Sunday, August 15, 2010

ANTIs like Schwilk Continue Their Agenda: Fake (Zeta) Stories to Instill FEAR and Produce Hate to Promote Hate-Filled Laws

Jeff Schwilk, leader of the SD Minutemen, has always had a dream to become rich and famous in his Immigration Fight. He has often promoted the myth, as many far right extremists have, that we will soon be experiencing a race war. He has staged many events to promote this cause. Many of these events were video-taped by his ex-girlfriend Christie. However, they had a very ugly break-up and ultimately, Christie exposed Schwilk as "bikini boy" and a "woman-beater." Many people hate Schwilk. One of my contacts about Schwilk is Minuteman X who frequently forwards me Schwilk's emails since he is still on Schwilk's email distribution list. Minuteman X forwarded me a story a few weeks ago about Schwilk promoting a "Zeta Invasion" story. On July 24th, Schwilk called two of his friends who maintain national, right wing blogs. Kimberly Dvorak writes for the Examiner. Dan Amato is Digger from Digger's Realm. On July 24, Schwilk called them and told them -- a friend of his who was close to the Laredo Police Dept. claimed the Zeta's (Mexican drug gang) had invaded and taken over a ranch in Laredo, TX. Both Dvorak (Examiner) and Digger published this story as a fact and several right wing websites, including Michele Malkin, reported the story, though they later back-peddled and tried to distance themselves from the story. Now, even right wing blogs are ridiculing this story -- yet Dvorak, Digger and a few others are still claiming it to be true.

Why am I writing about this now? Because it is important for all of us to know, as the extreme right wing continue to push out these fake stories, as they did about Rancher Robert Krentz and Deputy Puroll, that the agenda is the same: The Extreme Right Wingers are trying to push their FEAR and HATE Agenda. They are attempting to instill FEAR in ALL Americans towards undocumented workers and Latinos in general. Their view is as old as time. Instill FEAR to Produce HATE. That way, they can easily pass their agenda, like sb1070, Mass Deportation, Changing the 14th Amendment, Official English (No Spanish or other languages) and on and on. This is what happened during WW2 - Japanese Internment Camps. This is what happened when the Chinese Exclusion Act was enacted. This is what happened prior to the Trail of Tears. This is what happened prior to the Civil Rights Act. This is what happened prior to Nazi Germany. Instill FEAR and Produce Hate to Promote Hate-Filled Laws.
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