Monday, August 30, 2010

Chris Rock is Right: Tea Party Activists Support Glenn Beck's Segregationist Views

Chris Rock was right when he said, "They've been asking me to join them in their fight against the Mexicans but I ain't gonna do it because I know when they kick out all the Mexicans, we're Next!"

Rock is absolutely right and this is proven in the statements of Tea Party Champion Glenn Beck. Now Tea Party activists are saying they agree with Beck! Beck and his taking back the Civil Rights Movement!


corky said...

It's quite the hypocrisy that blacks can rally, Latinos can rally and nobody asks them why their rally is predominantly African-American or Latino. But let mostly whites have a rally, and it's automatically because "minorities" are not welcome! What hypocrisy!

pcorn54 said...

Rumblings of a Beck/Palin ticket in 2012.

It takes so little to keep the little people happy

Vicente Duque said...

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ultima said...

Chris Rock is either an idiot or a comedian using current events to get a laugh. He knows full well there is no possibility that citizens of any color will be deported except by mistake. And we all make plenty of those, just as you have when you misused Rock's comments.

For a response to your recent post on my blog see Immigration Talk with an American

ultima said...

You might also be interested in reading this post in which your name is mentioned prominently.

ultima said...

"Little people" is that one of those references that got a BP executive into trouble?

ultima said...

That didn't work. Try this approach

Anonymous said...

Comedians can be very insensitive and exaggerate the truth for a laugh. It is surpising to me that anyone would actually take the statement of Rock as gospel truth when we all know differently anyway.

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