Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Here is an sb1070 Poll We'd Love to See! Most sb1070 polls are Ridiculous and Ask the Wrong Questions!

Here is an sb1070 poll I'd love to see! Most sb1o70 polls are ridiculous and ask the wrong questions. They don't reference the content of the Bill nor do they ask serious questions as to what is wrong with the bill.

I just read another sb1070 poll and I just shook my head! No wonder people are voting in favor of the bill. First of all, the associated articles DO NOT accurately describe the content of the bill. Second, the questions asked DO NOT ask questions pertaining to the specifics of the bill. Third, the listed responses do not provide appropriate selections to the actual content of the bill.

Let me give you an example. Here is the question asked in a recent sb1070 poll:
Question: Do you support a law that requires police to determine someone's immigration status if there's "reasonable suspicion" that he or she is an illegal immigrant."

Here are the available responses to choose from:
a. yes, inconveniencing some US citizens is a reasonable trade off.
b. yes, because the fed govt hasn't done its job so now its up to local police.
c. no, because there's no way for the police to carry out the law without racial profiling.
d. no, we're not a country where police can require proof of citizenship from anyone they want.

No wonder Americans are voting in favor of the bill. First of all, most sb1070 articles do not clearly articulate what is in the bill and more important, the associated polls do NOT ask the appropriate sb1070 questions.

Here are sb1070 questions that should be asked:
1. Do you support our state having a bill that racially profiles latinos as has been committed in suppression sweeps by sheriff arpaio and his masked deputies?
2. Do you support a law that criminalizes friends and family by confiscating their cars, fining them $1000 and charges them with a class 3 misdemeanor?
3. Do you support a law that encourages citizens to call in and report anyone they suspect are illegal immigrants and if the police don't come out, they can sue the police?

A poll asking these questions is a Poll I would LOVE to SEE! Then let's publish the answers provided by every day Americans.


ultima said...

Here's the list of questions I would like the pollsters to ask.

Vicente Duque said...

This is the best ART according to my criterion and standard of judgment :

Photos of Art : Interesting Posters against the Racist Laws of Arizona - This is Beautiful and very Smart

Vicente Duque

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