Monday, August 30, 2010

eBlogger Reports Indicate 40% Increase in Viewership This Weekend! Thank you Viewers!


I want to thank you for your continued support! I've just reviewed my monthly Google eBlogger reports and they indicate ITWAMA has a significant increase of viewers this month, from an average of 10,000 viewers to over 14,000. We had a nice jump in viewers on Friday - Sunday. I attribute this increase to the Live Reports and Pictures from the series regarding Beck's attempt to take over the Civil Rights Movement. I also want to personally thank my 80+ subscribers to my blog for your continuous support.

The states with the highest views continue to be those with the most personal stake in the Immigration debate: 1. California, 2. Texas, 3. Arizona, 4. New York, 5. Illinois, 6. Florida, 7. Pennsylvania, 8. Missouri, 9. Colorado and 10. Georgia
The top countries viewing my blog are:
1. USA, 2. Canada, 3. Mexico, 4. Colombia, 5. UK, 6. India, 7. Australia, 8. Brazil, 9. Germany, 10. Phillippines.

ITWAMA has also increased in popularity on Google searches. When you Google Search Immigration Talk (even with fewer letters) my blog comes up. It also comes in tops on Google Blog and Image searches.

The Immigration Talk blog continues to be dedicated to the Mission of: A PRO Forum where people, both PRO and ANTI, can discuss American Immigration Issues and Political Issues civilly, freely and safely thereby reducing the hate, anger and misunderstandings currently inherent in most of these discussions.

While many of you, my Pro supporters, choose not to comment because you do not want to "argue" with the ANTIs, per your numerous suggestions to me via email, I will continue to discuss Immigration & Political issues using my Passion to support our views and write truthfully, honestly and support the American Way!

Per your numerous suggestions to me via email, I will continue to moderate my blog to limit the number of profane and off-topic comments from those who wish to stop the PRO Immigration Reform message. I will not allow them to stop the message!


God Bless My Viewers
God Bless America
God Bless our President Obama

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