Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Republican Goof Ball Talking About Terror Babies (from Outer Space)

Commenters are asking, "Is Louie Drunk?"


Vicente Duque said...

Futurology : The Next Strongest Voters for the Democratic Party : The MUG : Minorities, Unmarried Educated and Single Women, Gays/Lesbian/Transgender, Educated and Affluent Intellectuals - GOP to eat Manna from Heaven.

What is a MUG ??

I read many Websites, Blogs, Newspapers and Magazines and therefore I do not need polls by the best pollsters to know that these people mentioned in the title ( The MUG ) are the best and Strongest Democrats or Liberals, the MWG will vote for Obama in year 2012 and for the Democrats in November 2010. I mean they will vote in strong numbers and percentages.

Of course, you can see Browns, Blacks or Coloreds in Tea Parties, or in a Republican Convention in any state, but that is not representative, and may be Window Dressing.

Why are these people so Liberal or so Partisan for the Democratic Party ??

Very simple : They have a bigger possibility of having been "oppressed".

For "oppressed" I understand that these "Super Strong Liberals" have been despìsed, harassed by teachers in schools, downgraded in school grades, forgotten in attention at any public place or office, left to be the last, etc ... And have also been despised as "UGLIES", perhaps by a Beautiful Blonde Blue Eyed Belle from the South, or by a Deep Southern Beau.

For example take the case of "Educated and Single Women", there are many fools, even in the Rich Media that think that Women are only good for the three KKK : "Kinder, Küche, Kirche", as the German Nazis used to say "Children, Kitchen, Church".

This KKK has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan although I suspect that the KKK also practices "Kinder, Küche, Kirche", they are so anchored in the past. And the KKK is more "Anchor Babies" than the babies that are born of "Illegal Aliens" or "Undocumented Workers".

And Gays/Lesbians/Transgender have been ridiculed, beaten up, and despised by the most coward scoundrels and bastards, those that harass Gays are filled with inferiority complexes and are usually failed lives and losers like the Racists or Machists ( Male Chauvinists ).

And returning to my Futurology, these people mentioned in the title are the Super Voters for Obama and Democrats in the electoral contests, the Present Government has to be careful not to offend them, but does not need to pander to them.

Vicente Duque said...


I call these big and vast coalition as MUG :

M for Minorities, U for Unmarried Educated and Single Women, and G for Gay Rights.

HATE is not so useful in Presidential Elections as in Mid Terms and it is dangerous to have all Minorities, Unmarried Educated and single Working Women, GLT ( Gay Lesbians Transgender ), and many Strong Scholars, Doctoral, Educated and Wealthy against you.

GOP eating Manna from Heaven :

So the Political Gains of the Bigots are short lived and short term and they seem to have no long term future. Perhaps James Carville of CNN is right when he published a book saying that we are going to enter an era of 40 years dominated by the Democratic Party.

And there are strong Demographic Currents that favor the MUG for the future and condemn the Republican Party to 40 years wandering in the Desert and eating the Manna that falls from Heaven.

Vicente Duque

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