Monday, June 7, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Did the sb1070 supporters at Phoenix Rising Rally Take Coe up on her suggestion to "Lock & Load" and Murder 2 Latinos in the Desert?

BREAKING NEWS: As I reported, Barbara Coe, leader of the Hate Group California Coalition for Immigration Reform advised the attendees of the Phoenix Rising rally to "...Lock & Load." Yesterday, it appears two members of the rally may have shot two innocent Latinos with an assault rifle near a migrant camp not too far from where Deputy Puroll committed, what some say, his "fake" shooting. Local newspapers are already setting it up to make it look like it was committed by a drug cartel or something.

What I worry about is the shooting took place in Sheriff Babeu's county. Sheriff Babeu is focused on his own career and pushed forward Puroll's so called claim. Can anyone trust him to complete an HONEST investigation? One other sad note. One of the murdered men was clutching his Birth Certificate. It was smothered in his own blood!

Open Request to the FBI/DOJ: Please come in and investigate so we find out who commited this crime!


El Politico said...

Please check out the photos of the Pro SB1070 goons on They are on the noticias page. I have more if you need any!

Dee said...

Thank you for your reference to your website. I checked out the pictures. Very chilling!

I will add your site to my Blogroll. Thank you.

Vicente Duque said...

Arizona Daily Sun : Northern Arizona University Faculty Senate passed a resolution condemning SB1070 - But Outside Academics and Professors are punishing the University and it is becoming a Desert

Arizona Daily Sun
Flagstaff Arizona
NAU feeling boycott sting
By JOE FERGUSON Sun Staff Reporter
June 10, 2010

NAU feeling boycott sting

Some excerpts :

The High Country Conference Center at Northern Arizona University might be the first facility in the area to really feel the sting of a growing economic boycott of the state over SB1070.

Several professional groups being courted by the university to hold their academic conferences at the center have notified officials they would not come to Flagstaff because of the controversial new state law on illegal immigration.

Those groups that have opted to take their conferences elsewhere are the National Alliance of Black Educators, the National Association of Legal Professionals and the Society for Applied Anthropology, Bauer said.

For example, the website for The National Alliance of Black Educators states its annual conference draws roughly 4,000 attendees, but the nonprofit also hosts several smaller conferences throughout the year.


Officials with the Flagstaff Convention and Visitors Bureau have recently reached out over the last few weeks to various groups and cities that have announced their intention to boycott the state of Arizona over SB1070.

The city is attempting to persuade these entities to consider amending their boycott to not include the city of Flagstaff, which has joined with several other Arizona cities in a lawsuit attempting to block implementation of the new state law next month.

The legal fight will cost the city of Flagstaff at least $25,000, City Attorney Pat Boomsma said.

Last month, the NAU Faculty Senate passed a resolution condemning the passage of SB1070.

Vicente Duque

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