Their promotion says: "we would like to send you where Americans are proud and illegals are scared, sunny Phoenix, Arizona! You'll spend a weekend chasing (shooting?) aliens and spending cash in the desert, just make sure you've got your green card! Win round trip airfare to Phoenix, hotel accomodations, and a few pesos in spending cash - just register below!"

Hate Monger John Corby, a radio personality for News Talk 610 WTVN in Columbus, is the man behind the contest, and,as you can see in this promotion, "chasing aliens" is only a taste of the language used that has Ohio immigrants' rights advocates furious.

The contest is in response to Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman (that's his face on the ID card), who boycotted Arizona by banning all city-funded travel after SB 1070 was signed by Governor Jan Brewer.

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Vicente Duque said...

Santa Monica Daily Press - California : City council voted 7-0 to boycott Arizona - They have to decide what to do with an ongoing contract with an Arizona Company

Santa Monica Daily Press
Council votes for Arizona boycott, with wiggle room
By Nick Taborek
June 02, 2010


Some excerpts :

CITY HALL — The City Council last week unanimously voted to boycott Arizona businesses to protest that state's tough new immigration law, but stopped short of pulling the plug on a possible $2 million contract with a company that has a facility near Phoenix.

The seven-member council was united last Tuesday in passing a resolution banning official travel to Arizona and requiring City Hall staff to avoid future business with Arizona vendors in most cases. But the panel left its options open when it comes to specialized contracts already in the works that might be difficult or costly to disrupt.

A contract that almost certainly falls into that category — a proposed $2 million agreement with software company Trapeze Group to provide digital information boards at Big Blue Bus stops — had been set to come before the council for approval this month.

Whether the council decides to go through with the deal will likely provide a test case for how serious a message on the Arizona immigration law council members want to send.


Vicente Duque

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