Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Pictures from Beck's "Take Back the Civil Rights Movement from Blacks" Rally

The "Let Freedom Rain" Blog had some pretty good pictures of the attendees of Beck's "Let's Take the Civil Rights Movement back from Blacks" Rally today. Though Beck told his White Audience NOT to carry their signs, it looks like many of them carried their signs on their t-shirts!

This blogger also noted that Beck was sharp enough to hire a few Black speakers and invited (paid) a few to sit in the front rows, but, as we all saw, 99.9% of the audience was all white. (go figure) Makes sense when you READ their t-shirts.


Vicente Duque said...

Something that you don't know about Fox News - And my nice, kind and soft comments on Fox News and Glenn Beck - Pity the pour soul that is a Storm of emotions, wild cravings, confusions, consuming desire for power, the Sorcerer's apprentice with manipulation of Irrationality

What you do not know is that in many countries, private cable networks, or government semi-official networks are turning off the Fox News Channel. They consider this Fox News Frequency as topmost in offensive, racist and jingoistic Garbage.

I will do more research on this topic of People around the World turning off Fox News in the Cable Network Menus. The "World Citizens" are not going to pay for being attacked, offended, insulted and burned by a bunch of Cretins like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and lesser figures of Hate Business.

Of course, this is not going to cause any perturbation in the hearts and souls ( if they have any ) of the millions of fools that strongly need the daily stimulation, manipulation and masturbation of their Right Wing Ideology, that is the "Bias Confirmation" and "Confirmation Bias" of their Racism, Prejudice and Imbecility.

The Hucksters of Hate and Fear. Hate Peddlers and Clowns of fear including such pompous and solemn figures as Charles Krauthammer, Charles seems to have eaten an umbrella and speaks with such mystery as Mephistopheles, Beelzebub, Ba'al Zebûb, and Satan in the book of Job.

Vicente Duque said...

The Saga of Glenn Beck or selling the soul to the Devil :

Glenn Beck is a very interesting person as many Madmen that History has produced.

My first reaction to Glenn Beck on TV was Repugnance and Revulsion, something that I had previously felt for Lou Dobbs and Bill O'Reilly.

Then Glenn confessed that his family had been extremely dysfunctional, his father abandoned them, his mother committed suicide when Glenn was still a child, Glenn was alcoholic and drug addict, and later he was "saved" by Mormonism.

Glenn is probably a shrewd person, he has the intelligence to make money without being an intellectual.

And he has a pathological urge to triumph at any cost : to be rich and powerful and loved by the masses.

Glenn did not need to develop into a criminal because he saw Religion as a ladder to go to the Heaven of Money and power.

Sometimes I feel pity for Glenn. ( see my next post in this page ).

But people with such level of shrewdness, intelligence for money ( but not for intellectuality ) and such forces of revenge against unhappy childhoods are very dangerous.

Glenn is a super interesting phenomenon, he could not exist without so much ignorance and foolishness in the World. He owes his success to the naive and the gullible.

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :

Vicente Duque

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