Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dirty Phoenix Cop Arrested for Shake-Downs; Gov. Brewer Said They Should be Trusted!

Phoenix Cop James Wren, 23, was arrested Thursday night on four felony charges, including conspiracy, attempted theft, attempted money laundering, and public servant participating in a criminal syndicate. Wren, father of 3, an officer for 2 years, was busted because the drug dealer he was partnering with gave Avondale police information of Wren's crimes. Police say Wren was stealing tens of thousand of dollars in money from drug couriers. Court records detailed how the dirty cop made phony traffic stops on vehicles coming from a drug transaction, swiped boxfuls of cash, released the drivers without arresting them, and split the money later with friends tied to the drug trade. Wren was booked on suspicion of conspiracy, attempted theft, attempted money laundering and aiding a criminal syndicate.

Police set up an undercover operation Thursday night. Public Safety Manager Jack Harris said Wren was arrested after an attempted theft of $40,000 that he believed was drug money. Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Tommy Thompson said Wren admitted involvement in all three cases. Wren was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail. He has resigned from the police department.
A local commenter
said: SB1070-THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. The police can stop anyone they want and take whatever they want. Pearce, Kavanagh and Brewer have all said the police will do the right thing and won't violate peoples' rights --- this article shows the world what it looks like in Arizona. With SB1070 the 'easter egg hunt" in the desert state is just beginning.


ultima said...

Dirty cops are found all over. NYC had a major scandal not too many years ago. I suspect every major city has this problem to some extent. I would rather have them confiscate all the money, cars, real estate, and other assets of the drug smugglers and dealers and put the proceeds into a reward and relief fund for the police so they will be encouraged to do their jobs effectively and honestly and so their families will not have to suffer if they are killed in the line of duty.

Dee said...

He is just the tip of the iceberg. Look how Babeu is spinning the crimes in his county. He has used a picture taken by Nighthawk and told a blogger it was taken the night of the so called puroll shooting. He used this same picture to spin the shooting of 2 latinos and continues not to release the 911 tape. Look at all the racial profiling during suppression sweeps by arpaio and his masked goons. Racial Profiling is against the law and I hope the DOJ finishes its investigation soon and arrests arpaio. We need all the dirty cops off the streets!

Bill O. said...

Most cops are honest and do not racially profile so why the temper tantrum about the very few bad cops? One should always dwell on the postives rather than the negatives. Try blogging about the honest, hard working cops who put their lives on the line for us everyday. There are many heroic stories about them and those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Vicente Duque said...

Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, the Arizona Legislature and even Sarah Palin and John McCain will be seen for what they are : REDNECK CRETINS and idiots that are causing Great Economic and Moral Damage to Arizona

There are reports that Latinos are abandoning Arizona, many of them have had small businesses and are entrepreneurs, they are not afraid of migrating elsewhere to exercise their knowledge and possibilities.

This is an economic reaction - If Latinos are hated in Arizona, then they go to other states or other nations. It is like the Jews in the Middle Ages.

When they are driven out they leave a vacuum in the Economy - Supermarkets sell less food and clothing - stadiums, cinemas, restaurants, etc .... have less attendees, less spectators, patrons, customers ....

And less Brown, Black or "Colored" people would go to Arizona because of the Harassment, Stalking, Mistreatment of everybody who is not White. Arizona is now greatly diminishing its visitors.

Whites will never be questioned or detained in the streets on suspicion of being "Illegal Aliens", "Undocumented Workers" or extragalactic monsters. And many that are not Latinos will be confused, given the natural Imbecility of Bigots.

I see this boycott growing and growing every day and I have no doubt about the final outcome :

Great Humiliation for Arizona : Loss for the Economy and loss of Prestige : This is a fight between a bird and a mature fruit. The consequences will last for years.

It is all about Race and Racism and to avoid the Democratic Party of getting more voters by driving out and kicking out many people that have constitutional rights to be in Arizona like Citizens and Children Born in America, and intolerance with undocumented workers that can be easily processed, deported if necessary, by intelligent and peaceful means.

All this has the stench of Imbecility and Cretinism, a very foul and repugnant odor.

And this is a Historic Moment, when the dust clears, there will be more tolerance with the "UGLIES" ....

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

Dee said...

Bill O,
No Tantrums. Just hard reporting.

Understand the difference.

Bill O. said...

"Bill O,
No Tantrums. Just hard reporting.

Understand the difference".

No what it is is biased one sided reporting. As I said, why dwell on a few bad cops rather than blogging about the thousands of good cops and their good deeds? You give all good cops a bad name by only focusing on the few bad ones.

Dee said...

Nope. Bill O, you are wrong.

It is the job of every good news reporter to report the facts, to report the news.

Imagine if we only reported good news.

1 out of 100 commit a crime.
We need to report the crimes so the other 99 are aware of the one and know the one is held accountable.

If all news media reported gave as much coverage to the 99 as the 1, how would we hold the 1 accountable for his crimes?

You make no sense.

If you want to go to a good news site, you may want to try the Disney Channel.

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