Thursday, August 5, 2010

Even Republicans Don't Support TeaParty Candidate (and Nut Job) Sharron Angle (from Nevada)

Not even staunch Republicans support Nut Job Sharron Angle - Senate candidate from Nevada. Not only is she nutty, but she holds very dangerous views. She has said she wants to end Social Security, dump the Dept. of Education, invite companies to come to the US with little to no regulation (drill baby drill - unchecked), she wants to bring back prohibition (make alcohol illegal), she supports Mass Deportation, she wants the media to only ask questions she wants to answer and on and on. She is a Tea Party candidate, as is Michele Bachmann (MN), Rand Paul (TN), and other off-the-wall looney candidates. Hopefully, the American Public is aware of their nutty views and will NOT vote for these candidates.
HP Reports: McConnell: 'I'm Not Going To Nevada' To Campaign With Angle
Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) re-affirmed on Thursday that he will not be heading to Nevada this election cycle to campaign on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle. "I am not going to Nevada," the Kentucky Republican said...his decision to forgo a campaign swing through Nevada potentially adds to the narrative that the national Republican Party doesn't know how to deal with the Tea Party candidate.
Already there has been friction between the Nevada Republican and others within the GOP tent. In late July, the Daily Caller quoted Danny Tarkanian -- one of Angle's primary foes -- saying that the other primary opponent, Sue Lowden, was refusing to campaign on Angle's behalf. "At the state convention, they had what they called the Unity Dinner, where they tried to bring the party together, and they asked me and Sue to introduce Sharron Angle to show all of us together," Tarkanian explained. "I went and did it, but Sue didn't show up for it. She wouldn't do it." In an even more bizarre twist, on Thursday, Tarkanian's mother announced that she would campaign on behalf of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to "call out Sharron Angle's extreme and dangerous positions against Nevada's working families."

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Hi- Don't see a contact link so I'll leave a quick comment. I'm the founder and owner of All Things Democratic (.com). I'm starting a counter-protest site to organize against the anti-immigrant crowd, Currently designing the forum and activities calendar. I've designed some support items currently placed in my store (just go to for now). Will keep you posted. May ask for input if you don't mind. Doug

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