Thursday, August 5, 2010

Republican Hydro-Headed Monster Spews Its Message of HATE and FEAR!

This is Personal. This is Ethnic! I am mad!
Beyond all of their other hate-filled rhetoric, now, the Republicans want to change the 14th Amendment. These so called "staunch supporters of the Constitution established by our founding fathers" now want to change it? What?! Change the Constitution?!?

What do they really want to do? They want to Mass Deport Legal Citizen children born in our country. Republicans HATE Latinos and are raising the level of anger & hate in this Immigration debate so they can secure the votes of the right wing extremists.

Additionally, Racist Russell Pearce recently introduced a bill to deny citizen children being issued a Birth Certificate. Since Pearce is attempting to pass a "papers only" bill (sb1070), if he passes a subsequent bill that ensures a birth certificate is not provided to citizen so called "anchor babies." Without a birth certificate, these legal citizens wouldn't have any papers and would be deported in a suppression sweep.

If Republicans are successful in changing the 14th amendment, who would be impacted by the changes? We know that 40% of the undocumented here are visa overstays. Does that mean if a pregnant woman who is awaiting outcome of her request for an extension to her visa, when she does deliver, does this mean her baby is "illegal"? What about a citizen mother with an undocumented father? What about an undocumented mother with a US citizen father? What next, ICE Raids in the Labor Room? What about those seeking sanctuary? What about legal visitors from Mexico or Europe to our country who give birth? Is this retroactive? Is this all a moot point because it takes 3/4 of Congress to pass a change to the Constitution? Then why bring it up now, in the heat of the Immigration Reform debate?

We all know this change attacks Latinos only because they don't care about "illeegals" from Canada or Europe, only children of color. While the nation is busy discussing the Comprehensive Immigration Reform debate, Republicans are piling on. Republicans, during this tough election year, have pulled out all the stops with their "Hate" and "Fear" Election Strategy. Their goal is to scare the heck out of white people in America, against our minority president, against minorities in general. Chris Rock was right. After they rid themselves of Latinos, other minorities are next!

Republicans say they support the sanctity of marriage, the sanctity of life, however, when they talk about Latino Citizen children, they talk about "dropping" a baby, they call them "anchor babies," they call them cockroaches. I am sick with disgust of these Republicans!
What kind of hypocrites are Republicans? They are a hydro-headed hate monster. They make my skin crawl when I see their faces spew their evil and toxic words as I have today watching McCain, McConnell, Graham, Kyl and Gingrey. "Anchor" "drop" "cockroaches" "Drop and run" "Mexkin" "Welfare" on and on their spew. Keep talking ole boys. We Latinos will NOT SOON FORGET your VILE Words!

Republicans, you are far beyond the party of NO, you are a party of HATE, as are many of the Tea-Partiers. They spew HATE and FEAR, pretending to be Christian. They are LIARS.

I ask ALL Humanitarians and Latinos to remember the vile words these Republicans spew today. Republicans, don't you dare come back to our door tomorrow requesting our vote!
Vote Against them in November!


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ultima said...

Visa extentions should never be granted to pregnant illegals. Otherwise such an application for extention should be accepted only if delivered in person at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the applicant's homeland. If a visa has expired, the individual must leave immediately or before the expiration date.

This is part of the cumbersomeness of our immigration system. This is a workload that is unnecessary.

ultima said...

I think it is generally accepted that the child would be granted citizenship if the mother is a citizen. Some say that would be okay if either of the parents is a citizen as determined by a DNA test. Sounds like a very reasonable rule to me and a compromise from the position of some that all such children should be denied citizenship.

ultima said...

Dee wrote, "...'dropping' a baby, they call them 'anchor babies,'

These are perfectly reasonable terms that have been used by many prominent people and authors. Dropping a baby, because it describes of birth in other parts of the animal world, might be pejorative to some. Again it merely expresses the anger many have about the abuse of the 14th amendment and the illegal alien situation in general. If you look at the intemperate language you have used out of your anger, you should be able to understand that anger is not limited to the Latino community so you should expect similar pejorative language to used by those who are mad as you are.

pcorn54 said...

Calm down Dee. These idiots ain't got a snowballs chance in hell of changing the Constitution.

First off, it takes a 2/3's majority of the House AND Senate to get the ball rolling on a Constitutional Amendment.

Then 2/3's of the States have to ratify it which can take years or decades.

These ass klowns are posturing for votes and nothing more.

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Dee said...

You are disgusting to use vile words "dropping" a baby and "anchor baby". How dare you and your racist Republican Congress.

We will NOT FORGET in the election booths!


James H said...

I have an opposite view . I think immigrations reform supporters should perhaps support this see

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