Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Good Humanitarian News: The Brightest Stars Oppose the Enactment of Racial Profiling bill sb1070

More Good Humanitarian News
US Weekly reports: Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria-Parker is teaming up with Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama and a handful of other celebs to take a stand against the Arizona immigration law. "I haven't made it a secret that I'm strongly opposed to the Arizona law and I've been pretty vocal about it," Longoria-Parker, 35, says in the PSA for Voto Latinos & Mun2's 'United We Win' campaign. "It's unfortunate that this immigration issue has been on the national agenda for the past three administrations."
Dawson -- who co-founded Voto Latino in 2004 -- tells that she brought the stars together to encourage young people to get involved in fighting for Arizona citizens' civil rights by visiting the polls on November 2. "We recognize that this isn't just a Mexican issue or a Latino issue... There are people blogging and Tweeting for everything, from the BP spill to education and healthcare," Dawson, 31, tells Us. "We're all buzzing about these things, but unless we're actually marching to the polls, nothing is going to actually change." The Seven Pounds actress compares the goals of Voto Latino's initiative to those of Martin Luther King, Jr., who encouraged young people to actively make an impact in their communities. "When you look back at Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, he got arrested and asked everyone else to get arrested....and people were afraid to step forward," she says. "Who was going to be the people who stepped up? The people who did were high schoolers because they weren't afraid of being arrested. We're all underage, and that was really crucial in getting the civil rights movement going -- getting young people's participation."

Under the current Arizona law, Longoria-Parker says she worries that racial profiling will lead to discriminatory pursuits of legal citizens. "I think the biggest misconception is that everybody who is dark or of color is from somewhere else. I'm ninth-generation American. I'm more American than a lot of my Anglo friends," she says. "If my father got pulled over because of the color of his skin, I could guarantee you I would be outraged."

That's exactly why Valderrama says it's so important to spread the word and take action now. "We're really trying to inspire our younger community, of any demographic or culture," the actor, 30, tells Us. "If we don't inspire them to understand the platform they have today, we're going to have two or three more presidencies and we're going to be playing catch-up to other mistakes. It's now or never."


Anonymous said...

Wow, I bunch of Hispanics opposing 1070. Who'd have thunk it? LOL!!

TJ said...

Excellent. We have the rocket scientists in La-La land who want to spout off about something they know nothing about.
Perhaps they can join the Obama administration.

It is childish to brand a law racist simply because you don't agree with it. They broke the law, so we have a choice: we can lock them up or send them back. Which do you prefer?

Every nation has a right to protect its borders -- Mexico does it everyday. Just ask Amnesty International. Who are the REAL racists? Moderate this all you want, just to show your intellectual weakness.

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
Wow. Calling a group of multi-ethnic, multi-cultural people a "bunch" as you would bananas. You are a weak minded "R" word.

Dee said...

I checked your website and see you are an ANTI Obama right wing extremist. It figures.

You are childish for NOT reading the very racist sb1070. I have read the bill, you have not. My readers know why I oppose the racial profiling bill. However, since you are new here, let me spell it out for you:

I suggest ANYONE who wonders why people are upset by the bill, READ the BILL. Here it is:


1. Racial Profiling
Racial Profiling = Suppression Sweeps = Lawful Stop
SB1070: Section 2, B: For any lawful stop
racial profiling example

2. Criminalizing Friends and Family
SB1070: Section 5, G, 2: Unlawful transporting, moving, concealing, harboring or shielding of unlawful aliens; vehicle impoundment; $1,000 fine; charge with class 3 misdemeanor

This means anyone who carpools, or goes out to dinner or has a party at their home MUST BECOME a Border Agent and ask for everyone's Passport/Papers. Otherwise the owner of the car or dwelling may have their vehicle impounded and fined and charged with a crime. READ THE BILL!!

3. Encouraging Gomer Pyle style "Citizen's Arrest"
Sb1070: Section 2, H: A person who is a legal resident of this state may bring an action

That means any ole boy who sees Latinos at a Home Depot or the mall or in a group can call the police and demand they come down and investigate. This is a lawful stop. If the police don't come, the ole boy can sue.

Dee said...

Obviously the supporters of the bill, like you TJ, are NOT Latino and are NOT familiar with what Sheriff Arpaio and his masked goons are doing in Maricopa County. Arpaio routinely racially profiles via his Suppression Sweeps (Lawful Contact) in Latino neighborhoods. Arpaio has employed Kris Kobach who wrote sb1070. Kobach is a member of FAIR. ADL says FAIR is a Hate Group established by John Tanton, a well known White Nationalist. Arpaio is currently under investigation by the FBI for racial profiling. Mayor Gordon and other AZ sheriffs wrote the DOJ and asked for an investigation. Arpaio is rubbing his hands in glee anticipating the bill’s enactment. If anyone thinks a Drivers License/Birth Certificate is enough for arpaio or his masked volunteers, I suggest you look at these pictures of his racial profiling where DL was NOT enough:
racial profiling examples

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