Sunday, August 15, 2010

ANTI's True Agenda: Latino Ethnic Cleansing; Message to our President

The extreme right is getting anxious to stir up the mainstream and independents. They want mainstream America to support their agenda. They want mainstream America to support sb107o. They want mainstream America to support bills like sb1070 in every state across America. They want mainstream America to support Mass Deportation of the 12M here. Of course they've only allowed mainstream America to take a tiny peak at their agenda. They've white-washed their agenda by pretending this is about the "rule of law."

Over the last few months, they have hyped up a few incidents to draw attention to their agenda. We have seen this with the Robert Krentz murder, though no perpetrator has ever been identified. We have seen this with the hyped up shooting of deputy puroll, though no perpetrators have ever been identified and many in law enforcement doubt his story. We are seeing this with the reportedly fake Zeta Cartel story pushed by Jeff Schwilk and his minions. These extremists paint the picture of an all-out war on the border, weapons blazing, ethno-centric latinos foaming with rage and frenzy demanding open borders. They pretend crime is up on the border when it is down. Sheriffs on the border tell us it is peaceful and quiet on the border, as it has been for decades.

They LIE to push their agenda.

Obviously they see their little ploys are not working. Their LIES are now being exposed by their own bloggers. I imagine they must be getting frustrated. Local Sheriffs are telling the truth about Peace on the border. Many news sources are reporting these same facts. Their own bloggers are exposing their lies. In-fighting is growing amongst them (eg: Gheen vs Digger). Their racial profiling bill sb1070 is stalled in the courts. You would think they would back off and assess their situation.

But no. Instead, they have upped their ante by exposing more of their ANTI-Latino agenda:
. Changing the 14th amendment (birthright citizenship)
. Official English (no more Spanish in govt or voting documents)
. Reduce Immigration quotas from non-white countries
. Mass Deportation of the 12M here plus their children

Their hope, by prematurely exposing their plans, is to gain more supporters for their true agenda -- the Ethnic Cleansing of America. They want to STOP the census bureau's prediction of a majority minority in the USA by 2040.

My advice to the President and to Janet Napolitano: You've kept your Secure Borders promise. No one can argue with that. As far as ICE deportations, please ensure they are only felonious criminals being "swept up." We all support that process. In November, after the election, move forward quickly to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform - especially including the Dream Act. Do this by 1st Quarter 2011. You cannot wait any longer. At that point, Republicans who are still in office will have come back to their senses and will then support CIR. Pass it and end this fight. The far right extremists are beyond help and beyond sanity. Who knows what they are capable of doing. Just end this fight and do what is best for America once and for all. Pass CIR.

God Bless America
God Bless Our President Obama

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