Friday, June 25, 2010

My Prediction: Comprehensive Immigrationi Reform Is Around the Corner

Something BIG is brewing in regards to Immigration Reform! I can feel it.
Here are the signs:
1. Hillary Clinton dropped an
immigration bombshell and said the Feds will sue Arizona over their racial profiling bill: sb1070. They are suing next week.
2. La Bruja Gov Brewer is
begging President Obama for a lunch date following their meeting 3 weeks ago when he said "I'll get back to you." Message to La Bruja, the feds are coming Next Week with plenty of salsa!
3. White Nationalist John Tanton's willie nillie hate groups including NumbersUSA had their boy toy Rethuglican senators (Grassley, Hatch, Vitter, Bunning, Chambliss, Isakson, Inhofe, Cochran) write a letter to President Obama pleading for him not to fulfill the "
rumors of amnesty" they are hearing. The ole boys are providing free faxes to their blind retiree followers and are bragging their sheep have sent so many faxes. (too bad they don't realize their free faxes are going to a faux fax number. (LOL) The Administration has caught on to their dirty tricks.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano blamed a "bitterly divided Congress" for failing to create an immigration bill but assured Hispanic political leaders on Thursday that the president remains committed to overhauling the nation's immigration laws. She said President Obama is committed to Comprehensive Immigration Reform!
Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) and Mayor Mike Bloomberg went on Fox News and advocated Comprehensive Immigration Reform and said Mass Deportation is ludicrous. They said, ""We're just going to keep the pressure on the congressmen," Murdoch said. "I think we can show to the public the benefits of having migrants and the jobs that go with them."
6. Arizona's newspapers are completing
investigative reports on the Krentz murder and deputy puroll shooting hoax. The results of their investigation will be out next week. They say, "Two notorious crimes in Arizona, both instrumental in the national debate about immigration and border security, remain unsolved mysteries. And the law enforcement agencies investigating those incidents continue to withhold records describing what they've learned."
7. The results of the DOJ investigation for Sheriff Arpaio's and his masked henchmen is due any time now. There has been enough testimony to hopefully put arpaio and his goons behind bars or at least to take him out of power.
8. And last but not least, Voto Latino is working. By nature Latinos are calm, kind, hard working, Christian souls who keep close to home, family and work. However, once the sb1070 racists put their foot upon our throats we (Latinos and Humanitarian supporters) have stood up and are responding with our votes! The signs are everywhere. Here is my favorite example: According to data released by Public Policy Polling (PPP), Texas Governor Rick Perry has lost his early lead over Democratic challenger Bill White and the race is now tied. The movement from a previous PPP poll in February comes entirely from Hispanic voters.


Vicente Duque said...

Video : White Anglo Youngsters board the buses from Los Angeles to Phoenix ( with many Latinos ) - This is their first adventure in Grassroots Politics - Lots of Fun, Joy, Silliness, Adventure, Unforgettable Adventure

White Youngsters : "We are making History Today" !!!

Under this big text you find a very Beautiful, Funny and Silly Video of a Political Adventure :

White Youngsters join the protest and grassroots movement for "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" - White Youngsters were very important and brave joining to the Forces and "Armies" of Martin Luther King during the fifties and sixties of the past century. They were unafraid of being hated in the South for being "Negro Lovers" during the Civil Rights Movement.

I have seen White High School Students saying that they hate Illegals - But All White Anglo Youth has not the same opinion. As you see here in this busing adventure form Los Angeles to Phoenix.

They sing, they rap and make jokes - Tell funny stories inside the bus and in laying on the lawns before the Parades in Phoenix, Arizona, May 29, 2010.

They do not share the extremist racist opinion of Jan Brewer that :

"We are a nation of laws. And they are coming across our border illegally. And the majority of them, in my opinion, and, I think, in the opinion of law enforcement, is that they are not coming here to work. They are coming here and they're bringing drugs. And they're doing drophouses and they're extorting people and they're terrorizing the families. That is the truth, Matt. That is the truth . . . "

Those are the words of Jan Brewer on a Video on my site RACIALITY.COM :

Video where Jean Brewer says a lot of stupid things about "Illegal Aliens", that the majority of them are drug dealers, extorsionists, Terrorists and have drophouses

Most Whites are excellent people and not the likes of Jan Brewer and her NAZI TAINTED FRIENDS RUSSELL PEARCE AND J. T. READY

But the Busing Video is here :

June 24, 2010

On May 29th, we along with hundreds of others bussed from Los Angeles to Phoenix, AZ to protest against the racist SB1070. This was a truly epic journey of... well you'll see...

March against SB1070 - Wage Slaves in Arizona

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

Vicente Duque said...

Super Biggie : San Antonio Texas condemns Arizona - City Council Resolution 8-3 - San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro rising star, close friend of Obama - My Super List of City Boycotters

Key City San Antonio in Texas condemns Arizona :

From Wikipedia :

San Antonio is the second-largest city in the state of Texas and the seventh-largest city in the United States with a population of 1.4 million. The city is the seat of Bexar County.

Located in the American Southwest and the northern part of South Texas, San Antonio is the center of Tejano culture and Texas tourism. The city is characteristic of other Southwest urban centers in which there are sparsely populated areas and a low density rate outside of the city.

