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Many Arizonians don't really care about the "rule of law" or Drug Traffickers

Many Arizonians don't really care about the "rule of law" or Drug Traffickers. Here's an article in yesterday's AZ Central and PNT that proves this point.

Kingsley Lloyd Bowen, 66, a grandfather of a family with three generations of marijuana/drug traffickers has been convicted on drug charges by a federal jury in Phoenix. Earlier this year, Bowen's daughter, 40-year-old Sandra Marie Bowen; his daughter's boyfriend, 36-year-old Christopher Anthony Williams; and Bowen's grandson, 22-year-old Dillon Ornim Clarke; pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana. Sandra Bowen and Williams are Chandler residents, while Clarke lives in Brooklyn.

According to federal prosecutors, the Bowens operated an elaborate organization that moved marijuana from Arizona to Florida, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and several other states. The feds claim the Bowens moved about 6,900 pounds of chronic (marijuana laced with Crack) across state lines in what prosecutors claim were wholesale quantities. The money the Bowens were rakin' in from the family business was laundered through 23 bank accounts linked to the family, authorities say. At trial, federal authorities say prosecutors showed that more than $900,000 in proceeds was deposited into bank accounts belonging to the Bowens.

Here are the comments from the various AZ newspapers:
. This story just made me crave cheese puffs!
. not a crime
. so marijuana is legal in Germany
. Oh just legalize the (inappropriate term) stuff anyways.
. When will the madness end? Governments and religions do not like drug use because they want to control what people think, do, and say. They will not rest until we all are conquered and controlled. You gotta fight for your freedom. "You gotta fight for your right to party!"
. Just another indication that the society in which we live is totally, unequivocally, bull-moose-looney frinkin INSANE. Our government hounds and harrasses people like these, who have neither killed nor harmed anyone
. What is really shocking is that some people get more time in prison for drugs than they do for murder.

The people of AZ could care less about the Drug Cartels as long as they get their fixes of Marijuana, Chronic, Crack, Meth, Cocaine, Heroine, etc. How can the people of AZ be so duplicitous? This is exactly the same response they have towards Exploitive Employers. They Condone the Citizen Dealers who entice the poor, the cartels from other countries to bring in the drugs and then condemn anyone who crosses the border who brings their drugs in and even worse, condemns the workers who are seeking a better life and have nothing to do with drugs.


Vicente Duque said...

Two Videos : Judge Andrew Napolitano in Fox News : "Governor Jan Brewer will bankrupt the Republican Party and the State of Arizona", He said this in April and continues opposing this absurdity

As early as April Judge Andrew Napolitano considered the Arizona Governor as a Great Disaster for the Republican Party in that state and said that this Lady will destroy the finances of the state.

First Video :

maluminse1 — May 05, 2010 — The Judge makes a very good point - As a suspect the immigrant can invoke the Fifth and not provide any info as to status. This would in fact give an immigrant the ability to say nothing and remain in the country. In fact in all aspects of life the Illegal Immigrant can refuse to answer such questions in job applications, medical etc!!

Finally the judge points out the obvious - the fact which the "governor" skirted. You cant describe what an illegal immigrant looks like.

Ultra conservative Fox news Sr. Judicial Analyst - Judge Andrew Napolitano on Immigration Law

Second Video :

pesank — April 23, 2010 — Judge Napolitano thinks AZ S.B. 1070 on immigration will bankrupt Arizona.

Judge Napolitano on SB 1070

You can look for the videos in or watch them directly here :

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Our Future Organization : If good people keep looking away, before you know it you've got unabashed racists running your state and Nazi stormtrooper wannabes guarding your borders. It happens faster than you can even believe

Remember that Hitler used elections and democratic tools to grab power

The Murder and Torture of Jews was LEGAL - LEGAL does not mean MORAL

The Nazification of Arizona :

Our Future Organization
Welcome to The State of Hate: Armed Nazis To Patrol AZ Border
By Sara Robinson
June 17, 2010

Welcome to The State of Hate: Armed Nazis To Patrol AZ Border

Some excerpts :

According to Stephen Lemon of the Phoenix New Times (which had done courageous coverage of that state's wingnut movements for decades), armed vigilantes -- including active duty military members -- from the National Socialist Movement have announced that they'll be coming in from all over the country this Saturday to patrol Arizona's Vekol Valley against drug runners and undocumented aliens. Lemon writes:

"J. T. Ready has announced a "Border Ops" alert for this Saturday via his profile on the white supremacist New Saxon site, inviting participants to "bring plenty of firearms and ammo."

"Camouflage or earth tone clothing [is] preferred," according to the announcement. "Bandanas, balaclavas, or other identity concealing items are permissible and encouraged."

Ready's statement promises that, "This is the Minuteman Project on steroids! THE INVASION STOPS HERE!"


That won't happen until they realize that walking away from America's constitutional values is costing them far more than it's worth -- which is why the boycotts matter. My own Unitarian Universalist Church will decide next week whether to reverse its commitment to hold its 2012 national convention in Phoenix. Changing the venue at this late date will cost the church into the high six figures; but as UUs have so often affirmed in the past, there are principles on the line here that are far more important than mere money.

As John Day, OR and Odessa, MO can tell you: it's so much easier to put a stop to this absurdity before it even starts. We know, for absolute certain, that a hard, fast public pushback against the first sprouting signs of hate is all it takes to keep those first toxic weeds from taking over our civic lives. The recipe is straighforward and well-understood: Aggressive enforcement and prosecution, followed by rallies and store signs ("Not in our town"); uncompromising op-eds in the local paper; and a strong unified stance from religious and civic leaders -- and it all ends right there. But if good people let that first instance go unremarked, and then keep looking away through the next and the next, before you know it you've got unabashed racists running your state and Nazi stormtrooper wannabes guarding your borders. It happens faster than you can even believe.

This is, as I've so often warned, how fascism infiltrates a democracy. Arizona is now as far down that road as any American state has ever gotten, and shows no signs of even wanting to turn back. But the rest of us still have the choice -- and because the people of Arizona are no longer with us, we're going to have to be that much more watchful, and work that much harder to keep the infestation from spreading.

You get what you allow. It's that simple. And that hard.

Vicente Duque

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