Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Right Wing Extremist Tea Party Signs Reveal Their True Enemies: Brown & Black People! Glenn Beck Rallies to "Take Back" MLK's message!

Look at the news coverage. Read their signs. Who are they protesting? Minorities. They protest against our President and depict him as an African Witch Doctor. They "Hope for the Rope" and show a hanging noose. They depict him as an African Lion, a Muslim, a Marxist. They depict Muslims/Islam as evil. They support racial profiling of all Latinos through their support of sb1070. They are against Latino Legal Guest Workers. They are against the NAACP. Sum it all together and you see the primarily white supporters of the far right tea party movement being against black and brown people and non-Christians. Their true mission is to change the census bureau's prediction of the U.S.A. becoming a majority-minority country by 2040. In order to achieve this agenda they spew Hate and Anger during their rallies and demonstrations -- all against brown and black people. Watch their videos. Look at their hate filled faces. If you are a minority, don't wear a skull cap. Don't drive around with your family in your mini-van.
This weekend, August 28, the day Martin Luther King made his "I have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Glenn Beck is hosting a Hate Rally titled "Restoring Honor" in front of the Lincoln Memorial. All White Tea Partiers are invited to "take back" the day from Black Americans and Minorities.

If Beck's rally is like past rallies, all black and brown people should avoid the area. These protesters are red faced. They are angry. They are spouting hate and fear, afraid that our country, our USA will become multi-cultural. Read the flyer for Beck's rally. Scroll to the bottom. He adds disclaimers to ensure the angry attendees don't bring signs, guns,ammo, explosives, etc., as they have on past occasions.

What a sad state of affairs for our country, on this date, that should be held in honor of the historical words of Martin Luther King:
"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: 'We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people of every color and religion are created equal.'"
"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will NOT be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."


ultima said...

It's a great day for freedom of speech in America. Even those we disagree can give voice to their views and complaints. What a great democracy that allows all points of view to be expressed. We can all learn from that if we really listen empathetically rather than with a closed mind bent on casting everything in terms of racism and hate rather than free speech and political incorrectness.

We learn so much more from open free speech than we do from the intolerance of the left.

ultima said...

They portrayed Lincoln as a monkey or an ape! Such behavior is nothing new in politics.

Anonymous said...

What another crock full of shit lies! Do you ever stop? Any protests against illegal immigration, our president and a particular religion is not based on racism or skin color. WTF is wrong with you? You are so god damned demented that it is pathetic!

Dee said...

Bad Anon,
I posted your swearing, vicious rant so everyone can see what I have to put up with when you post a comment. You send me at least twenty of these a day/night.

So you "say" this has nothing to do with racism...all anyone has to do is look at the pictures or view the videos. It is all there.

Dee said...

I sensed you were right of center from your initial comments on my friend's site. I said I would allow you to post an article as a "Guest Voz." I'm open to your having an opportunity to speak your views.

Regarding your comment, I just write what I see. Look at the videos of the events. Look at the signs. What I have written is very clear for anyone to see.

We will see what happens at Beck's event this weekend. I know they will be all be primarily one color, as they have been in the past. I know many are already posting on their blogs their wish to "take back America from our Black President, from people of color, from people that are Muslim." We will see if they do as Beck's website said and NOT bring signs or weapons. I hope so.

I heard Al Sharpton on one of the news cable channel say that his group will also be marching at the memorial and they will be truly supporting MLK's vision.

I think Beck is a loon. If you read his biography you would know the reasons for his mental defects and need for attention. Fox has a right wing extremist agenda. They support his insane rants.

I am a passionate blogger. I always tell the truth. I will continue to do so. Don't expect me to change anything any time soon.

God Bless America
God Bless Our President Obama

Dee said...

Beck's rally a SCAM:

from the morning journal:
Just when we think Glenn Beck can’t go any lower, he proves us wrong. First he chooses the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” to schedule a political hate rally at the Lincoln Memorial, the site of that historical speech.

Beck is also using the organization SOWF (Special Operations Warrior Foundation) to solicit donations for this “rally.” SOWF is a veterans organization that provides scholarship grants and family counseling for surviving children of special operations personnel who die in operational or training missions, and gives immediate financial assistance to severely wounded special operations personnel and their families.

If you read the small print at the bottom of the page for Beck’s event, it states, “All contributions made to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) will first be applied to the costs of the Restoring Honor Rally taking place on Aug. 28, 2010. All contributions in excess of these costs will then be retained by the SOWF.” So if they do not collect enough to pay for the cost of this event, SOWF gets nothing. Please warn your friends and family of this scam.

Vicente Duque said...

Dear Dee :

Today is a wonderful date, a beautiful evening in which the Democratic Primaries in Arizona are taking place.

I have been following the career of John Dougherty and Randy Parraz in my site MILENIALS.COM, two wonderful energetic dynamic young politicians. I have several videos filled with enthusiasm, two gentlemen of great intelligence, humanity, morals and rationality.

They are contesting for the U. S. Senate for Arizona.

