Monday, August 30, 2010

Original Video: Huckster Beck Says he is Reclaiming the Civil Rights Movement

Here it is. Here is the Proof. (click here for video)
On this video, Huckster Beck said HE is "reclaiming the civil rights movement."

In his own words he ridicules Bertha Lewis, the acclaimed, Award wining Civil Rights activist who is African American. Ms. Lewis was in Arizona, protesting the heinous sb1070 law, arm in arm with other Humanitarian supporters. She was arrested, as Martin Luther King was arrested as he supported Human Rights, singing "We Shall Overcome."

Huckster Beck had the audacity to ridicule Humanitarian Lewis. As we all know, sb1070 is a heinous, racial profiling law. Many Humanitarians across the country are protesting this racial profiling bill. Sheriff Arpaio is under investigation for Racial Profiling of Latino neighborhoods in Maricopa County. Additionally, sb1070 not only racially profiles - calling for Mass Deportation via Attrition through Enforcement, it also criminalizes Friends and Family by imposing a $1000 fine and Class C misdemeanor for anyone giving a friend a ride. Additionally it makes Border Patrol agents out of every day citizens by having them call in anyone they see as an "illeegal." And if the police don't come, they can sue the police. Even the police are against this heinous bill, yet Huckster Beck ridicules a Humanitarian Civil Rights advocate like Bertha Lewis for supporting it.

Next, Huckster Beck weaves his bogus narrative saying Lewis, by opposing racial profiling bill sb1070 is supporting "modern day slavery." What an outrageous and lying claim. Lewis supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform which includes arresting exploiting employers who exploit their workers. For Beck to use this terminology towards an African American who is supporting Human Rights is the worst kind of racism.

Finally, for Beck to say he is on the "right side of History" and he is "reclaiming the civil rights movement" and "we will take that movement because we are the people who did it in the first place." He is truly painting the world upside down and he is living in the Bizarro world. The only way his statements can be made true is if we are facing the End of Times, he does start his Race War, he is the Anti-Christ, he and Palin become President & VP and we revert to an All White Mayberrian Culture where Jim Crow laws are in place and all minorities go to the Back of the Bus AGAIN.

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