Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dear DOJ: Here is a Video of Arpaio's Goons' Flagrant Racial Profiling and Illegal False Arrest of Civil Rights Leader Sal Reza

In this video, Civil Rights Leader, American Citizen Sal Reza is Racially Profiled and Wrongfully Arrested. He is across the street from the protesters, innocent, not involved, merely standing in a parking lot. He is arrested, not read his rights and jailed.

Arpaio and his goons have changed Arizona into Nazi Germany!



The Arizonian said...

I offer a solution to the Mexican-flag waving protesters:

We'll return this land to Mexico under one condition; you allow us to return it in the same condition that we received it.

That means removing all housing, infrastructure, roads, paths, signs, mines (mineral), reservoirs, wells, and other objects not listed here built by the "colonists".

Also, after "we" recede to an agreed border, we will do what Mexico does: build a fence, set up machine-gun nests (and possibly mines) along the border, and then imprison anyone that actually makes it across the border for 2-5 years, then released back to their home country.


Dee said...

AZ, I didn't see the protesters carrying any flags.

I saw an innocent citizen, observer arrested by a goon squad, violating his civil rights, not reading him his miranda rights.

No one is asking land to be returned to Mexico. How silly. We are asking that Arpaio and AZ to STOP racially profiling and treat all Latinos as Human Beings.

You prove my point in the next article I wrote. Supporters of sb1070 want one thing, to rid themselves of all Latinos in this country. We have been here much longer than most European immigrants. We built this nation with our sweat and blood. We served our great USA in times of war and in times of peace. sb1070 and the proposed ANTI latino laws are a disgrace and is turning this country in Nazi Germany. Shameful!!

The Arizonian said...

He was arrested because he helped organize the protest (which was BLOCKING a government law enforcement facility).

The flag issue:
I saw them there. I just don't understand how one can wave the banner of another nation and yell "we are Americans".... Seems hypocritical.

I see alot of things that people in other states/communities don't see because it wasn't aired on the "idiot box".

sb1070 was a flawed attempt to reduce the violent crime, harboring, drop houses, kidnapping, drunk driving and other activity that seems to be circulating around the 'unauthorized immigrant' crowd.

Yes, I've personally witnessed this first hand. I go on a ride along with Mesa PD and the MCSO at least once a month (I'm writing a book), and was shocked by how many 'unauthorized immigrants' are committing these crimes and goes unreported.

I'm afraid both sides are fueling this fire, and it will scorch us all.

Dee said...

I studied the video and did not see any flags. There were other videos as well. Even if they did hold up a flag other than the US, so what? Is it reason to arrest someone and not read them their rights? Even the judge said there was no lawful cause for him to be arrested.

What is it about Civil Disobedience for an unjust racial profiling bill that you don't understand?

Regarding your ride alongs: I suspect you are riding along with very biased cops; you have many of them in AZ. If there is so much crime and they are observing so much crime, why aren't they arresting anyone? How do you know they are illegal immigrants, or are you all just guessing? racial profiling much?

Frankly, I am getting pretty tired of all of the abusive language and disrepect provided to all Latinos, especially in Arizona and especially in Maricopa County. I am very tired of it. We have 50M American Citizen Latinos in our country that have served our great USA, helped nation build and we are staying in this great country we have helped build. We are tired of all of this racial profiling and if you continue to racially profile us, disrespect us and try to pass more evil, racial profiling bills, we will vote you out of office and expect much more civil disobedience.

Dee said...

We are re-living the 60s. We are re-living the civil rights demonstrations.

The far right extremists rose up then and they are rising up again now. They need to sit their ugly racist heads down and learn and understand that WE ARE ALL EQUAL and WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE! WE Latinos and Humanitarians want the Racial Profiling to STOP and STOP NOW!

Dee said...

There is NEVER an excuse for the Police to Abuse their power as the evil arpaio has done so often. NEVER! I hope the DOJ arrests him and puts him in his own pink underwear and houses him in the tents in 120 degree August right next to the innocent Latinos he abuses there. This day will come!

