Sunday, June 27, 2010

If "Official English" ever Passes, Jan "La Bruja" Brewer is in Trouble! She FLUNKED ENGLISH!

Jan (La Bruja) Brewer is NOT an articulate speaker. If an Official English bill ever passes, she will be in serious trouble!

La Bruja
isn't going to win any awards for particularly polished speech. She's stumbled on multisyllabic words such as "exponentially" and "pernicious" in the past, and some verbal tics were again on display at the recent Clean Elections debate for the GOP primary. "I must say that we have did a lot, fighting back with the federal government," she said at one point, joining two verbs that really shouldn't sit adjacent to each other.

And about 38 minutes in, responding to an expressed concern that some undocumented immigrants are leaving the state, Brewer noted, "Maybe some people are leaving, but we don't know if they're legal or unlegal."


Vicente Duque said...

Once upon a time there was a Magic Sheep Kingdom ruled by Wolves - The Wolves ruled by fear of "Gay Marriage", "Abortion" and "Immigration" - With time they discovered that "Immigration" was the best scare to frighten sheep

Sheep Kingdom and Evil Wolves :

The sheep performed abortions in clandestine caves and forests, and Gays were undistinguished and hard to spot.... The sheep were protecting the Abortionists and Gays.

After some Abortion Doctors were killed and eaten by the Wolves there was an Outcry of Outrage. So the wolves decided to concentrate their efforts of manipulation on "Immigration".

The Wolves slaughtered the sheep every two years, and they went meekly to the slaughterhouse for fear of Abortion and Gay Marriage, and entered the corrals in very tame and meek form, but as I said before lately the best scare and frightening for the manipulation of the Amygdala was "Immigration".

The amygdalae (Latin, also corpus amygdaloideum, singular amygdala, from Greek ????????, amygdale-, 'almond', 'tonsil', listed in the Gray's Anatomy as the nucleus amygdalæ) are almond-shaped groups of nuclei located deep within the medial temporal lobes of the brain in complex vertebrates, including humans. Shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and memory of emotional reactions, the amygdalae are considered part of the limbic system.

In complex vertebrates, including humans, the amygdalae perform primary roles in the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events. Research indicates that, during fear conditioning, sensory stimuli reach the basolateral complexes of the amygdalae, particularly the lateral nuclei, where they form associations with memories of the stimuli. The association between stimuli and the aversive events they predict may be mediated by long-term potentiation, a lingering potential for affected synapses to react more readily.

So the sheep were conditioned with ready and fast synapses in their brains against the stimuli of the "Illegals". And the wolves were happy.

And "Immigration" was better than Gays and Abortion, because the "Illegals" had different wool, of different shape and color, so they were easy to spot and detain or kill by shooting with telescopic rifles. There were Nazi Wolves and those were the best friends of the Queen, they were "border vigilantes", and they also paraded in cities with Swastika Flags, Totenkopfs and SS Murder Symbols, and images of Hitler.

The Wolves ate sheep, but there was a problem, because some sheep developed the prions of "Mad Cows" disease, or "Bovine spongiform encephalopathy" and therefore some wolves were becoming mad.

The first wolf to be attacked by this neurodegenerative disease was called Lou and used to eat great quantities of sheep meat ... that is why the prions drove him mad, and he quarreled with the owners of the TV Station where he worked inventing slander and lies against the "Illegal" sheep. Now Lou, a loser and failure in the Media, wants to be a Senator Wolf.

Next the "Wicked Witch of West" who was the queen of the Magic Kingdom became infected ( she also ate a lot of this sheep meat ) and she became mad accusing the illegal sheep of drug dealerships, drop houses, extorsion, murder and terrorism. ( Not all but the majority ! )

A little cute girl sheep went to the Palace of the Gods and complained of this madness, and the Gods decided to Boycott the Magic Kingdom.

The Witch became even madder and decided to Boycott the Gods, Heaven, the Stars, all other lands of the planet, all planets, stars, the Galaxies, and even the Black Holes that had nothing to do with this problem

End of Chapter One.

Vicente Duque

G. E. Nichols said...

Is this supposed to prove the case that american immigrants should not learn and speak english? The arguement against making english the official language of the United States of America is hollow. This citation of Brewer is not unigue to any particular country. There are plenty of illiterate hispanics, americans, europeans, asians, middle easterners and Africans that would not be able to pass their respective language exams. To that end, those countries still have a recognized national/official language.

Dee said...

GE Nichols,

First, we do have English as a National Language. That is already written into the law of our land. No one disagrees with that. Only the zealots want English as the Official Language. Why? Because they want to outlaw the use of any other languages for use by government offices, especiallly for voting documents. All part of their restrictionist nature.

I notice you have unique spellings for certain words like agrument (you spelled arguement) and unique (you spelled unigue). Are you American or are you European? Show me your papers.

G.E. Nichols said...

@ "Dee", I did not proofread my my apologies. For the record, I stumbled onto this blog and according to the mission this forum would be a safe place to have honorable discourse. To answer your question I am American born and my family has been here for eight generations. I don't know if you were expressing humor, but by any affront "the show me you papers line is offensive." Besides that distraction from the topic is so American and juvenile. It is the stuff of today's political nonsense. "Alienate" rather than honestly engaging.

I am all for legal immigration, as I have friends and family members who have become naturalized citizens. I caution you to be mindful of you tone. There are many that are genuinely seeking understanding and how you address a new reader or subscriber could tip the scale either way.

By the way my Grandfather's family was from Mexico (Carbajal- they have more Spanish ties than Native American/Indian).

One thing I find interesting amidst all of the supporters, that happen to be of mexican descent, do not speak about the seriousness of violence that can be a product of poor immigration enforcement, how they plan help to strengthen the infrastructure of Mexico- so the U.S. is not the only answer for survival (as you know the streets are not paved with gold) or the fact that there are racial issues in Mexico. I have never heard a mexican address the marginalization of Mexicans of African ancestry. It's like the pot calling the kettle black, for the lack of a better phrase. By accounts of Mexicans they consider themselves "white". Go figure.

G.E.Nichols said...

@ Dee, English is not the Official language of the United States, we have no official language. However it has been proposed in bills H.R.3333 and H.J. Res 16.

Here is where you will find this information along with the opposition to the proposition of amending the Constitution concerning official language.

Dee said...

I'm glad you are here. I like to discuss issues with all people as long as they remain civil and do not use profanity. ReRead my response to you. It was very civil and accurate. What you may not be accustomed to is someone responding to you directly, accurately and educating you on the both the history and current laws/environment. I have studied this issue for some time. I only respond with the facts.

First, English has been acknowledged in Congress as the National Language. As I said, those who are pushing English as the OFFICIAL language actually want to stop the printing of any government documents in any other language but English, particularly voting documents and the use of interpreters in government offices and particularly during elections.

Second, I have viewers/commenters from all over the world. You did use "different" spelling for words so it was a fair question for me to ask you if you are a legal citizen when you spell words differently.

Additionally, why should you be offended when I ask you to "show me your papers" when you expect all Latino Citizens NOT to be offended when we are asked to show our papers, particularly during Sheriff Arpaio's sweeps.

Dee said...


Remember, it is very important to understand the distinction between English as the National Language and the bills being proposed for English as the OFFICIAL Language.

I support the former and oppose the latter.

adriana said...

That picture of her is great. I knew that she had to be a smoker given those deep lines all over her face.

Dee, where did you find that pic?

Bruja indeed!

Dee said...

Click on the link on this story. It was in the Arizona Daily Star.

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