Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shooting on the Border: Univision Video Shows Entire Events. BP aimlessly Shot Boy Sitting in Mexico while Chasing Down Border Crossers

A tourist shot a video of the entire incident.
00:40 Sergio (brown plain shirt and knickers) is seen sitting on the Mexico side of the river bank

00:52 Four boys are seen running. All have on long pants except for one who has a dark shirt with a big white label of some sort on his shirt. A bicycle BP comes by and knocks down/drags one of the boys with long pants to the ground, gun out, pointing it. From the middle of the water, one of the boys looks like he might be throwing something. BP starts shooting his gun.
01:28 Sergio is seen laying on the ground by the pole; boy in knickers is seen walking away.
02:08 Mexico police are at the scene investigating the incident.


Dee said...

The video confirms what the American witness said. An American witness said this (CNN):

Bobbie McDow, 53, said she witnessed the shooting while walking across the Paso del Norte Bridge. She said she had stopped to look down and to view a group of young men try to cross the border. Border Patrol agents arrived and detained two boys, but the others scampered back into Mexico, she said.

McDow, a U.S. citizen, said she saw one boy make a throwing motion before the agent opened fire.

"At first, I didn't think anyone was hit. I thought he had missed," she said. "As I was looking down there, I saw something lying by the Black Bridge, then I realized the body of the boy was not moving and I got very upset."

McDow said she called 911 in El Paso and has since spoken with the FBI.

She said the boy who made the throwing motion was NOT the boy who was shot.

She said the boy who was shot was on the MEXICAN SIDE of the border.

"Where he was clearly on the Mexican side when he got shot," she said.

"I never expected it to escalate like that. I never saw that coming, that there would be a shooting over this," she said. "I'm not saying they (the boys) did the right thing, but kids are kids. It's like a little game of cat and mouse."

ultima said...

But Mark Qualia, spokesperson for the BP, said there were 799 assaults on border agents from October 1, 2009, through May 31 -- up from 745 assaults for the same time period in 2007-08 and 658 for the same span in 2008-09.

Lethal force, he said, is allowed "when an agent is in imminent threat of physical or bodily harm, which could cause death or injury or in protection of an innocent third party."

The determination of when to use lethal force, Qualia said, is made by each individual agent at the scene.

From October 1 through May 31, he said, Custom and Border Protection agents have used their firearms 31 times.

Rock-throwing can be considered a dangerous assault, Qualia said: "They're not chunking pebbles."

Dee said...

Look at the video. Sergio was not even involved. He didn't throw any rocks. He was just sitting on the Mexico side of the border. He was shot while he was sitting in MEXICO.

We do need more technology on the border. We need cameras everywhere. We need videos, just like this. No 2nd guessing. The FACTS.

I think we need videos along the so called drug corridor in AZ. The two young latinos shot and murdered in Pinal County. They have NOT even released the 911 tape. We need to hear what they said when they called 911. My guess they were murdered by a couple of ole boys after the Phoenix Rising rally where Barbara Coe told them to "Lock and Load."

We need video. We have the technology. If there are border crossers then the BPs can pick them up and peacefully return them. ALL ON VIDEO!

pcorn54 said...

Spin it how you want to Ultima, Rock throwing is not a capitol crime.

Look at the photos? See any rocks big enough to do any damage?

The executioner was a BP bike patrol. He had a helmet on durable enough to protect his empty head from harm.

Just another trigger happy moron who indiscriminately shot across the border and made a lucky hit. Hopefully, unlucky for him.

Vicente Duque said...

Alleged Real Video of the Murder of Anastasio Hernandez by Border Patrol - Medicine Student with cell phone recorded the Screams of the beaten man and asks the border patrols what is going on

Screams of torture - Screams of pain while being killed
Please Help Me ! - No, No, do not do that !

This is a "Reality Show" of Murder.

Border Patrol killing Immigrants, this video from a cell phone records the screams of the beaten and kicked man to death. Anastasio Hernandez Rojas was a father of five children who were born in the United States, and had lived most of his life in the USA.

The man is in clear pain and distress, and a woman cries "Déjenlo" that means "Leave him alone" while he is still alive. Anastasio had the job of cleaning swiming pools, no relation to drugs.

Humberto Navarrete Mendoza recorded the images and speaks out for the tortured man to the Border Patrol.. The Border Patrol answers that Anastasio "does not cooperate" ...

This is like the murder of Black Young Man Rodney King in Los Angeles, brutally beaten to death by the Californian Police.

The Grandfather of Sergio Adrian, the fourteen year old boy murdered on Mexican Soil, fought in the Second World War in the U. S. Army.

17 immigrants have been killed in year 2010.

Matar inmigrantes

The Witness, Humberto Navarrete Mendoza, a student of medicine saw everything in this murder by the Border Patrol. The Witness speaks out to the press about the cruelty and tortures that he saw and that produced the death of Anastasio.

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Golpiza de Anastasio Hernández Rojas "VIDEO TESTIGO"

Vicente Duque

ultima said...

No spin on my part, just a straight quote from the FBI. I am not in favor of cowboys shooting indiscriminately at rock throwers but we cannot expect the BP to tolerate this behavior for very long. I suspect the shooter will be in a lot of trouble if they examine the video carefully. He either was really scared, not properly trained, or not qualified to be in the BP.

I suspect there was some other activity there that may have preceded the shooting that will come out in the agent's report. Until we know the facts, we all should withhold judgment.

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