For the goons not to read Reza his rights and to arrest him for no just cause is AGAINST THE LAW and they SHOULD BE ARRESTED!

Dee said...

I didn't post your last comment because you provided your name and while I realize you are angry right now and that is why you posted it, since in the past, if you are truly the Arizonian that has posted on my blog, I did not want to publish your name if it is your name and you posted it in the heat of an argument.

Second, if you are the long time poster Arizonian, you know that I said (long ago) you reminded me of a certain red headed actor and you said you did look like him, so the name you posted does not match what you said you looked like before. (BTW, what is the name of the actor I said you looked like?)

Third: Why do you have so much contempt for those latinos (who you say "only speak spanish") you say you "stood across from" who you say "have not committed any felonious/violent crimes"?

Fourth: I oppose the bill for 3 very valid reasons:
1. Racial Profiling (as we have witnessed as committed by arpaio and his masked goons)
2. Criminalizing friends and family
3. Making everyone a citizen BP encouraging they call the police any time they see a brown person and if the police don't come out, then the police can be sued.
4. OVERALL: I DO NOT support Mass Deportation or as KKKoback says "Attrition through Enforcement".

You can be "Sick of it" from both sides, but the other side is WRONG and RACIST and if you don't see and understand that and if you are who you say you are -- then you must be living in a dream world and you are as guilty as the people in Germany who did not respond when "First they came..." because, as in the poem, once they get rid of the so called illeegals and their friends and families, then surely you and yours will be next.

I am truly sick and tired of the racist, cruel and inhumane treatment of latinos in AZ and across the US by supporters of sb1070. I am sick of it! I commend the protesters and admire their bravery.

I love my country, the USA.
I support our President.
I strongly support the basis our country was founded on - Equality for all -- especially as we evolve to a beautiful, multi-cultural society.
I believe ALL people are created equal and should NOT suffer from such cruel and unjust treatment.
NO ONE SHOULD BE RACIALLY PROFILED and for YOU to condone it is very, very sad!

The Arizonian said...

Eric Stoltz, that's the actor in question. And Excempt the hair, we look kinda similar. Most of my family immigrated here from Spain in the 1870's, some from Portugal, and various other countries.

Third: Why do you have so much contempt for those latinos (who you say "only speak spanish") you say you "stood across from" who you say "have not committed any felonious/violent crimes"?"

Not being able to speak english is a pretty good sign they weren't born here, no State issued ID would indicate they are not a legal resident, and being released unless they seriously hurt/kill/damaged someone/something, is a mockery of law. Many are released without prosecution for things like burglary, theft, vandalism, drunk driving, driving without a license/insurance, etc.

They would throw the book at citizens for doing the same things.

Why do I have contempt for these 'latinos'? Them being 'latino' or brown or whatever description you want to give them isn't the issue. I get upset when someone commits a crime and isn't prosecuted for it due to some policy and lack of immigration enforcement when I know I would be prosecuted if I committed the same crime.

I read the law for what it says, and I disagree with the law for one reason: making a Federal crime a State crime? What's next, a State crime for failing to file your Federal tax return?

The people here are fed up with lack of Federal enforcement, the crime associated with it (we are the kidnapping capital of the US), and decided to make a statement.

Dee said...

So it is you. You will have to forgive my reposting the same comment three times. Since you have had an eblogger account, you know that it periodically freezes at times and reposts itself.

Your accusations against them sounds like you have been doing too many ride alongs. I know you said once that you either worked for or close to arpaio and his green bologna tent city. Maybe you ate too much green bologna.

I agree with you that sb1070 is wrong. It does NOTHING To protect the border and instead attempts to make a Federal Law a state Law and yes, if it behooves the Repubs, they will enact more state laws to change or refute federal laws and change them to their liking. If we the people allow this, then we are all subject to their agenda and to their willy-nilly incarcerations of whomever disagrees with them or is of a different color or persuasion.

The Arizonian said...

Eh, it happens.

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