Sunday, August 29, 2010

Minuteman X Sent Me More eMails re: Infighting Between Minutemen (Jeff Schwilk) and TeaPartiers!

Minuteman X sent me more emails today regarding the rabid infighting happening between the Minutemen (Jeff Schwilk) and the TeaPartiers. Won't these guys ever settle down?
emails from Minuteman X:
From: Jeff Schwilk
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 20:41:22 -0700
What is the point of this, Debbie Craig? Why are you helping to spread this misleading garbage all over the internet?? Frank Jorge sued Chelene and her husband in small claims court last year over a personal loan/gift of $6000 three years ago that hasn't been fully repaid yet. Jorge insisted on giving them the money when they were going through a family and financial crisis with their teenage daughter in 2007. There was never a set repayment date. Last year when the Nightingale's finances finally started to improve, they began sending Jorge payments, but he refused to take them, instead filing suit against Chelene in a blatant attempt to hurt her campaign. He even lied to the court and said they were not paying him after he refused to take their checks. And he and a few other agent provocateurs and Chelene haters in CA have been lying about this all over the internet for the past year with their personal smear attacks on Chelene. They have even called her a thief and a criminal. Despicable behavior by supposedly grown men.

Frank Jorge has been terrorizing Chelene constantly this year including a series of harassing phone calls to her cell phone recently, AFTER he got his court judgment. His harassing activities have been reported to the appropriate authorities. Apparently Jorge will not be satisfied unless Chelene drops out of the race, which will not be happening.

So why are you spreading their propaganda, Debbie? Do you and MMP condone this abuse of the courts and sleazy left-wing smears to attack Patriot candidates running for office? Wasn't it you, Debbie Craig, who tried to smear Tom Tancredo last year when you falsely tried to link him and Carl Braun to Shawn Forde, Jim Gilchrist's MMP Border Director and accused child killer? Did you think everyone had forgotten about that and your blatant lies you said to East County Magazine?

Do tell us, Debbie Craig. Who do you work for in your constant internet smear of real Patriot groups and leaders? Jerry Brown? Meg Whitman? La Raza? George Soros? Jim Gilchrist? All of the above? You are obviously working for the "other side" with your constant false public attacks on good Patriots all over Southern California. Your dirty little deeds over the past 2 years have been well documented for everyone to see. We will continue to monitor you and your low life associates and report on all of your subversive activities. Continue your little political games at your own risk.

Bcc: CA Leaders and Patriots.
--- On Thu, 8/26/10, wrote:
Subject: [mmp-chat] Kern County Court issues judgement against Nightingale in case Jorge vs Nightingale,Documents forthcoming from the court
Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010, 6:03 AM

Trial By Court.
The Above Entitled Cause Came On Regularly At This Time Today For Hearing With Parties Present As Follows:
francisco Gaspar Jorge (pl-1) Appears In Propria Persona.
chelene Hope Nightingale (de-1) Appears In Propria Persona.
michael Benjamin Nightingale (de-2) Appears In Propria Persona.
plaintiff Is Duly Sworn And Testifies.
chelene Hope Nightingale And Michael Benjamin Nightinglae Duly Sworn And Testifies On Behalf Of The Defense.
judgment For Plaintiff Against Defendants For Principal $6200.00 Costs Of $165.00.
notice To Issue From The Court.
the Court Orders Adjournment.

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