Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rep Steve King Can Spot An Illeeegal When He Sees Them! Teaching Gov. Brewer How to Spot Them!

Political Correctness.org reports: Last night, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) took to the House floor to defend Arizona's new anti-immigration law against concerns that it will lead to racial profiling. During his speech, the Iowa congressman reiterated his belief that racial profiling is an "important component" of law enforcement, as long as it's not used "for the reasons of discriminating against people." Then, he told a story about how he was profiled by a taxi driver who suspected that he needed a ride, saying that Arizona officers can also target illegal immigrants using other factors — like "what kind of shoes people wear" and "a sixth sense."
KING: Some claim that the Arizona law will bring about racial discrimination profiling. First let me say, Mr. Speaker, that
profiling has always been an important component of legitimate law enforcement.
If you can't profile someone, you can't use those common sense indicators that are before your very eyes. Now, I think it's wrong to use racial profiling for the reasons of discriminating against people, but it's not wrong to use race or other indicators for the sake of identifying that are violating the law. [...]
It's just a common sense thing. Law enforcement needs to use common sense indicators. Those common sense indicators are all kinds of things, from what kind of clothes people wear - my suit in my case - what kind of shoes people wear, what kind of accident [sic] they have, um, the, the type of grooming they might have, there're, there're all kinds of indicators there and sometimes it's just a sixth sense and they can't put their finger on it. But these law enforcement officers, if they were going to be discriminating against people on the sole basis of race, singling people out, that'd be going on already.


pcorn54 said...

Yeah, and the idiot also showed his intelligence in response to the murder in El Paso when he stated a fence would have prevented the atrocity (my word, not his) Problem is, there is a fence along the border in El Paso, heavily patrolled

ultima said...

I agree with Rep. King as I have stated before. Hispanics object to this approach because they want to do everything they can to impede the apprehension and repatriation of the 500,000 illegals in Arizona. Where are their suggestions to facilitate this process and minimize any imposition on them and their families? I haven't seen any. This suggests that they remain a part of the problem not a part of the solution. Maybe this would be a good forum to solicit those ideas. Which of the following would you support:
1. Limited profiling to zero in on the relevant population.
2. Guaranteed biometric IDs so any imposition on affected populations can be minimized.
3. Employer sweeps to require all employees to produce documents to prove their bona fides.
4. Removal of the word "knowingly" in the federal statute and the AZ law to facilitate prosection of employers of illegals.
5. A process to enable employers to prove that they are unable to fill their jobs by offering a living wage and a hiring preference to citizens.
6. Vigorous and continous internal enforcement with expeditious involuntary deportation.
7. A change in the rules of engagement to require illegals to serve 6 months working on border infrastructure regardless of where they are apprehended.
8. A provision for illegals in AZ to come forward and register pending employers' proof of need.

What are your positive ideas designed to help solve the problem?

ultima said...

Here's how an AZ Senator explained the problem for those who have no appreciation of the difficulties the state is experiencing.

ultima said...

I suspect King had a little difficulty in articulating what we all know. To deploy law enforcement officers efficiently one has to have some way to narrow the scope of the enforcement efforts to the areas and populations where the miscreants are most likely to be found. Profilers have been in the employ of the FBI for years and they consider all factors that might help to locate the perps. Those who worry about profiling need to worry more about how to solve the problem so that profiling can be minimized.

ultima said...

With regard top the fence at El Paso, I suspect King's point was that our fences and walls need to be bigger and better. El Paso and Juarez are essentially one city so it's difficult to conceive of how anything short of measures that sever that connection in no uncertain terms can be effective. I think everyone knows the fences and wall have never been completed for the entire length of the border. A little more parental responsibility might have helped avoid the death of this child. Instead of sniping at Rep. King let's see suggestions on how to avoid this kind of tragedy.

Vicente Duque said...

Sacramento City Council members last night voted six-to-one to approve a resolution boycotting Arizona : No Travel, Conferences, Conventions and Business with Arizona :

This city in California follows Burlington Vermont in condemning Arizona for Racist Laws.

From Wikipedia
Sacramento is the capital of the U.S. state of California, and the county seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in California's expansive Central Valley. With a 2010 estimated population of 486,189, it is the seventh-largest city in California. Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center of the Sacramento Metropolitan Area which includes El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo counties and has a combined population of approximately 2,136,604. The city was cited by Time magazine as America's most integrated in 2002.

The Biggies :

Chicago City Council condemns Arizona. Los Angeles California ( second city in population after New York City ). Also Los Angeles City Council is big boycotter.

Cook County ( comprising Chicago Illinois ) had already boycotted Arizona and recommended not to visit that State. Chicago City council also condemns Arizona for Racism and Bigotry.

Super Important : Bostom MA and Washington DC condemn Arizona for Racism.

Growing list of City Boycotters and City Condemners of Arizona :

Austin TX, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Bloomington IN, Boulder CO, Brownsville TX, Burlington VT, Calexico CA, Coachella CA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Cook County IL, El Paso TX, Fulton County GA, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Los Angeles City CA, Los Angeles County CA, Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Richmond CA, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Pablo CA, Santa Ana CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Washigton DC, West Hollywood CA, etc ...


Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Try this link. The last one didn't work. Here's how an AZ Senator explained the problem for those who have no appreciation of the difficulties the state is experiencing.

ultima said...

El Duque provided a long list of cities that are boycotting Arizona, many of them in Hispanic controlled Mexifornia. What he fails to mention is that CA has a law on the books which is very similar to the AZ law. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Another interesting boycotter is Boulder, Colorado otherwise known here as "The Peoples' Republic of Boulder" because of its ultra -liberal, leftwing views and policies.

College student said...

You spot those "illeegals" too. My sociology class printed out your blog and we all were taken back when you said in an earlier post that you could tell some people in a restaurant were illegal just by looking at them. And then suddenly you took that statement out of you post. It appears that you are pretending that you never said that. To say the least, the whole class finds you very strange. The one person who posts here who seems to have some intelligence is ultima. Vicente nevers seems to be talking about what you are talking about. We do not think this blog is helping race relations. You are delusional to say the least.

Dee said...

College Student,

Ok. I'm game. I doubt you are really who you say you are. But I will tell you what. If you are an actual person in a class, email me: dee_perez@yahoo.com

and I will be happy to set up arrangements to speak to your class.

If you are REAL, this is quite an opportunity. IF you are a student, you would know my blog is featured in a popular textbook.

I will speak to your class and speak to the issues.

IF you are who you say you are, email me. Allow me to speak to your class.

Let's make it real, and NOT some anonymous poster making bogus comments.

I Challeng You!!

Dee said...


I doubt "College Student" is a credible commenter. I suspect it is just Bad Anon up to his typical (stupid) tactics.

He won't email me.
He is just being his illogical self.

College Student said...

You are a work of art! Bad, bad art!

Dee said...

LOL "College Student" Bad Anon,

I KNEW you were a FAKE!

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