We win with Dougherty or with Parraz - I have my champagne to uncork later in the night.

Because these are the guys to defeat John McCain - It is now time for this Old Senator to retire.

But unfortunately only one of them will face the "Maverick"

Youth, Minorities, Demography and Politics :


Vicente Duque

Anonymous said...

Dee, you posted your reply, but not my original comment (so no one knows what prompted your response).

I am actually not right of center. I am not a fan of Glen Beck. I cannot be pigeon holed into any one category as I have an open mind about many things. However, I firmly believe passionate viewpoints tend to "muddy the waters" regarding the facts at hand.

I will be more than happy to provide you with an article regarding my perspective. Just understand that there are many immigrant points of view and that I am entitled to my opinion (as are you). But when people throw their "feelings" into the mix as if they are facts, their argument is almost always lost in the shuffle. That will be amongst the points I am going to try to make when presenting my article to you.

Steinar Andersen

Jorge Hernandez said...

Hi Dee, I came up with a satirical response to SB 1070. You can check it out here. www.TheArizonaPassportShirt.com Let me know what you think.

ultima said...

Personally I pay little attention to Beck's Rants. I saw him once or twice on Leno and have not read any of his books.

Dee said...

I don't usually post comments with personal attacks. I did for Bad Anon this time to show how bad some attacks get. While yours wasn't profane, I felt you could have responded without making it personal.

I will be happy to post your viewpoint as a guest voz. I just ask that you remain civil and not make any personal attacks. (email me if you want me to send you back a copy of your previous comment: dee_perezscott@yahoo.com)

I allow the other side to comment here. I do give Ultima a little room since he has posted here for years.

And No, I will not change my style in blogging the Truth and blogging passionately. That is my style and my viewers appreciate my honesty. This issue is far too important for me to sit still and not passionately tell the truth about what is happening across America.

Dee said...

I checked out your website and video. Very nice.
I'll post your youtube as a Guest Voz.

I like it!

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Well, Dee, I'll give you a first hand account when I return.

And, for the record, I have a biracial granddaughter and we love each other more than you can even imagine so I don't appreciate being referred to as a racist.

And, the Lincoln Memorial is a memorial to Abraham Lincoln, not Martin Luther King.

And, your composite of signs doesn't prove a thing in relation to the "Tea Party",

And, this event is not a Tea Party Event.

Dee said...

Well Jools, you should be ashamed of yourself for attending such a blatantly ANTI American event.

As far as your 1/2 Mexican American grandaughter (you mentioned her before), I hope you never tell her what you are doing this weekend. Poor thing.

Too bad you are NOT informed about Dick Armey and other Tea Party zealots that are cosponsoring and supporting this event. Look at the pictures on the bus when you are there, then try to deny it.

This is a sad, sad day for America for a blatant racist like Beck to be supporting such an irrational event. It is even sadder for his SHEEP that are attending.

Sad!! I feel very very SORRY for you and yours.

Anonymous said...


I am interested in finding out what part of my original post could be construed as "personal".

Part of the problem now a days with some people is that well contructed responses are viewed with a thin skin. In this case: A Profane comment gets posted, but the respectful comment doesn't because of it being "personal"?

I am quite confused what type of discourse you are interested in engaging in.

If you would like to surround yourself with like minded individuals saying the exact same thing, just how much will be learned in the process. I am an immigrant, the same as you. If you aren't going to post what I said at first, what hope do I have at having my viewpoint being published on your blog once you'd read it for editorial content.

I was both respectful and courteous in my response.


Quite an interesting response indeed.


Dee said...

I will be happy to go point by point re: your 1st comment and the items I mentioned. Just email me and we can have a very lengthy discussion. dee_perezscott@yahoo.com

I suggested this earlier.

I also said earlier that the reason I posted Bad Anon's profane comment was to show my readers what I have to put up with from that person who sends me 20 of these a day (and night).

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I must pack, but first a few comments.

My granddaughter is half black and she knows exactly what I and her mother are doing.

I believe in my right to assemble, free speech, honoring our troops, and our Constitution. I believe in the sovereignty of our country and the protection of our borders from terrorists, gangs and illegal immigrants. I am deeply concerned about the economic crisis in this country and believe the current administration is incompetent and is forcing socialist policies on the majority of people who do not want them.

I believe I am in the majority. Poll and after poll supports it. The midterms will prove it.

If that's something to be ashamed of, then I fear we're in worse shape than I thought.

Dee said...

No one is stopping you from going to that heinous, racist event. We all have freedoms in this country. Even the KKK, the NSM and Stormfront are free to assemble. That is their right.

You say you are for equal rights. It is hard to believe. If you were truly a patriot, you would believe that ALL people of ALL ethncities, of EVERY Color are created equal. Martin Luther King said his "I have a Dream" speech on Lincolns steps, the very steps Beck is about to desecrate with his so called vision and speaking from a higher power. How insane. The man is demented and mentally ill. Yet you are going to honor him and Palin who spews such filth about our President. Shameful! I feel sorry for you and your multi racial granddaughter. Sad.

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