Sunday, August 29, 2010

Channeling Elmer Gantry: Gantry Shares with me his Discussion with Glenn Beck and Beck's True Motives

I remember watching the movie Elmer Gantry when I was a little girl. Burt Lancaster personified the charlatan, the huckster. My 11 year old eyes could not believe anyone could be that evil, that duplicitous, that Machiavellian.
Since I was such a fan of the movie, Elmer decided to speak to me last evening and share with me his discussion with Glenn Beck as Beck prepared for the 8-28 "Take Back the Civil Rights Movement" rally.
DPS (Dee Perez Scott): Welcome to our forum Elmer. Glad to have you here. Yesterday was Glenn Beck's "Take Back the Civil Rights Movement" rally and we understand that he channelled you in preparing for the event.
EG (Elmer Gantry): Yes, Dee. That's True. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!
DPS: Elmer, Please share with us the discussions you have had with Beck.
EG: Hallelujah girl. Yes. I will share my discussions with him. That Beck is truly a character, an Arrogant man. A man much like myself. He first reached out to me during one of his radio shows. Hallelujah! He calls me Lord. Why? Because he is so much like myself. What he told me was truly profound. He said he wanted to Channel my style because he was about to embark on the Carney Event of his life.
DPS: Carney Event?
EG: Praise the Lord. Yes. Carney Event. That is what we do child! That is what we do!! We are like the Carneys on the Midway of Life! Beck's Midway is the Heartland of America, the Tea Parties. Like all Carney's, we are funded by a higher power, the owners of our message. In Beck's case, Rupert Murdoch and the Koch Brothers.
DPS: Tell us more.
EG: Thank you for the opportunity Darlin! Beck needs to be exposed for the remarkable, truly remarkable Huckster that he is. He has a magnetic power. He draws the naive and uninformed, like any good Carney.
His magnetism is even stronger, due to the many conflicts in his life. I cannot say these words aloud. Let me whisper them to you girl! pssst whisper whisper...mental illness...pssst whisper.. suicide..whisper.....drugs....power....whisper...brainwash racists......teapartiers....whisper... shhhhtttt.
DPS: Oh My!
EG: Yes!!! It is all True! It is ALL True! And now, this poor sick Beck boy is being funded by the richest powers in the world, all for their OWN EVIL PURPOSE! By Murdoch who owns Fox News! By the Koch Brothers... the most extreme, richest, elitist, demagogues in the world!
Beck shared with me that when he colluded with the Koch brothers that they intentionally chose Martin Luther King. They intentionally chose demonizing the Civil Rights Movement. Their plan was to invoke what was previously treated as sacred ground. "Let's make the Blacks angry. Let's take away Martin Luther King. Let's take back the Civil Rights Movement. Let's use the racist element of the Tea Party Movement, the White Nationalists. Those that HATE the President because he is Black. Let's use Christianity. Let's use God against them. Let's pretend to preach." That is why they had Beck channel me. They knew I had done the same to steal money from my followers. In fact, the evil Koch brothers are anxious to stir up a Race War!
DPS: Wow! This is fantastic. Too much to absorb at once. But tell me Elmer. Even you, with all of your evil ways, your evil manipulation, greed and duplicitousness, have never sunk to such lows. Why are YOU involved with all of these evil demagogues?

EG: Well it was Beck himself that convinced me. Apparently he is a FAN of mine. He himself says he is a carney. He shared with me his need for fame. He shared with me that he had numerous, blind following fans. He came to me and told me about the deep pocketed protagonists, including Murdoch and the Koch Brothers. They approached Beck. They met with him in private. They told him of their agenda and the billions they were willing to invest in him. They shared with him that they wanted to elevate his fame to the level of demigod. What some may call the Anti-Christ. It was just too much for Beck, or anyone, to absorb. They paid him billions and promised him fame and glory. How could he refuse? How could ANYONE refuse??
DPS: I agree with you that with Beck's need for attention due to all the unfortunate things that happened in his childhood AND his mental illness that he was looking for his own personal fame, his own rationalization that he was "OK" that he took such a visible job in the media and with his mental illness, continued to manifest itself, he continued to seek attention and rationalization in what he was attempting to accomplish. I can understand why he is YOUR fan... But why EG, Why are you allowing him to use YOUR Name?
EG: You have me here. Frankly. Right now. I am just curious about what they are planning next in their agenda. I am curious why Murdoch or the Koch brothers have brought in Beck. Why are they having a nutcase, Beck, push their radical agenda. They refuse to have any obvious connection to him. YET, they are putting him and the other radical -- Palin (who sees Russia from her backyard) represent their agenda. Murdoch & the Koch brothers have made sure no one knows their connections.
DPS: True! Very True!
EG: And, much they have Beck channeling Martin Luther King,taking over and MINIMIZING the Civil Rights Movement. Who Better than Beck! The Left and Center believe he is INSANE. The right and Teapartiers believe he is the next Messiah. Who better to say he is channeling Martin Luther King? Who better to say he is taking over the Civil Rights Movement? What does he have to lose? The left and middle think he is crazy. The Tea Partiers have chosen him as their leader. They believe anything he says as Gospel. There is no one left to agree or dispute him. But think of this. The MESSAGE IS OUT THERE. How better to DIVIDE the Country.
DPS: Wow! When you say it, it makes so much sense. Of course the Koch's and Murdoch would use Beck. This is a brilliant plan.
I do have one question for you though Elmer.
EG: What is that girl?
DPS: Are you a Glenn Beck supporter?
EG: Heh Heh Heh! Of course not. He is but a mentally ill pawn of the rich, right wing elitists. In my heart of hearts, I still support the People, as long as I can make money out of it, but I would NEVER, EVER support the right wing extremists. Beck, on the other hand, will continue to do the bidding of the evil right wingers. Why? Because the poor boy is far too demented. He is still seeking his own fame and glory. However, he will continue to be lost until he finds his OWN redemption!

DPS: Elmer, I want to thank you for our interview. You have provided me several insights, especially into the mindset of Glenn Beck.
EG: Dee, you are most welcome. I read your site every day and you are the only person who truly has their fingers on the pulse of what is happening in America.
DPS: I am humbled by your words. (wink)

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