It was the fourth-fastest growing large city in the nation from 2000 to 2006 and the fifth-fastest-growing from 2007 to 2008. The San Antonio-New Braunfels metropolitan area has a population of 2 million based on the 2008 U.S. Census estimate, making it the 28th-largest metropolitan area in the U.S and third in Texas.

Famous for Spanish missions, the Alamo, the River Walk, the Tower of the Americas, the Alamo Bowl, and host to Seaworld and Six Flags Fiesta Texas theme parks, the city is visited by approximately 26 million tourists per year according to the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. The city is home to the four-time NBA champion San Antonio Spurs and the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, one of the largest in the country.

San Antonio is home to five Fortune 500 companies and to the South Texas Medical Center, the only medical research and care provider in the South Texas region.

Growing list of City Boycotters and City Condemners of Arizona :

Austin TX, Amherst MA, Berkeley CA, Boston MA, Bloomington IN, Boulder CO, Brownsville TX, Burlington VT, Calexico CA, Chula Vista CA, Coachella CA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Cook County IL ( Chicago is inside ), Durham NC, El Paso TX, Fulton County GA, Gallup NM, Hartford CT, Los Angeles City CA, Los Angeles County CA, Oakland CA, Pasadena CA, Portland OR, Richmond CA, San Antonio TX, San Diego CA, San Jose CA, San Pablo CA, Santa Ana CA, St. Paul MN, Santa Monica CA, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Tacoma WA, Washington DC, West Hollywood CA, etc ...

Arizona Cities :

Opposition to SB1070 from Flagstaff, Tucson and Nogales, Grave Worries expressed by City Councils of Bisbee and Sedona, Mayor of Phoenix opposes this law. Several Sheriffs in Arizona oppose this law. Faculty and Professors at University of Arizona in Flagstaff oppose the law.

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

Dee wrote,"...senators (Grassley, Hatch, Vitter, Bunning, Chambliss, Isakson, Inhofe, Cochran) write a letter to President Obama pleading for him not to fulfill the 'rumors of amnesty' they are hearing."

Seemed like a reasonable request to me given Obama's growing reputation as a dictator and usurper of the legislative function. Better to act on the basis of a rumor than be stuck with a fate accompli. Once you start unilaterally expanding the power of the presidency where will it end? Every Senator should have signed that letter if they value the separation of powers on which our country is based.

I will say this much, if Obama takes this risky step, he will seal the doom of many democrats in November and his own in 2012. The American people simply won't stand for this power grab.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

There will be more than election consequences. There will be lawsuits. There will be impeachment hearings. There will be a full out revolt.

Dee said...

Nope Jools.
You are wrong.

No one, no one, no one rational, wants Mass Deportation. Ask Rupert Murdoch.

ultima said...

Here's what a first-generation Mexican American veteran and Korean War hero had to say on the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. "He blames the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America's lax immigration policy. He thinks if Mexicans or Iraqis or anyone else aren't happy, they ought to overthrow their own governments rather than burdening ours.

His grandparents, who were rich Mexican ranchers, used to hide Poncho Villa in their barn during the Mexican Revolution, and his parents only crossed the border in 1914 when fleeing for their lives."

The complete article can be found here

Dee said...

Gee Ultima,
I would think if you reference an article about a Latino War Hero who received numerous medals including the Purple Heart, you would think you would at least say "Thank you for your service." Shame on you!

Secondly, this hero's parents apparently crossed "illegally" and your side calls him an "Anchor Baby." Again, shame on your side for saying so.

This war hero does NOT reference the 12M here. He says two things:
1. The Feds are at fault for allowing the broken immigration processes to continue to be broken. I agree. It is a Federal issue and they need to pass CIR.
2. He also says if people are dissatisfied with their own government, they should first try fixing their own country. It's an interesting point and I am sure many have futilely tried before giving up and then seeking the American Dream, then being employed by American business.

ultima said...

I did. I met with him personally at the local Veterans Museum. He also thanked me for my service in the same conflict.

I didn't see anywhere in the article where he endorsed CIR or considered it to be a fix as opposed to people staying home and fixing their own country. I read a very straightforward opposition to illegal aliens in his story, in spite of the fact that his parents were illegals. It is not clear whether his parents achieved legal status by the time he was born in 1930. He may or may not be what is called an anchor baby depending on whether his parents were naturalized before he was born. Otherwise he is just like any other baby born to parents who are here illegally. Having said that, I have said in the past that anyone who serves our country by enlisting for at least 4 years, deserves special consideration. However, in his case, it is not necessary because he was born here.

I meant no disrespecr by calling him an anchor baby. It's just the descriptive term used for circumstances like his but only if his parents were still illegal at the time he was born. He is a hero and I admire him for his amazing survival at Heartbreak Ridge. I believe a movie was made about that battle.

Dee said...


His support of CIR is illustrated in these words: "A first-generation American, he blames the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America's lax immigration policy."
He said AMERICA's lax policy. He wants AMERICA to fix their lax policy, NOT each state. = CIR

He also said, "He thinks if Mexicans or Iraqis or anyone else isn't happy, they ought to overthrow their own governments" which says NOTHING about those here, only people contemplating coming here illegally. How else could they fix the country they are in?

Second, Anchor Baby is a pejorative word. It's like the "N" word for Blacks and the "F" word for Gays. These babies are American citizens, whether you like it or not.

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